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Building a New HR Team Without Breaking the Bank

Evil HR Lady

As the number of employees at your company grows, you’ll need a whole HR team. As soon as you hire your first employee, you need HR knowledge.

Building a New HR Team Without Breaking the Bank

Evil HR Lady

As the number of employees at your company grows, you’ll need a whole HR team. As soon as you hire your first employee, you need HR knowledge.

How To Recruit On LinkedIn, Fast, Without Breaking The Bank


Back then almost every company needed to fill tens, sometimes hundreds of positions. Company branding matters. achieved 41.3

Meaningful Work Gets Done At Canadian Bank Note Company

Career Realism

PICTURED ABOVE: One small example of Canadian Bank Note Company’s products that millions of people around the world use every single day.

Résumé Help – Treasury Banking Sales Manager

Careers Done Write

Today on our Résumé Help blog we are going to illustrate how we helped a senior level sales professional in the financial services industry.

How HR Bloggers Make Bank


And because blogging and consulting is what I do, it is only fitting that I would blog about how as an HR Blogger I make bank. Sponsored Posts.

Are the Best Companies Trustworthy?


Google is the Best Company to Work For and has held the #1 spot continually since 2012, according to Fortune magazine.  Period.

How to Hire Top Tech Talent With Your Kick-Ass Company Culture #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

How to Hire Top Tech Talent With Your Kick-Ass Company Culture #TechTuesday. About and Brendan’s role: is an.

25 companies who are hiring new graduates this year

Resume Bear

If you’re a recent college graduate looking for work, here are 25 companies who are hiring new graduates this year*: 1. Shell Oil Company.

2011 77

These 30 Social Networking Blunders Can Derail Your Job Search

Catherines Career Corner

Written by Catherine Adenle “In this difficult job market, online networking is an important piece of the puzzle for workers wishing to build professional relationships, and ultimately, connect with their next great job,” said Liz Harvey, senior director of online products [.] 21 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search. Why Should You Be Hired?

Don't be a @$@$: A Great Way for Acquiring Companies to Deal With Large Amounts of Banked PTO

HR Capitalist

Last week, I ran a post called, "Ask the Capitalist: Is This Acquiring Company a Bunch of Pricks? CFO and Controller skills needed. Bingo.

5 Worst Things to Have on Your Company Computer

Resume Bear

The following list elaborates on the five worst possible things you can have on your company computer. Job Listings. Negative Networking. link].

2012 98

Resume Writing for Banking & Finance Students


Are you a current or a recently graduated Banking or Finance student? Tips to making your resume stand out as a Banking / Finance Student.

The Minimum Wage in America Must Rise, So Says Giant Company CEOs

Evil HR Lady

Many employees who will receive this increase work as bank tellers and customer service representatives. It sounds super noble and it is.

Wage 33

10 Happiest Big Companies of 2011

Career Alley

Working in a big company has its highs and lows. Larger companies also tend to have brand recognition and a solid reputation. Be aware that, at the same time, a high quantity of employees might result in high turnover rate at large companies. Intel: Intel Corporation is a close second happiest large company. of 2010.

2011 22

Starting Your Own Company? Consider a Payroll Service

Ms. Career Girl

If you are the head of your own company, chances are that you wear a lot of hats. The post Starting Your Own Company? Reliability.

I Lost My Home, Like Hundreds of Thousands of Others


Problem:  every time I talked to someone it was someone different and they had no record of my previous conversations with bank employees. 

2011 47

Your Company Considering Investors? Get Ready to call the “C.O.P.”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Their six-year-old software company had come up with a very neat solution to a common business problem, namely, real-time updating of the prices charged by a company’s critical suppliers. In return for a $5 million cash infusion, the investors wanted only 10% of the company’s stock, and 5% of its profits. – Unknown.

2016 16

Boutiques v big banks – which is the best bet for your career?


The first man worked at a well respected global investment bank which he said was expecting a “big year” in 2011. The second guy worked for a boutique bank. He was happy that his travelling days were behind him but moaned about the lack of training that his company was providing to new hires, especially at graduate level. link].

51 Company Career Sites for Direct Links to Jobs

Career Alley

Using company career sites in the most effective way is a four step process: Find the companies where you would like to work and visit their job sites.

Bank of America and Countrywide | Cube Rules

Cube Rules

Bank of America and Countrywide Written by Scot Herrick on June 27, 2008 in Cube Rules Commentary 9 Comments - Leave a comment! Yesterday, Bank of America announced that, with the acquisition of Countrywide, there would be about 7,500 layoffs ([link] NULL.msnbc NULL.msn The 7,500 here really gut the company.

I racked up $20,000 in personal charges on my company credit card

Ask A Manager

After working for the company for two years on-site at a client office, I was informed that the client had canceled the contract, so I would need to do another function, which would require driving all over town instead of being based in an office. But at the same time, I am aware that the company policy states no personal expenses.

2015 41

The Most Important Aspects of Running a Company

Corn on the Job

Less than ideal job situations as well as technological advancements have made starting your own company a lot more attractive. Research.

why did this company lead me on about salary?

Ask A Manager

applied for a job that’s the same title as the one I currently hold, but at another company that’s similar in many ways to one I’m currently working at. I had a phone interview with the person who would be my boss at the new company that went very well. We later set up a meeting to have an in-person interview. salar

Looking For Job in 2017? Find Companies With These Hot Employee Perks

Ms. Career Girl

Find Companies With These Hot Employee Perks appeared first on Ms. Find Companies With These Hot Employee Perks appeared first on Ms.

2017 11

Do this for your career right now: Start a company and sell it for a dollar.

Penelope Trunk

If you want to make yourself stand out as a top candidate for almost any job, try this approach: start a company and then sell it for nothing. This is a lot easier to do than you may realize, especially if you think of entrepreneurship as a career-building tool– instead of a bank-account building tool. Closed down 90% of the company.

2011 36

Have You Ever Thought of a Career in Finances? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Career Management Life Skills bank Career collector finance job teller Controller:  This type of work will require you to do direct accounting.

Wanted: Companies Doing Big Layoffs

Career Realism

Some companies that come to mind: HP. Bank of America. Thanks for helping me find a company to partner with. Yahoo. Here’s why….

CAPITALIST WEBINAR: Bootstrap Your Training Function - 5 Ways To Make Learning Matter In Your Company

HR Capitalist

It’s true. We feel your pain. There’s only one of you, right?  This just in: Some people aren’t going to leave—ever.

2015 15

Thousands of Job Openings in Financial Services

Career Alley

“ I don’t have a bank account because I don’t know my mother’s maiden name. ” Paula Poundstone.

Top 4 Tech Companies People Will Kill To Work For

Career Realism

Tech companies always have gotten a lot of positive press for all of their perks for their employees. Google. High tech, super clean toilets.

update: I racked up $20,000 in personal charges on my company credit card

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer last month who had racked up $20,000 in personal charges on his company credit card and was in a horrible cycle of using the card to take Paypal cash advances to pay it off each month, thus moving it to the next month, along with interest charges? Here’s his update. Is that what you are saying?” updates

boss told me not to check messages on vacation but tried to reach me anyway, company claims they don’t have a pay range, and more

Ask A Manager

Company claims they don’t have a pay range for a job they’re recruiting me for. I’m currently employed. I was contacted by a company who had received my resume from a previous supervisor of mine. work as a freelancer primarily for one company — I’m hired and paid on a project by project basis. Here we go…. 1.

2016 20

Why An Incubator Inside Your Company is Money Well Spent (as told by "The Wire").

HR Capitalist

For most companies, true R&D budgets are a thing of the past. Everyone hates spending money on people not directly tied to revenue.

company wants to have tea with my family as part of an international interview

Ask A Manager

Sure, you read about those Hollywood stars who go to Paris to shop, but they come with huge bank accounts. So, this company obviously understands the importance of keeping the family happy. They’ve been very accommodating and have been wooing me, which I appreciate. ” Do I warn the interviewer? What’s your take?

How to Start Your Own Recruitment Business

The Undercover Recruiter

Recruitment Business Company own recruitmentQuick Introduction. Basic Needs. So, you want to start your own recruitment agency – excellent. 

2013 43

Be the Prescription to the Company’s Job Description

Competitive Resumes

Consider depositing goodness in the bank of karma as a viable and long-term career strategy. It’s a stimulant for conversations at every level.

Avoiding Jargon and Acronyms on Your Resume

Career Realism

recently met a woman who had started a new job with a Fortune 50 company several months ago. This issue also occurs in relation to job titles.

2010 50

Top Five Unique Work Perks — That Work


He has seen squash courts and lap pools at some companies, and at one bank, rest areas for employees complete with sofas and soothing music—something that wouldn’t have occurred a decade ago ( WSJ ).” Company culture, not climbing walls. HR benefits best employee perks building a culture company culture” 1.

DC 23

NIKE Sneakerhead Inspired By The Girl Effect

Career Realism

Related: 7 Ways To Sniff Out The REAL Company Culture. NIKE has once again proved why it is one of the best sporting goods company out there.

2014 28