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4 Things To Add To Your ‘Top 10? Accomplishments List

Career Realism

Which is why responsibilities do not matter; accomplishments matter. Don’t think “responsibilities,” think “accomplishments.”.

Resume Help: How to Create Positive Energy on Your Resume

Careers Done Write

resume should have positive energy. Today’s resume is so low energy that we can barely detect a pulse. Start with a Powerful Verb.

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Tasks

Resume Bear

I’m an energy guy. For a variety of reasons, it didn’t work out as intended, but my energy levels were ready for it.

How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

And there’s an element of passion.  An energy about your great works in prior companies.  Benefit: Accomplishment statements need numbers. 

Tips for the Executive Interview: Intensity Versus Energy.

Boomers Next Step

Most organizations do not use this approach so must accomplish a great deal in a short time in their interviews. Don’t make the mistake of confusing intensity with energy. Most interviewers look for a high, positive energy level. You have been in the job hunt for several months. What are the reasons? Well…to a point.

Improving Your Performance at Work with Supplements


There is hope though, and the solution is easy to accomplish. Have you ever gone through a stage at work when your performance levels drop?

Hey ENFPs! Channel your energy and imagination to inspire greatness wherever you go.

Penelope Trunk

The ENFP is the type that has the widest range of strengths, and ENFPs can imagine themselves accomplishing a wider range of feats than any other type.

30 Career Management Tips — Document your accomplishments | Cube Rules

Cube Rules

30 Career Management Tips — Document your accomplishments Written by Scot Herrick on September 15, 2007 in job search 4 Comments - Leave a comment! Today’s tip: document your accomplishments. There are three good reasons to document accomplishments: Hiring managers look for accomplishments. Annual review process.

6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Before Going to Work

Ms. Career Girl

Are you ready to be busting with energy in the morning when the majority of people are still trying to figure out what day it is? Career Girl.

2016 86

Team Building Days: Expensive Corporate Jolly or Essential Staff Investment?

Ms. Career Girl

Your employees will have gained a real sense of accomplishment through a shared experience with their co-workers. appeared first on Ms.

2016 100

10 Things Productive People Do Before 10 a.m.

Ms. Career Girl

Breakfast is a small decision that can take a lot of energy to make. Meditate in the morning and put your mental energy to use. Now what?

2016 73

How To Have a Great Career

Career Tips Blog

You have the power to create it and live it as an expression of your unique talents and energy. Forget what other people think of your choices.

The 10 Things Productive People Always Do

Ms. Career Girl

When you can see what you need to accomplish in words in front of you, you’re more likely to meet the goals recorded there. Commit. Single-Task.

2013 74

5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Waste Time On

Ms. Career Girl

It happens too often in life to overlook the obvious and lose precious time and energy with unimportant and meaningless things. Career Girl.

Work from Home? Read these 5 tips on how to do it better.

Ms. Career Girl

At the end of the day, if I’ve completed these items I feel accomplished, even if I see that my to do list is still overflowing. know, I know.

Looking at the Process

The Job Quest

Feeling a sense of accomplishment. hope they don’t grow tired of my probing questions: “What efficiencies were gained?” Spent.

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#1 Thing You Need to Know About Employer Branding


There is a lot of research, resources, time and energy that go into building a successful brand strategy and delivering on it, day after day after day.

2014 46

ResumeBear: Leave these Words OFF Your Resume

Resume Bear

Using a specific example, you show what you can actually accomplish. If it’s not, it shouldn’t be on there. Career Objective. Experienced.

2012 129

Both Work and Life are Better with Shorter, more Focused Work Days


Is this work providing us with a better life? We Trading Sleep for More Work and Health Problems. more hours on weekdays and 1.86

2015 47

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get A Job Offer

Tim's Strategy

Not enough energy. The answer in my survey was “energy” Not so much physical energy. Not ready, not right.

Offer 42

9 ways to prepare for the job interview

Cube Rules

And you need to show your accomplishments by using numbers, reports or statements to help prove your accomplishment. The reason? All bad.

2011 65

Control Your Chaos: Redefining Work-Life Balance

Ms. Career Girl

Balancing your lifestyle is much easier to accomplish when you are organized. Career Girl. Guest Post By Stacia Pierce. Her Bio follows.

2016 59

4 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work

Career Realism

You will be amazed at how something as simple as five minutes can transform your energy levels. Take A Break. Outline Your Priorities.

2014 58

Part One: The Power of Employee Engagement


In turn, allowing them to accomplish strategic goals that propels the company forward leaving their competitors far behind.

2014 41

The Top 3 Resume Improvements Everyone Needs Now

Career Realism

Quantify Your Accomplishments. To quantify your accomplishments means to describe them in numbers, dollars, or percentages. Quotes.

2015 56

Hello, Superstar! Super-Easy Ways to be Successful Every Day

Ms. Career Girl

You’re at your best first thing when your motivation and energy are at its peak. The post Hello, Superstar! Career Girl. Keep a To-Do List.

2016 46

3 Career Interview Hacks That Will Help You Land The Job

Career Realism

Remember that multiple people are interviewing for that same position and you want to convey that enthusiasm in your appearance, attitude, and energy.

2016 20

Marketing Hacks To Make Employers Notice You

Ms. Career Girl

Chances are you’re highly knowledgeable about the skills necessary to accomplish great things. Career Girl. Make it count. Don’t be stiff.

2016 100

3 Tips for Prioritizing Your 2015 Employment Branding Initiatives


often feel that there isn’t enough time in the day, week, or year to accomplish everything on my work wish list. Have a Tip? Share It!

2015 38

Got Laid Off? Ways to Recover

Resume Bear

Focus on your strengths and accomplishments. Losing your job can be traumatic. Deems. But it doesn’t have to be that way.”.

Employee Engagement: 22 Tools to Overcome Grumpiness

David Zinger

It takes a lot of energy to be grumpy. Unfortunately it is a constant energy drain for yourself and others. Reading time = 13 minutes.

2015 51

4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume

Career Realism

By adding figures to your accomplishments, you provide measurable, credible proof of your performance. 4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume.

2016 52

The Weather Makers: How To Recruit Top Performers


These people have a drive from within to succeed and people naturally gravitate to them because of their energy and vision.” The Big Question.

2014 40

Beyond Fitbit - What the Research Says About Weight Loss That Should Drive Wellness.

HR Capitalist

Well, that's an interesting question for HR and wellness leaders everywhere.Here's some notes from Aaron Carroll at the New York Times : "Think about it this way: If an overweight man is consuming 1,000 more calories than he is burning and wants to be in energy balance, he can do it by exercising. The people who exercise aren't your problem.

life@work: What To Do When Your Reptilian Mind Takes Over Your Job.


Simply observing whatthe reptilian brain is up to negates its energy. Simply observing whatthe reptilian brain is up to negates its energy. " "You know you dont have the experience theyre looking for, so who do you think you are applying for this job?" " Definitely not inspiring thoughts, and often paralyzing ones.

Career Advice: When to Give Up on Finding Your Dream Career

Career Realism

We all want to wake up excited to go to work, spend our days accomplishing goals we’re proud of, and come home feeling pleasantly fulfilled.

Job Hunting in 2010? Let Go of Obsolete Techniques From 2000

Jennifer Anthony

Yet, many candidates cling to outdated job search practices and resume advice that can negatively impact their success. The reason? Did you enjoy this?

Interview Dilemma Resolved: Explaining a Career Blip

Careers Done Write

Any amount of worrying is a waste of time and will drain your positive energy. How does one deal with that in an interview? Review Your Resume.

2014 64

The College Student’s Guide to a Winning Resume

Resume Bear

Put your energies into the content. Gone in sixty seconds. Recruiters spend less than a minute reviewing your resume. No exceptions. What to do? 

5 Tips For Nailing Your Next Phone Screening

Career Realism

Express energy and enthusiasm in your tone. 3. Speak of accomplishments and success when asked about previous jobs and responsibilities.

2015 61