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10 Guerrilla Job Search Tactics That Work

Ms. Career Girl

The vast majority of job seekers conduct their job search solely online. Step 1 is to take your job search offline!

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56 Most Popular Job Search Blog Posts of 2010


The most-visited blog posts of 2010 by top job bloggers from around the world. Top Job Bloggers’ Most Popular Articles of 2010. GL Hoffman : Heat Up Your Job Searching Skills: Networking 101 and 102. Hannah Morgan : The Best Job Search Tool Ever. Jason Buss : Job Seekers Beware.

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Why Starting A Blog Could Help Your Job Search

Career Realism

We’ve all heard about how starting a blog can benefit writers who are looking to publish their work, but what if you’re not a writer?

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100 Best Blogs for Your Job Search

Catherines Career Corner

These are the Top 100 best blogs for your job search as originally posted on Thursday July 30th , 2009 by Job Profiles. This is a comprehensive list for any job seeker. The economic crisis of recent times has left many out of work and having a hard time finding a new job, even with the skills and [.]. Help!

56 Best Job Search Blog Posts of 2012


I asked the Top Job Bloggers around the world for their most popular, most visited blog posts of the past year. The Top Job Bloggers’ Most Popular Articles of 2012. Andy Headworth : This is why your LinkedIn profile is NOT showing up in people’s LinkedIn searches. Dawn Bugni : How current is that job search advice?

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The 51 Best Job Search Blog Posts of 2011


The most popular job search bloggers share their most popular job search blog posts of 2011. Top Job Bloggers’ Most Popular Articles of 2011. Rich DeMatteo : 50 Killer Questions For Job Seekers To Ask On Interviews. Hannah Morgan : 25 Habits to Break if You Want a Job. Enjoy! Heather R.

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5 Reasons Every Job Seeker Should Blog

Career Realism

By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert, Joshua Waldman That’s right, I just used “blog” as a verb, like “google” or “text.” It’s been long enough now that blogging has become an acceptable part of our online experiences. We read blogs, learn something from them, and leave comments almost every day.

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Dirty Rotten Job Search Secrets


Learn the dirty rotten job search secrets those jerks who always get the job are using … to get the job you deserve. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered Blog career career change career coach Job job search networking Planning researchContinued at [link].

Executive Job Search: How Recruiters and Employers Find Candidates.

Executive Career Brand

But LinkedIn also sits high on the list of best passive job search practices. Thank you for quoting one of my prior blog posts.

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The Art of Job Search – Recruiters

Career Alley

CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « DECISION TIME! For me, almost every job I’ve had (and I’ve had lots), was through a recruiter with the exception of one. Good luck in your search.

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Top Ten Pieces of Job Search Advice for 2010

Career Solvers

Here’s a round-up of my ten favorite career advice posts from Career Solvers in 2010. Whats This?

2010 10

Job Search Stinks? Time To Change


What can you do if your job search stinks and nothing seems to work well? How about change your search? Learn 4 steps to move job search to the unadvertised market. Continued at [link].

Is Your Job Search Still Random?


Are you conducting a random job search? Many candidates conduct their job search randomly … and don’t even realize it. Learn to spot if your job search is random and how to adopt a more structured targeted approach …. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered BlogContinued at [link].

2010 20

11 New Websites for Your Job Search

Resume Bear

Job search 1.0 = help wanted ads in newspapers. Job search 2.0 = online job boards. “Job search 4.0

Top Job Search Blogs

Resume Boutique

Resume Boutique recently made a list of 50 Top Headhunting Blogs. We also made Job Profile's short list of Best Blogs for your job search in 2009. Both websites contain blogs with helpful information related to your job search. See: [link]. See: [link]. Randi Lewis

Why Job Search When You’ve Already Got A Job?


there are no longer such things as permanent jobs. Learn 6 basic ways you can prepare for an unexpected job loss now. Featured Job Search Strategy reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment Job job search layoff networking Planning recession research unemployment

2010 19

Rethink Your 2011 Job Search Strategy Now


What can you change in your strategy today that can help advance your job search next year? It’s a good time to take stock of what’s working in your present job search tactics … and what isn’t working well. Continued at [link].

2011 21

I did not hire you because of your online reputation | Resumebear.

Resume Bear

Oct, 2010 7 Comments I’ve written before about online reputation and how people say stupid things on Twitter and Facebook. Sure it is!

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ExecuNet's 2010 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report

Executive Career Brand

A new resilience is emerging in the 150K+ executive job market. The report indicates the top 10 high-growth industries for 2010 will be: 1.

2010 17

16 Deadly Executive Job Search Mistakes

Executive Career Brand

Many of them are baby boomers who come to me never having needed a resume (or any career documents) to land jobs over their 30+ year careers.

2010 27

Save Your Job Search: Change Your Negative Internal Dialogue

Resume Writing

Shame in losing your job. Shame in losing your job. Career advice, job search news and perspective. Enough said? Habit.

2010 21

101 Career and Employer Blogs for Recruiting Candidates & Employment Branding


It is no secret that I love to blog. Blogs allow career sites to be: Fresh and always updated. Blogging is hard work. Amec Blog.

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How Should You Introduce Yourself To A Stranger On Linkedin? Job search question of the week


Featured Networking/Social Networking reCareered Blog career career change career coach headhunter hiring Job job search job search 2.0 During the Q & A part of my Resume Revolution Webinar, a participant asked me how to introduce yourself to someone new on Linkedin. Continued at [link].

2010 19

10 Job Search Holiday Party Fails


Now that we’ve entered December, candidates have many job search networking opportunities courtesy of the vast number of holiday parties. Learn how to avoid these 10 job search holiday party networking fails. Networking/Social Networking reCareered Blog career career change career coach Job job search networking

10 Steps to an Authentic, Magnetic Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Personal branding is THE way to stand out above your competition in a tough job market. Will Employment Gaps Hurt My Executive Job Search?

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Ampicillin Drug – FDA Checked Pharmacy | Blue Sky Resumes Blog

Blue Sky Resumes

Blue Sky Resumes Samples Our Process Our Services Free Resume Help About Blog Blue Sky Blog Blue Sky is social! What About PDFs? Thanks!

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On the Ledge – Job Search Have You Feeling Down?

Career Alley

If you are serious about your job search you need to take the plunge! Certainly worth a read as you build your Job Search Plan.

2009 21

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Put a Photo on Your Resume

The Job Quest

Be sure your words are well-written and targeted to paint a flattering picture of your skills, qualifications, and enthusiasm for the job.

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Is Blogging Required When Job Hunting?

The Job Quest

Blogging has been a very effective tool for many people, and really, there is a reason why so many people blog nowadays. Do a vlog.

2010 21

Job Search Data & Career Branding Tips

Career Brander

Below are some interesting data points I have seen in various career and human resource trade magazines, websites and blogs over the December holidays. There will be over 15 million unemployed US works seeking jobs in January. The Wall Street Journal reported job postings are currently at about 4.7 Blog at

2011 16

Networking Advice: 5 Ways to Make Networking Work for YOU!

Career Realism

October 17, 2010 Tweet View Comments By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert , Mandy Cooley Everyone has been telling you to network in your job search, right?

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I was fired because of Facebook | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

Oct, 2010 11 Comments Last week I mentioned how people say weird (or is that idiotic?) Oct, 2010 at 7:45 pm Stupidity has its consequences.

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Quora and Your Job Search | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

However, I believe it will become very significant and it can be a great place to learn, contribute, and gain knowledge and valuable exposure in your job search. So… Great… but what’s that got to do with your job search? You may link out to an external article, IF you have a blog or other site you write.

Four Reasons to Follow Up After Not Getting a Promotion

The Job Quest

I’ve talked on this blog about my husband’s journey from being a welder to becoming a supervisor. After all, rejection smarts!

The 7 Deadly Job Search Sins

Blue Sky Resumes

Blue Sky Resumes Samples Our Process Our Services Free Resume Help About Blog Blue Sky Blog Blue Sky is social! So how about you? Period.

2010 23

20 Resume Tips from a Hiring Manager

Ms. Career Girl

Blog Directory Contact Subscribe 20 Resume Tips from a Hiring Manager by Sean McGinnis on March 29, 2010 I’m a hiring manager. Ever.

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Do you hate your job? Don't tell Twitter! | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

Oct, 2010 11 Comments It never ceases to amaze me that people do not realize that when they tweet, the world can see it. S/he gets a new job.

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An example of a personal job search website

Corn on the Job

Your job search method these days can now almost become a reason for companies to hire you. Perfect for a personal job search website.

2010 13

Quick Tip: Use the LinkedIn Headline to Announce Your Job Search

Corn on the Job

This is 100% true in the job search. While entirely accurate, it’s both boring and useless to my job search. Thanks!

2010 17

Root Canals, Job Search, and the Art of Personal Branding

The Job Quest

He definitely has a great deal of wisdom, so read on, then go visit his blog and follow him on Twitter! You’ll be glad you did.

2010 14