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5 Things Possessed By Successful Women In IT

Career Realism

Despite this growth, however, it can still be challenging for women to stand out in their field and land senior roles. Skill. Curiosity.

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How 5 Women Found Success Their Own Way

Ms. Career Girl

The post How 5 Women Found Success Their Own Way appeared first on Ms. Women can start a business anywhere in the world. Career Girl.

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6 Workplace Realities Women Will Face In 2040

Water Cooler Wisdom

births per woman, that doesn’t mean young women will face less competition for school acceptance and jobs in the coming decades. births per woman, that doesn’t mean young women will face less competition for school acceptance and jobs in the coming decades. My 4-year-old daughter Serena will be 30 in 2041. Well, let’s investigate. 1.

Why I Used to Hate My Feet – The Stigma Against Women with Big Feet

Personal Excellence Blog

When I was 9-10, my mom would always go to this shoe store to buy shoes for the family. I Have you ever had a body part that you hated? so? ). 

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Working Women Need Wives

Career Solvers

Women now make up at least half of the American workforce. Yet despite these strides, working women are facing more challenges than ever before.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Business Partner

Ms. Career Girl

What would you like to accomplish in 2011 and what do you see as your biggest. Take time to enjoy your family and co-workers. Be Honest.

How to pick a husband if you want to have kids

Penelope Trunk

Some women will say they know for sure that they do want to work full-time. Most Most women will say that they don’t know for sure.

Chicks on a Plane – Top 10 Tips for Business Travel

Ms. Career Girl

Mapquest is key.  It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in a single day if you plan it correctly. Leaving the office is tough.  Buy it. 

One Family's Recipe for Happiness

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Hopefully you’ll also be good at it and so you can amply provide for your family. Really.

How To Be a Better Person: 101 Ways (and All New August Challenge!!)

Personal Excellence Blog

People who are arrogant tend to suffer from an inferiority complex, which is why they feel the need to parade their accomplishments. Be Able.

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Why We Work


To support a family. To feel accomplished. Why is this? Why do we work? Why do we change jobs or look for different opportunities?

Smart Women Have Rituals for Success

Telecommuting Journal

My belief is that women reflect on and declare their values that are personal to them and create a life to support those values. Of course not.

The ONE Thing You Must Do To Be a Better Negotiator

Ms. Career Girl

But the most interesting part is that women reported much more discomfort around negotiating a raise than men did.  Career Girl. Career Girl.

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Grit is overrated; the hardest worker never wins

Penelope Trunk

His family starved and he kept writing even though there was no established market or precedent for what he was writing. Women.

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Why Women Settle, and Give Up On Their Dreams And What Can Be Done.

Career Makeover Coach

Such a simple and somewhat obvious statement, but surprisingly for many women, it rings distant from their reality. But how can this be?

Thanksgiving drama on steroids: Adding a family business to the.

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Thanksgiving drama on steroids: Adding a family business to the mix Posted to: Entrepreneurship | Money | Negotiating November 25th, 2009 But this year is a big switch for me, because I’m doing Thanksgiving family drama—with the farmer. 

Control Your Chaos: Redefining Work-Life Balance

Ms. Career Girl

Balancing your lifestyle is much easier to accomplish when you are organized. Career Girl. Guest Post By Stacia Pierce. Her Bio follows.

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Career Coaching for Women

Resume Boutique

Saturday, January 17, 2009 Career Coaching for Women Are you at that time in your life where you stop and take stock of your career choice and the path ahead? Its helpful to be able to talk about it with a non-family member, non-friend, who has the training and life experience to help you take ownership of your future. Nice Post.

One Moment in Time

Ms. Career Girl

One moment where you are the shining star and nothing and no one on the planet can take your accomplishments away from you. One moment in time.

Ashley Madison: Why Cheating Is Never The Solution To an Unhappy Marriage/Relationship

Personal Excellence Blog

Apparently, the women using AM are far from the kind of people whom you think would cheat: at first sight, at least. Ashley Madison. thought.

Read the Inspiring Story of Real Career Girl, Danielle Wilson, CEO of Aero Jet Medical & United Medivac Solutions

Ms. Career Girl

With hard work and passion she accomplished one great feat after another and continues to do so to this day. Career Girl. Following a $2.5

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3 Ways to Generate Revenue When You’re A Stay-at-Home Mom

Ms. Career Girl

One might have a passion for her family. There’s no limit to the things women accomplish every day. Career Girl. But the truth?

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How to Take the Work Out of Finding Work

Ms. Career Girl

Women, who are still particularly prone to doing it all, are especially challenged. Career Girl. NEW JOB SEARCH SHORTCUT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT.

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The Day I Gave Out Free Hugs

Personal Excellence Blog

This task is as part of my feature on  Soul Sisters , a upcoming documentary by MediaCorp on inspiring women walking unconventional paths.

The 5 Professional Development Pillars of Real-Life Career Girls

Ms. Career Girl

Each of these women also seemed to have positioned themselves for many more successful tomorrows. Career Girl. His bio follows. Set Goals.

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ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About

Resume Bear

Only 34% of voters at all age levels consider birth control a major issue in 2012, with women the most likely demographic to prioritize it.

Is your marriage ruining your career?

Penelope Trunk

Then Anthony Weiner got caught sending photos of his penis to random women. It would accomplish nothing. Huma stood by him. Really.

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I Read  #GIRLBOSS And You Should Too

Ms. Career Girl

There is a fine line between empowering women and being a feminist manifesto, and #GIRLBOSS treads it lightly. However, it isn’t, and we are Ms.

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Real Career Girls: Allison O’Kelly, founder and CEO of Mom Corps

Ms. Career Girl

Imagine having the influence and drive to make the same happen for more women out there! Allison O’Kelly is that woman. On Being Superwoman.

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Resumebear: Job Hunting While Still Employed? Keep it Private

Resume Bear

“It is a challenge for both men and women in a job search. As a rule, honesty is usually the best policy when it comes to your career.

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Best advice to twentysomethings: trust yourself

Penelope Trunk

gave up living in Chicago, where my whole family was. Those women in the Olympics, they can play and play and play. Then I went to bed.

Do You Have the Courage to Change?

Career Makeover Coach

My tip is to make it known to family and friends what you are on the look out for as they will then network for you. Be en courage d.

Marriage Or Career? Don’t Ask Me.

Ms. Career Girl

Point is, what the heck does that have to do with your personal sense of accomplishment, and why is that all anyone wants to talk about?

5 Steps to take to make time for everything

Penelope Trunk

The new trophy wife is someone who is brilliant and accomplished and gives up a big chunk of her career for the guy. Probably not. Productivit

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Why You Need To Negotiate More Than Just Your Salary

Career Realism

It is your job as a new hire to make sure you get the best possible package for yourself and any potential family members or loved ones.

S**t Happened: A Woman’s Spirit-Based Recovery

Ms. Career Girl

Too often, cultural habits have resulted in women stifling their inner wisdom.  There are many ways to accomplish this.  Career Girl.

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New Person, New Project: Introducing The Daily Runner

Ms. Career Girl

Goals Self positive thinking running women Well, that’s odd.  Why 2011? Of course, I had my critics.  They said I was naïve.  Absolutely not.

Productivity is about giving something up

Penelope Trunk

Before I go on about self-hatred, let me assure you that I am more accomplished than most people you know. I was going to list it. Maybe. Focus.

6 Most Horrifying Resume Blunders Employers Have Ever Seen

Career Realism

Elle Kaplan is the CEO of Lexion Capital Management, one of the only 100 percent women-owned and operated investment firms in the nation.

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20 Resume Tips from a Hiring Manager

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Get active with your accomplishments. Home About Archives Write for Us! Use white space liberally.

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