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The 4 C’s of Accomplishments

The Job Quest

It’s no secret that accomplishments trump a listing of duties on a résumé. When framing accomplishments, it can be easy to unintentionally be too vague; after all, we know what we did and what it looked like. How well do your accomplishments stack up to the “4 C Test?”

Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume

Ms. Career Girl

The post Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume appeared first on Ms. Even so, simply listing your academic and work accomplishments on your resume isn’t nearly enough since the order in which you place them can either help or hinder your career girl prospects.

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How To Tell Accomplishment Stories Effectively

Career Realism

You’ve followed some good advice you’ve seen on identifying “accomplishments,” not just what tasks you performed or the skills you have. But now come the most important next steps: translating these accomplishments into effective “stories” for both your resume and your interviews.

Two Awesome LinkedIn Summary Examples (with Templates)

Blue Sky Resumes

Next paragraph: Describe what you do currently (or what you did most recently) and select a few impressive accomplishments to describe very briefly. 4th paragraph: Summarize your education and any important work-related qualifications.

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Résumé Help: Too Much Education?

Careers Done Write

In today’s example, it is not that the candidate has too much education. The issue is that she has too much information in the education section of her résumé She has included some unnecessary or outdated information that we need to strike. Resume Help education

Extra Effort Brings Extra Flavor to Your Resume

The Job Quest

The document that you are relying on to represent your unique talent, accomplishments, and value isn’t unique at all. There is a lot more to résumé writing than sitting in front of your laptop and listing your skills, job duties from past employment, and educational background.

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3 Ways To Convey Quantifiable Information On A Resume

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Related: How To Quantify Your Accomplishments On A Resume. For example, when you say: Managed the launch of products across Europe… it tells a bit of information. For example, when you write: Reduced time lag by eighty percent… , it’s not as easy to take notice of it.

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How to Write Resumes for Jobs in Education [7 Tips]

The Undercover Recruiter

An education field offers you with a lot of opportunities, whereby, you can prove your potential, and serve the most interesting area you desire for. Thus, they help you to create an additional advantage, by highlighting your strong aspirations, to serve the education sector.

9 Traits Of A Professional Resume

Tim's Strategy

However, if you throw something in that immediately expresses your value, such as an accomplishment statement , your Performance Profile will give your professional resume real meaning. Key accomplishments in bullet format that are quantified using #’s, $’s, or %’s. 9) Education.

How to Bridge an Employment Gap

The Job Quest

Note the dates you were (or are) involved with them, keep track of accomplishments , log progress that is made, record any stories that would convey challenges you faced in the course of your activity and how you overcame them.

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Top 5 Reasons Online Learning Leads to Career Advancement

Career Alley

The flexibility to build valuable work experience while earning your degree online lets you fully flesh out your resume and impress employers with not only your education, but practical know-how as well. Continuing Education Units (CEU). Education

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Tell Me About Yourself, Interview Strategies (Back-to-Basics.

Resume to Referral

» Tell Me About Yourself, Interview Strategies (Back-to-Basics Series) I’ve seen professionals who not only can appear confident, but who ARE confident, very successful sales professionals for example, fall flat on their faces in interviews.

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Who Is Hiring Recent Graduates?

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The statistics released by Hesa (Higher Education Statistics Authority) are showing that 14.1% The educational sector was the most accepting sector for graduates, hiring 25.5% The trend of graduates starting careers in the educational sector.

Are You Down with OPG? (Other People's Goals)

Water Cooler Wisdom

I’ll share a personal example. If your goals don’t excite you personally and encourage you to strive for greater accomplishment, they might not be yours after all. Attitude & Motivation Best Practices Career Change Continuing Education Discovering Your Passion Goal Setting Ownership & Initiative Personal Development Most of us over age 30 remember the song OPP from the 90s. The acronym stands for “other people’s problems,” etc.

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Would HR Managers Review YOUR Resume?

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A quick scan of “resume tips” shows strong support for “accomplishments” versus “duties.” Here is one set of examples: 1. A group of twenty Human Resource professionals agreed to provide a structured evaluation of the four resumes reflecting the differences shown in the examples above.

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transform just-my-job statements into resume accomplishments

Resume Writing

You have no idea how often one of my clients will utter "I have no accomplishments to give you — I just did my job." Some of you may not have extraordinary accomplishments to include on your resume. Some of you may not have extraordinary accomplishments to include on your resume.

This Simple Resume Guide Will Improve Your Chances Of Landing An Interview

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At the bottom, you should showcase your education. Accomplishments: List 3-6 phrases that outline your past achievements. Here are some examples of success verbs: Achieved. Here are some examples: Increased new customer visits by 17% without increasing ad budget.

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Strong Impressions During An Interview.And Landing That Job!

Resume Bear

This often occurs because individuals tend to talk in generalities in the interview rather than articulating specific accomplishments and achievements. Using stories to describe your accomplishments helps you stand out and be remembered. How Do You Ace The Interview?

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4 Realities Job Seekers Must Face About Job Gaps

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without providing even one as even an example. Your resume or online submission is likely to be scanned for key words related to accomplishments, skills, and/or education. 4 Realities Job Seekers Must Face About Job Gaps. Work It Daily.

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How to manage a college education | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to manage a college education Posted to: College students January 21st, 2010 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook The idea of paying for a liberal arts education is over. And he’s fascinating, and he’s educating himself through experience , which is what the Internet does not provide. Are you saying that public education is worse than private?

Over 40 & Fierce: Resume Tactics for the Seasoned Professional

Careers Done Write

Education. Place your education section near the bottom (end) of your resume. For those not changing careers, education should be near the end. Perhaps you have two bullets of accomplishments for your first job, then three for the next, then four, and maybe six or seven for the current position. Accomplishments. You are the veteran and as such, it is expected that you have accomplished great things.

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10 Soft Skills Employers Want from You

Competitive Resumes

If you can prove your accomplishments through social media, or testimonies, you will immediately stand out to employers. If you are positioning yourself to talk about your accomplishments and results such as, “I learned this system in this XXX time which is X% ahead of schedule.”.

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How many credentials after a name on a resume?

Careers Done Write

Dear Marcia: Wow, you have accomplished a lot in your career! List your college degrees in the education section of your resume. Dear Debra: I have my credentials at the top of my resume and cover letter just after my name. A recruiter told me that this is an overload.

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A Master Plan: Why Grad School Is Worth It

Career Realism

This example is only one among many new trails to blaze after you’ve gotten your license – a Master’s Degree. There is a perception of credibility, intelligence and persistence that comes with another degree in higher education. Advancement education grad school mba

Make LinkedIn and Other Social Media Profiles Your Second Resume

Professional Resume Services

By the time they log on to do their research, they already know much about your qualifications, education and professional experience, thanks to your resume and cover letter. Have you accomplished some non-work-related feat (for example, completed seven marathons or climbed Mount Kilimanjaro?)

Would HR Managers Review YOUR Resume?

Career Realism

A quick scan of “resume tips” shows strong support for “accomplishments” versus “duties.” Here is one set of examples: 1. A group of twenty Human Resource professionals agreed to provide a structured evaluation of the four resumes reflecting the differences shown in the examples above.

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Resume Help: Bullets Lead to Boredom

Careers Done Write

The best way to transform today’s example resume is to add an element of variety to the resume. Follow with a few bulleted statements with the top accomplishments for the particular job. Today’s resume for review is an experienced, credentialed tax accountant.

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6 Tips To Make Your Resume Better Than The Rest

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One person should read for grammar, for example, and another should read for punctuation and spelling. Some people think that the trick to a great resume is to stuff as many accomplishments as possible into it by using tiny font and stretching the margins to the limit.

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How To Write A CV That Gets You Hired

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There is no golden rule determining what should come first on your CV: experience or education. If you studied humanities, for example, and are applying for a marketing role but have experience in CMS or social media management, your experience is more relevant and should be above your degree.

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Job Seekers: Why You Want An Opportunity – Not A Job

Career Realism

If you’re a 16 year old, your job experiences offer opportunities to discover your strengths and can influence your educational pursuits. A real basic example: I had an earlier career in retail sales. If they are strengths, they should be clearly represented in your accomplishments.

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How to Update Your Resume

Careers Done Write

Take note of your new education, courses, skills, certifications, community service, and work experience. Just as you may have done with your prior resume, uncover major accomplishments with measured results. These new examples represent information to add to your resume.

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Job Interviews: How To Respond When They Ask What You Know About The Company

Career Realism

You can also check out the individual profiles of past and present employees looking for where they’ve worked in the past, what educational backgrounds or training they may have in common, and so on. Job Interviews: How To Respond When They Ask What You Know About The Company. Work It Daily.

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is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers? — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

Example: my workplace (a restaurant) has no policy for smoke breaks. Example: my workplace (a restaurant) has no policy for smoke breaks. About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers?

Job Interview “Elevator Pitch”

Resume Bear

Chose traits that can easily be coupled with examples of how you have helped the organizations you have supported make money, save money, save time, maintain the business, or grow the business. Use accomplishment-focused, metrics-driven examples to support your strengths.

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5 Steps to a Great Resume – Gathering Your Information – Lesson 1

Career Alley

Education – You should gather the key facts about your education (especially if you have an advanced degree). Put Your Education to Work on Your Resume. What to Include in a Resume Education Section. Resume Experience Section Example.

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Order on the Résumé!

Careers Done Write

Cons: If you have been unemployed for a while, you may benefit from a format that sells you based on your accomplishments before they see your work history. Professional Experience (Employer Name, Job Title, Dates - Followed by Responsibilities and Accomplishments for Each). Education.

Suffering from Low T?

Careers Done Write

Here are examples and cures. Temporary work, charity work, and continuing education are just a few examples of gap fillers that may apply in your case. For example, maybe you opened new revenue streams or increased the client retention rate.

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Showing Some College Experience on Resume

Careers Done Write

For example, leading the reader to believe that you have a degree by showing the information in a nebulous way is a no-no. The best way to present it is to showcase it as an accomplishment rather than a ‘near accomplishment.’ Ask Deb education job search

3 Easy Steps To A Quick Cover Letter Makeover

Career Realism

Do you possess the education, skills, and experience for this opportunity? Support this with how you meet the basic requirements in terms of education and experience. Prove those skills by citing a top accomplishment. 7 Examples Of Fresh New Ways To Start Your Cover Letter.

3 Tips To Impressing The Hiring Manager With Your Resume

Career Realism

In most cases, hiring managers looking at the resume first zone in on these areas and in this order: related work experience; qualifications; skills; education; and other information available. Present accomplishments in areas the employer is looking for expertise.

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