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Candidate Shortage? Try Facebook Advertising

The Undercover Recruiter

Try Facebook Advertising. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. View Article. Candidate Shortage?

6 Creative Ways to Share Job Advertisements on Social Media

The Undercover Recruiter

Instead of posting a text update with a link to the job ad, the Experis US Facebook page posts a photo update like above. Post by Experis US.

Facebook Jobs Will Change Online Recruitment Forever


I completely disagree even when it comes to Facebook. Companies advertise their openings using what I call the “spray and pray.”

How To Use Facebook for Professional Networking #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

Facebook is a place to interact with friends and family online. Why use Facebook for professional networking? Use Facebook events.

How to Recruit on Facebook with TweetMyJobs


And yet only 23% US Recruiters use Facebook as a recruiting and candidate source. Facebook as a Candidate Pipeline and Recruitment Source.

Career Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Resume Bear

Here are the keys to successful networking for your job -search. Do realize why networking is so important. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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Why LinkedIn Rocks!

Catherines Career Corner

If you are an ‘old skool’ type of professional and you can’t stand social media or the thought of incessantly being clued to your mobile phone to ‘like’, share, retweet or post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, LinkedIn is one networking social media platform that you should not ignore. [.]. appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

How To Use Facebook for Professional Networking [10 Useful Tips]

The Undercover Recruiter

Facebook is a place to interact with friends and family online. Why use Facebook for professional networking? Use Facebook events.

Top 55 Most Popular Facebook Pages for Job Search in 2011


If you like this list, Like it on Facebook to share it with any friends who would also find it useful (and while you’re at it, don’t forget to fan the JobMob Facebook Page ). Where most job seekers hang out on Facebook. Job Mail – 11,271 people like this – Browse thousands of career classifieds.

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manager is scaring her employees with sad Facebook posts

Ask A Manager

I don’t like the idea that I should “boss&# her private life, and Facebook seems private…or is it? Ask how she is. And wise.

How to Use BranchOut on Facebook [Review]

The Undercover Recruiter

This ensures that the app is simple, easy to use and Facebook user friendly. How to Use BranchOut on Facebook [Review].

The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

Resume Bear

From advertising to customer interaction, social media is the future. By Pedram Tabibi. Imagine landing a job interview. Surprised? Don’t be.

5 Exciting Non-Profit Careers

Career Alley

But there are many attractive and rewarding careers in the non-profit sector once you have the lay of the land. Visit me on Facebook.

How to Use Facebook Graph Search [Noob Edition]

The Undercover Recruiter

When Facebook Graph Search was announced , I was excited for my recruiting friends and a little bit worried that people might be frustrated by it.

Using Social Media in Your Search for a Job: ResumeBear

Resume Bear

Search corporate groups and people on Google, Facebook and Twitter and people search engines such as Pipl, Peek You, and Wink.

Getting Started On Your Creative Job Hunt


Luckily, there are plenty of successful freelance resources out there to help you organize your career as a creative freelancer. Networking.

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5 ways to make it in a social media world

Resume Bear

But that does nothing for you and your career. And advertisers are exploring the brave new world of Facebook and YouTube. Nobody.

Social media transforms the job search, recruitment landscape

Resume Bear

Recently I read an interesting article about whether Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can really help people find a job. By Pedram Tabibi.

Farewell LinkedIn Answers, Hello Facebook Graph Search

The Undercover Recruiter

Facebook Graph Search. In another case, what does Facebook Graph Search mean for brands? It opens up a new way for advertisement.

Real Career Girls: Meet Director of Sales Recruiting, Maggie Hughes

Ms. Career Girl

I HAD to feature her this week in Real Career Girls. What is your advice to career chicks out there who want to ROCK in 2013? ASSERTIVE.

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New Jobs in the Social Media Industry

Resume Bear

The social media industry has grown rapidly in the last decade thanks to the success and growth of websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

50 Great Marketing Twitter Feeds

Resume Bear

Marketing Land: Welcome to the land of the marketers, where tweets cover things like building brands on Facebook and marketing on Pinterest.

Finding Your Voice in Social Media

Resume Bear

Are you a company looking to promote a brand, hire potential employees or advertise a sale or promotion? facebook linkedin resumebear twitter

Can Facebook Follies Impact Your Job Prospects?

Career Rocketeer

Just how much or how little should you share on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts? If you have a Facebook, make it private. While this may seem obvious, Facebook is constantly updating privacy settings and allowing you to edit them. Facebook is anything but private. Advertise on Career Rocketeer.

Twitter’s Keyword Targeting: Will It Help Recruiters?

The Undercover Recruiter

So as exciting as this concept seems to be for advertisers and marketers who are in quite a frenzy over it, what does it mean for us recruiters?

New LinkedIn Search, Happy Birthday Twitter and More Facebook Changes

The Undercover Recruiter

Facebook Introduces Major Changes. Facebook is bringing in a lot of new changes this month. But why is Facebook doing such major changes?

Alternate Unconventional Careers for Those Different from the Rest…Are You a Dedicated Niche Person?

Career Alley

Interesting people choose unconventional careers. An ‘advertising’ man. Advertising is about that ‘aw!’ Visit me on Facebook.

15 Amazing Commercials That Will Inspire the Greatness in You

Personal Excellence Blog

He holds the NBA records for highest career regular season scoring average and highest career playoff scoring average. Or so we thought.

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Why corporate America needs to embrace social media

Resume Bear

Cyndy: Margo, you have such a long and varied career with most of it being in or around the field of human resources. brand building.

Connect on Facebook — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

Reply Ask a Manager January 26, 2011 at 11:37 am Weirdly, it never occurred to me to put AAM on Facebook until last night. Whats This? tomorrow!

Taking your Career Abroad: Singapore

Career Alley

For some, making their career an experience within itself is a key issue, something they strive for. Visit me on Facebook.

“Charity Participation – A Powerful, Yet Unknown, Career Booster”

Sklover Working Wisdom

LESSON TO LEARN : To achieve career success, everyone wants to attend prestigious colleges and big-name grad schools. To achieve career success, everyone wants to immerse themselves in LinkedIn and Facebook. And consider acting on them, to the benefit of your career, and the benefit of society, as well. Congressman.

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Top 10 Career Limiting Moves | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

There may be companies that you just can’t adjust to; be smart and figure that out before it damages your career. It’s a disagreeable quality.

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4 Ways for Moms to Break Back into a Career

Career Realism

Embracing technology and making it your passion is one of the best ways to access the growing market of flexible career options.

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Why Recruitment is NOT Dying

The Undercover Recruiter

Facebook has over 1 billion users, Twitter has around 200 million ‘regular’ users, and LinkedIn over 200 million users. Web 2.0 Web 2.0

10 Safe Career Choices after Graduation

Career Alley

Career opportunities in the current market have been more difficult to come by especially for college graduates. Visit me on Facebook.

A Hands-on Approach to a Career in Home Improvement

Career Alley

Therefore, if you are looking to develop a career in this industry, this is a great time to do so. Visit me on Facebook. Interior Design.

Reasons to Choose a Strategic Management Career

Career Alley

A degree in this field combines business communications with public relations and advertising. Why Choose this Career? Types of Courses.

Social Recruiting Etiquette: Don’t Be a Grandad!

The Undercover Recruiter

Send a formal email via Facebook, and you may as well have inked out a handwritten letter – it’s just weird. By: Hillary Kladke.

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Sell Me Yourself: The Secret To A Successful Personal Brand

Career Realism

Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->. Look at Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Starbucks. Work It Daily.

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