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Why Does LinkedIn Have No Serious Competitors?

The Undercover Recruiter

The ‘serious network’ has been the dominant player since it first launched in 2003 and no new platforms have seriously challenged its market position.

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Interviewing for Culture, What's Rewarded | Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People Hiring technical people and being hired can be difficult, no matter what the economy is doing. Listen very carefully here.

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The History of the CV [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

2003 – LinkedIn launches, giving a new way for CVs to be presented. 1984 – The first guide to writing CVs is published.

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Looking for a New Job This Year? Three Things You Should Do Today

Careers Done Write

If you haven’t looked at or touched your resume in 2013 and maybe not since 2003 (like many of our clients), what are you waiting for?

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What’s the Best Executive Resume Format and Length?

Executive Career Brand

A nicely formatted, visually appealing Word 2003 version (or second most recent version of Word). This can be created as a Word document.

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The History of the Job Board [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

In 2003, LinkedIn launched – a new era for job boards. Takeaways. Monster and CareerBuilder (originally Net) began in 1994. INFOGRAPHIC].

How to Take the Work Out of Finding Work

Ms. Career Girl

The needle hasn’t moved much since 2003. The post How to Take the Work Out of Finding Work appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Image credits.

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ATS and the Executive Resume Black Hole – What You May Not Know

Executive Career Brand

Use a Word document, but make it the second most recent version (Word 2003 at this writing). How do Applicant Tracking Systems work? Maybe.

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What Does a “Bad” Decision Look Like on a Candidate's resume?

Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People Hiring technical people and being hired can be difficult, no matter what the economy is doing. I once had a job for two weeks.

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How to Spot and Fight Age Discrimination

Water Cooler Wisdom

The insurance manager sued—and won—for  age discrimination  in Iowa after he was demoted in 2003. Jack Gross’  case set a precedent. But later, the Supreme Court reversed the decision, stating that Gross now had to cite substantial evidence that his age was the decisive factor in his demotion.

Iowa 16

The State of the Unions in the United States


Series Explores How Unions Lost Their Way. I’ve posted link to all five articles in the series below. Business

10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting the Job Offer

Career Realism

has been an executive recruiter and career counselor since 2003. Let’s begin with a few of assumptions. But you still did not get the offer.

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The Quest for Multiple Internships: Is it Really Beneficial to Have More Than One?

Career Alley

described how the number of students that had at least three internships doubled from 2003 to 2004. Research performed by Experience Inc. Where.

20 Amazing Commercials That Will Inspire the Greatness in You

Personal Excellence Blog

At age of 18, he led his team in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association to 2 national championships (2003) and was selected MVP of the season.

2016 35

4 Tips for Making a Career Out of Advising Pro Athletes

Career Alley

A career as a sports agent is not only potentially lucrative; it is also very exciting and challenging. The top sports agents in the U.S. billion.

30+ #SHRM & #HRCI Recertification Credits Available on Demand


I took the PHR with HRCI as soon as I was eligible in 2003. Access my free on-demand webinars for HRCI and SHRM recertification credits by clicking here. . If you are a StrengthsFinder nerd like me, you might not be surprised to know that Learning is in my Top 5. I am always learning, reading, taking classes and doing new things.


Ash Wednesday: Terrible Moments in HR Relationships.

HR Capitalist

The year is something like 2003 and I''m a VP of HR at a big telecom. Ash Wednesday, people. Time to give something up for Lent. Bonding.

5 Pitfalls Of Your Online Job Search


Since LinkedIn’s introduction in 2003, it’s been a hub for professionals around the world. Blindly networking on LinkedIn.

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A Story of Inspiration and Hope

The Job Quest

In 2003, he was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison. From the age of 13, drugs were a part of Bill’s life.

6 Ways to Strengthen your Resume for the Holiday Season

Careers Done Write

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of October and year-end is drawing ever closer with each passing minute, hour, and day.

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4 ways to write powerful LinkedIn job descriptions

Blue Sky Resumes

1999 – 2003 (4 years). I’ve written before about how to write great LinkedIn headlines and how to create awesome summaries. Be concise.

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9 Ways To Be A Successful Marketing Manager

Career Realism

The rewards, however, are worth it. Related: The Secret To Being A Great Manager. earnings growth potential. Have The Sales Skills. Deliver. Always!

2014 41

Focus – A Critical Skill For Job Seekers

Career Realism

Related: 3 Things HR Looks For In An Employee. We’re confronted with the “Paradox of Choice” in almost every area of our lives. visual resumes).

2014 39

How HR Found Me: Tips for Getting Started in HR


You don’t hear a lot of kids say, “When I grow up, I want to work in human resources.” How HR Found Me. After all, it was only temporary.

Green Jobs Growing: Study Says There Are 2.7 Million Green Jobs in U.S.

Green Career Central

The study was conducted between 2003 and 2010. According to a study done by the Brookings Institute and Battele, there are about 2.7

2003 21

Brian Williams and Others Who Damage Their Careers by Lying

Career Solvers

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended without pay following news that he misrepresented his account of an Iraq War mission in 2003.

Committing to a Position | Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People Hiring technical people and being hired can be difficult, no matter what the economy is doing. So, acknowledge that fear.

Experience does not equal a job skill

Cube Rules

“Why learn that new Microsoft Office version — I already know how to use Microsoft 2003!&# , they say. Not job skills. Experience.

2011 58

3 Warning Signs Your Employees Are Suffering Burnout


This was a 47 percent increase since the survey began back in 2003. Increasing Employee Morale While Decreasing Fatigue at Work. Work fatigue .

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How to Enter in Recertification Credits in HRCI


Last week (January 20th), HRCI launched an updated version of their HRCI recertification database and system. I promise. It is extremely easy!

Make Your Career More Social: Show Up and Engage

Threshold Consulting

Well, at least until 2003, when LinkedIn was launched, … and in its wake, the social media revolution that would change things forever.

2011 73

How To Defeat Any Form of Job Search Discrimination


It was the fall of 2003, and after a few weeks of discussion and intense lobbying, I got the go-ahead to hire a badly-needed new team member.

Resume Downfalls That Prevent You From Getting That Dream Job

Corn on the Job

From relevant job experience and achievements, to qualifications and skills, we all understand what is supposed to appear on a resume. Salary History.

Software Developers: How To Write A Killer Resume

Career Realism

Fundamentals of Computing at Gettysburg College (2003). Software developers are in high demand. Developing Your Resume Objective. Resume caree

2013 39

5 Expert Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

Corn on the Job

It’s a fact that if a business has a high rate of staff turnover it can hurt a company’s profit levels. Source: Robert Half. 1. Increase autonomy.

2014 31

7 Must Read Job Interview Answers for College Grads


He founded LCJS consulting in 2003. How to make the best first impression in your first interviews. This is a guest post by Lavie Margolin.

2014 40

Facebook Mandates Interviewing at Least One Minority Candidate For Every Open Position.

HR Capitalist

The NFL established the Rooney Rule, named after Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, in 2003, mandating that teams with coaching vacancies interview at least one minority candidate.". Want to know when a startup culture has become all grown up? How do you feel about this? You might be surprised that I like this - here's why. .

The Worst Resume Mistake You Can Make

Career Realism

XYZ Company, Los Angeles, CA 2003–2008. But one mistake tops them all. Which one? Not Being Honest About Dates.

On Being a Leader - Memorial Day 2012

Learning Voyager

He did not talk a lot about the war, but for the rest of his life (He died in 2003 at the age of 78), he carried a deep admiration for General George S. Patton. Patton, my dad would say, was a true leader. Fearless. Visionary. And genuinely compassionate toward his troops. I've been doing this for over 30 years now. I say Yes to that.

2012 24

Help! I Can't Land an Interview

Career Realism

I Can’t Land an Interview Help! I Can’t Land an Interview October 14, 2010 Tweet View Comments By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert , Rosa E. Please don’t.

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