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Why corporate America needs to embrace social media

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Margo caught my attention over a year ago when I saw her omnipresence on numerous social media platforms. It’s always about them, not you.

ResumeBear Launches Employer Job Posting Competition to Help Get America Back to Work

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They will also be featured on the nationally recognized ResumeBear blog, cited in a national press release, promoted on all of ResumeBear’s social media channels, and announced on the new Chelsea Krost TV Show website. per person, and a very low bounce rate of 4.2%, ResumeBear is a mecca for both employers and career professionals.

Shut up Already: How Social Media Can Cost You Your Job

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The post Shut up Already: How Social Media Can Cost You Your Job appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Career Girl. Oh, yes they can!

5 Reason Diversity Matters to Your Career

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When you’re searching for a career, touting your diversity is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. This is not the reality, however.

How I Left Corporate America at 26 to do What I Love

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It’s official: a new chapter of my career has begun. Getting too caught up in details drives me a bit nuts and I’m from a very entrepreneurial family in which small business was praised and “big corporate america&# wasn’t. Career Girl.&#. career quarterlife crisis thoughts twentysomethings

Social Media & Privacy? We Should Just Stop Caring.


I know many of you are afraid of social media. Social Media is here to stay. It will help enhance your career if you use it right.

3 Reasons Social Media Isn’t Enough To Build Your Brand

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It’s well documented that social media has revolutionized how we communicate in our personal and professional lives. It’s Not Only About You.

Does America Have The Right Stuff?

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This infographic done with Knewton looks to answer the question: how can we improve STEM education in America right now?

Five Of The Fastest-Growing Online Careers

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The post Five Of The Fastest-Growing Online Careers appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Social Media Management. Career Girl.

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45 Inspiring Career Blogs for College Students

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Career Girl : Like the title states, Ms. Career Advice College Graduates College Students Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Why ResumeBear?

Part 3 — The Era of Corp Social Media Discrimination


In Part 2 , I outlined potential liabilities and government agencies that are learning about social media. Part 3 continues below.

25 Companies with Mobile Careers & Recruiting Apps


Mobile Rendered Career Pages. GM Careers. PepsiCo Careers. GE Careers. Aramco Careers. Cummins Careers.

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For a Job, You Need that X Factor!

Catherines Career Corner

You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane. Written by Catherine Adenle In life, you need that special something, that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to get you anywhere. Standing out in a crowd is far more important than ever in this bad economic climate and concentrated job market. Right [.] Related posts: Be a Superstar Job Seeker! Why Should You Be Hired?

Cat Chow Contest: This Dream Job Is the Cats Meow -


Shop Online Today All About Bosses (10) Career 2.0 Do you want to travel around America? Are you ready to quit your job ? Andrew G.

Time to Put 250,000 back To Work!!!

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Advance Your Career, Empower Your Resume. What People Are Saying: “I always tell my clients they need to drive their own career bus — to take charge when job hunting. Through an extensive database, College Complete helps prospective students find the schools and degree programs that meet their needs.

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Bank of America and Countrywide | Cube Rules

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Home Blog Cube Rules Products Dream Job Coaching Media Contact Scot Cube Rules provides job advice and support for career-minded individuals working in corporate cubicles. Bank of America and Countrywide Written by Scot Herrick on June 27, 2008 in Cube Rules Commentary 9 Comments - Leave a comment! Sad, but true. IT platform.

Top Careers of the Future

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5 Responses to “Top Careers of the Future&# Baby Safety Reply 11. Oct, 2010 5 Comments The U.S. However, the 15.3 economy. Table 1.

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20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker ResumeBear makes the List

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They will inspire you, lead you and help you grow in life and in your career. Jenny Blake is an author, career and micro-business coach, and traveling yoga teacher. Rich DeMatteo, AKA Corn on the Job, is a globally recognized Career Expert, Gen Y Career Coach, and Social Media Marketer. Career Girl. JobMob.

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50 Hottest Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers

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Twitter is like a window into the soul of America. To Find an Employer. hiring : Here it is, your No. jobopening : Now we’re talking.

50 Great Marketing Twitter Feeds

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These companies are perfecting the art of integrating marketing with social media. This is the Twitter feed for the social media guru.

Waking Up in Corporate America: Interview, Part 2

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Waking Up in Corporate America: Interview, Part 2 Written by Scot Herrick on February 5, 2008 in Book Reviews 0 Comments - Leave a comment!

40 Best Career Counselor Blogs for the Brand New Graduate

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There’s a lot to learn about office culture, time management, keeping jobs and even about what you really want out of a career. Outside the Box.

Why Teaching is Not a Back-up Career

Career Realism

With good benefits and job security in the form of tenure, teaching may seem like a good alternative to less-secure careers in the private sector.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Economics: Through Jobs, Freedom

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Job Market Social Media Success Stories Why ResumeBear? career job news jobs martin luther king resumebearMartin Luther King Jr. The A.

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Use Smart Networking to Speed Up Your Job Search

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Don’t rely solely on social media or local groups. Consider professional career strategists, local business organizations, and online sources.

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My Career Journey Continues: A New Chapter Begins!

Ms. Career Girl

Eventually MCG Media, Inc. If you’ve had a unique career path, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section. Bummer!

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The Career Sherpa: Job Search Navigation Expert

Executive Career Brand

The Career Sherpa: Job Search Navigation Expert is a post from: Executive Career Brand. We all need to develop a career insurance policy.

Job-Search Lessons From American Idol

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No doubt a show that’s about winning the ultimate career break for a singer—a recording contract—holds some important lessons for job seekers.

4 Tips to Jump-Start Your Teaching Career

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Teach For America will help train you to become a teacher by embarking on a two-year commitment to work in an under-served area.

10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing


Career / Personal Dev. Travel agents, proofreaders, transit security all are seeing big declines “The American dream is dead for the majority of America,” financial guru Suze Orman told Forbes last year, speaking about her upcoming book "The Money Class.". HR must roll with Social Media punches. Career luck or something else?

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The State of Hiring Top Talent in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. Hiring Infographics Social Media Technology & Software 2014 SmartRecruiters state

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How To Pick The Right Career (Part 2)

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In this post, I am doing more or less the same thing, but from a computer science perspective. Let me share with you a couple of really cool resources.

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Resumebear helping veterans entering the civilian workforce

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We are pleased to provide our military and their families with the premier career services from ResumeBear and military.

Webinar: The Science Of Personal Websites For Career Advancement

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It’s never been more difficult to get ahead in our career. Social media is enabling but crowded. Examples of great personal websites.

First Careers of the Wealthy and Famous | Resumebear Online Resume

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7 Responses to “First Careers of the Wealthy and Famous&# Edward Sun Reply 27. Thank goodness their first jobs didn’t work out!

Are You Job Search Weary? | Career Rocketeer

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It’s popular, particularly in America, to view one’s life as one of rugged independence. Launchpad is YOUR ultimate career search strategy guide, a career book series with exclusive articles by the top career experts in the industry. Are You Job Search Weary? Are you getting weary? Seriously!) – I know. today!

American Idol and Your Job Search - Part 2 | Career Rocketeer

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What you need to do is make your resume hit all the high and low notes and all the ones in between that says “Steven, J Lo, Randy look at me I’m Perry Newman and I’m the best resume writer and Career Coach in America, and I’m going to be the next American idol.” This week I’ll focus on the judges and judging. today!

Monday Must-Reads: Career Intuition

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Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Listen to What Your Career is Telling You Are you listening to YOUR career? Career Girl?

Could You Benefit from the "New" Workstyle? - BLOG.


Shop Online Today All About Bosses (10) Career 2.0 Dawn Allcot is a freelance writer, editor and writing mentor, and owner of Allcot Media.

10 Careers MPA Graduates Can Pursue

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Public administration careers can be found in a wide variety of organizations that serve the public good at local, state, national and global levels.