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Thank you to Kim Woodbridge of (Anti)Social Development for partnering with me to transform the website. ” It’s true!

2016 103

Is your head in the sand?

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Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. Seneca Most of us have been guilty of the “they’re so lucky” assertions.

2016 95

Executives: Beware Substituting Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Resume

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While it is popular for some people to refer to their LinkedIn profile as their resume, this simply is not so.

2015 106

My 3 Words for 2015

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finished the book in just two days, completing the final chapter at the unusual-for-me hour of 3 a.m.

2015 119

How to Keep Your Eye on Your Career Destination Prize

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There are times in your career that job search may seem like boot camp, where you follow your sergeant’s orders unquestioningly.

2015 101

The Value to Employees in Working From Home

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Working from home is more common than ever, with technology continually disrupting the landscape of how and where we can do our jobs.

Why Rushing Your Job Search Can Derail Results

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Feelings of angst and urgency often define job search, even for employed careerists. In doing so, you rush ahead hoping the finish […].

2016 52

Weave Your Resume With Relatable Stories

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Your Resume Should be Written as a Story What does this mean, really, to write a story? ’ Well, yes, sort of. But what […].

2016 66

How To Network Naturally

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This

How to Respond Boldly When Shift Happens

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter When shift happens in your life and your career, are you ready to enact the bold moves?

2014 96

Deepening Our Roots on the Shores of Lake Texoma

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mature home, really. Built in 1962, this little cabin gives us the slice of […].

2014 102

Frazzled by All the Resume Advice?

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter RATTLED BY CAREER CRISIS? You don’t know what to do. appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

2013 109

Career Change: 3 Tips to Get Traction

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Does the following sound like something you’ve said? want to change jobs or industries but I don’t want to take a cut in pay.

2015 75

How to Overcome Resistance to Social Media + Enhance Your Career

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For those people knee-deep in daily social media chatter, it may seem that everyone else is similarly active.

3 Resume Missteps to Avoid

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” With this somewhat broad definition in mind, job seekers often get consumed by understanding the details of what to do when […].

2015 69

5 Simply Positive Things You Can Do to Get Results During Your Job Search

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Job search, akin to moving to a new town often is unfamiliar, disconcerting and frightening.

2014 95

Sometimes Life Is Good When You Allow It to Be

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Yesterday, for a short while, I felt a little glum for no particular reason.

2015 78

When I started focusing on the right things

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” I cling to this, as I pursue a new phase in my journey.

2015 63

Without Words, Stories Will Wither

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Throughout her weighty article, Neicole addresses the image-crazy digital world we live in, with social sites like Facebook and [.]

2013 101

Resume Story – How to Emote Tenacity

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How to Write Who You Are Marjorie Liebert, a former dancer, said, “We dance who we are.” ” Similarly, when writing your career story, you must, “Write who you are.” ” As who you are evolves, so does your story. The post Resume Story – How to Emote Tenacity appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

2015 68

New Grad: Beware of These Resume Assumptions

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Recent grads or soon-to-be graduating students face an exhilarating next chapter.

2016 54

Why Legislating Resume Writing Is Wrong

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter While I write resumes for a living, I realize (and prefer) that it isn’t “my way or the highway.”

50 Years’ Worth of Lessons

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By Rob Poindexter Fifty years ago today, I opened my eyes to the wonders that are planet Earth. In that time, I’ve experienced extreme joy and heartbreaking sadness. This fact in no way makes me any different from those who have gone before me, those I share the planet with now, or those who will […].

2014 81

Get Over Yourself When Writing Your Resume

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter It may seem counterintuitive to take the focus off of YOU when writing a value-packed resume.

2013 105

Transcendent Resume :: Beyond Your Threshold of Pain

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The post Transcendent Resume :: Beyond Your Threshold of Pain appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

2015 64

Stop Being So Boring + 4 More Things to Quit Doing on Your Resume

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5 Things Not to Do on Your Resume 1. List every task you perform. Resumes are strategic […].

2015 63

The Value of Your Why

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Entering into our fourth year of change has been exhaustingly disruptive and exhilaratingly wonderful.

2014 73

The Pertinence of More Affectionate, Real Conversations

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Email communication is an art + a science that if done well results in straightforward, yet diplomatic messages. Email Communications

2015 63

Flying by the Seat of Your Pants + 5 More Career Pitfalls

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter 1. Waiting until you have “time” before you reshape your resume story.

2015 66

Pink Tennis Shoes and Resumes

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter I recently bought a pair of (hot-pink) Nike tennis shoes.

2013 94

Are You Steering Your Career Ship?

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter The wife of a prospective client called me this week. appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

2013 82

4 Steps to Thaw Out a Frozen #JobSearch

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Frozen by the cold harsh realities of job search in today’s ever-shifting and often-brutal economic climate? Here

2014 66

A Resume Is Your Passport, So Keep It Current

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Here are six Dos and Don’ts to consider with this valuable document. DO keep your resume […].

2014 67

Birthday Tribute: Dawn Bugni, Careers Industry Disruptor

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I met Dawn Bugni eight years ago through Twitter and through blogging. Immediately, we connected. We

2016 28

Is Staying In Your Pajamas All Day Stalling Your Job Search?

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Unbridled stress and angst can exacerbate today’s job search. appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

2013 75

How to Strip Your Resume of Kitsch

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She also continued by describing how “content (can become) clutter,” an untidy mess if not curated properly.

2014 67

Are Resumes Withering?

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While technology is an important part of the job search equation, it doesn’t trump thought-work, introspection and proper targeting.

2015 47

What to Do When an Employer Slings an Oddball Interview Question

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Your hair and clothes are pristine. You conduct a final run-through of common interview questions. Calm descends upon you. You are confident and cool as you enter the job interview. That is, until your prospective boss slings a question like those listed on Glassdoor’s annual Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions list.

2014 69

3 Remedies for the Long-Term, Unhappily EMPLOYED

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Her article spurred me to think about the other side of the [.]

2013 79

Why You Should Include Your Personal Email in Your LinkedIn Profile

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’ Understandably, many people fear the implications of making a sudden and/or sweeping change to their Profile.

2014 67