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The 4 C’s of Accomplishments

The Job Quest

It’s no secret that accomplishments trump a listing of duties on a résumé. They are CLEAR. ” or. They are CONCISE.

Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume

Ms. Career Girl

The post Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume appeared first on Ms. Heavy On Education But Light On Experience?

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How To Tell Accomplishment Stories Effectively

Career Realism

You’ve followed some good advice you’ve seen on identifying “accomplishments,” not just what tasks you performed or the skills you have.

Are You Over Educated? Why Does it Matter to Your Career?

Competitive Resumes

Here are a few of the highlights of our discussion: Many job seekers and career changers using education to increase his/her career marketability.

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Résumé Help: Highlighting the Education

Careers Done Write

Also, she used an acronym for her degree and included on the same line as the category name, “Education,” and in the same font size.

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How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Today’s photo shows someone who has just accomplished something great. Benefit: Accomplishment statements need numbers.

5 Questions to Ask and One Tip to Keep Resumes Interesting

The Job Quest

Trivial details don’t help, but details that show how you used X skill to reach Y accomplishment do. Resumes Accomplishments Cliches Education Perspective Resume Length Storytelling Value I recently ran across the headline of a blog post that advocated for shorter résumés over longer ones. This really puzzled me.

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Extra Effort Brings Extra Flavor to Your Resume

The Job Quest

The document that you are relying on to represent your unique talent, accomplishments, and value isn’t unique at all. Delicious!).

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3 Ways To Convey Quantifiable Information On A Resume

Career Realism

Related: How To Quantify Your Accomplishments On A Resume. 3 Ways To Convey Quantifiable Information On A Resume. CAREEREALISM. Related Posts.

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Higher Education – A Necessity to Grab your Dream Job

Career Alley

In today’s world however, the necessity of higher education has grown on a massive scale at almost every nook and corner of the world.

How to Write Resumes for Jobs in Education [7 Tips]

The Undercover Recruiter

An education field offers you with a lot of opportunities, whereby, you can prove your potential, and serve the most interesting area you desire for.

9 Traits Of A Professional Resume

Tim's Strategy

Key accomplishments in bullet format that are quantified using #’s, $’s, or %’s. 9) Education. This is a guest blog post by Bob McIntosh.

Exploring the Different Career Paths in Education

Career Realism

Master of Science in Education. focuses on education in a broader sense and includes aspects that go beyond direct teaching. The M.Ed

How to Bridge an Employment Gap

The Job Quest

Instead of a gap being a liability, you are showing your passion for what you do and letting your accomplishments shine!

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Top 5 Reasons Online Learning Leads to Career Advancement

Career Alley

Your peers, as well as professors, are already working and accomplished in the field in which you’ve chosen to study. Education

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Exploring Different Career Paths In Education

Career Realism

focuses on education in a broader sense and includes aspects that go beyond direct teaching. The M.Ed The M.Ed An M.Ed Job Search career

The Enormous Benefits Of Learning Online

Ms. Career Girl

Have you ever thought about improving your education? Of course, you can always avoid this problem by getting an education online.

5 Time Management Tips When Juggling Work And School

Career Realism

Busy, successful people understand what they can do each day, how they use their time, and what can realistically be accomplished. Prioritize.

Do’s and Don’ts When Waiting for a Call

The Job Quest

Job Search Networking Resumes Blog Do's Don'ts Education Follow-Up Freelance Lie Professional Groups Spray and Pray Volunteer WaitTake a class.

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Accomplishments and Goals

Career Tips Blog

Accomplishments and Goals I encourage you to spend more time tracking your accomplishments than your goals. Accomplishments are actions you have already taken. Make it a habit to log your weekly accomplishments and turn them into bullet points for your resume and power stories for reviews, networking, and interviewing.

What Does an Online Degree Mean to Your Career?

Career Alley

million students, or 32 percent of the total number of higher education students in the U.S., Education Careers College Jobs Joey Trebif.

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No College Degree

Careers Done Write

Dear Teri, I would recommend focusing on your career accomplishments over the recent 14 years. Ask Deb educationHow do I present it?

Who Is Hiring Recent Graduates?

Career Realism

The statistics released by Hesa (Higher Education Statistics Authority) are showing that 14.1% Job Search education recent graduate teaching

Getting employers to look past education and focus on experience

Careers Done Write

I notice that many of the companies have a screening questionnaire asking my level of education. They are closing the U.S. office in 6 weeks.

Going To Grad School: Yea Or Nay?

Career Realism

Higher education is about taking your education to the next level by learning new, useful things. Education grad school

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The Motivation of Impetus


After her final surgery, she turned to me from her hospital bed and drowsily said, “Thank goodness for college educations.

Looking for a Job While Needing a Work Visa

The Job Quest

Cover Letters Job Search Networking Resumes Canada Connections Education Immigration Relationships Skills Visa Volunteercitizen spouse. Network!

Higher Education Planning

Career Tips Blog

Career Tips Blog Short and Sweet to Help You Compete! Even more important, have fun with the decision! Subscribe to my RSS feed and get loads more!

Show High School Diploma on Resume?

Careers Done Write

Your work history and accomplishments are valuable. Focus on the results of your accomplishments on your resume to prove your qualifications.

3 Ways To Get Over Your “Useless” College Degree

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re anything like me, getting to college was a huge accomplishment. Education Work career college useless college degreeRelax.

Are You Down with OPG? (Other People's Goals)

Water Cooler Wisdom

If your goals don’t excite you personally and encourage you to strive for greater accomplishment, they might not be yours after all. Attitude & Motivation Best Practices Career Change Continuing Education Discovering Your Passion Goal Setting Ownership & Initiative Personal Development I’ll share a personal example. Here’s the thing.

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transform just-my-job statements into resume accomplishments

Resume Writing

You have no idea how often one of my clients will utter "I have no accomplishments to give you — I just did my job." But, you did it right!

Would HR Managers Review YOUR Resume?

Career Realism

A quick scan of “resume tips” shows strong support for “accomplishments” versus “duties.” Would HR Managers Review YOUR Resume? Work It Daily.

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There are no Do-Overs in Life


It was the hardest thing I have ever accomplished, but I did it and I have no intention of ever yelling, “Do-over!”

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The 4 Year College Degree: Unaffordable And Still Required?

Tim's Strategy

I’ve said it before. Have you? That the traditional 4 year college degree is a rubber stamp item on a professional resume. Somewhere.

How to manage a college education | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to manage a college education Posted to: College students January 21st, 2010 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook The idea of paying for a liberal arts education is over. Is this your first time here? Ben left college.

The Best Formats for Your Resume

Career Alley

It showcases your accomplishments, experience and skills and you should continually update it so that it is ready when needed. Joey Trebif.

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Careers – Learning Will Never be the Same

Career Alley

Career advice Careers Education Job Search Jobs The hunger for knowledge seems to grow with each new generation. Why Psychology is Important.

What Turns Employers Off from Your Resume?

Professional Resume Services

Rather than using cliché phrases, describe your experiences and share your accomplishments. What are they looking for?

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A Master Plan: Why Grad School Is Worth It

Career Realism

There is a perception of credibility, intelligence and persistence that comes with another degree in higher education. Proof Of Progress.