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Savings Tips for Women in 2017

Ms. Career Girl

The post Savings Tips for Women in 2017 appeared first on Ms. This is good news for all savers, but especially women. Career Girl.

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Women Over 50: Consider Starting A Business To Jump Start Your Career

Career Realism

Women Over 50: Consider Starting A Business To Jump Start Your Career. It’s just that women over 50 were disproportionately affected.

Women, Career, And The Law: What You Need To Know

Ms. Career Girl

The post Women, Career, And The Law: What You Need To Know appeared first on Ms. Different interview questions for men and women.

Investors fund mostly men, which is fine for women

Penelope Trunk

That’s what it sounds like when anyone suggests that we need to get more women doing startups. Clearly, women have a choice. So what?

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What if Women Pioneered the Work World?

Ms. Career Girl

Today’s post is by, Holland Banks. Had the professional world been pioneered by women rather than men, what would it look like?

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Ask Ms. Career Girl: How do I Transition to a Career I Have no Experience in?

Ms. Career Girl

Now I’m working at a bank in risk management and I hate it. See if you can transfer to the marketing department of your bank.

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Get pregnant at 25 if you want a high-powered career

Penelope Trunk

She takes down Sheryl Sandberg for telling other women to be like her and spend their days working insane hours for startups. Women

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Smart Women Protect Their Money

Ms. Career Girl

When we hear about smart women protecting their money, we often think about the way they protect them from ex-husbands. The bottom line.

The best perk of being Diamond level at Hilton

Penelope Trunk

never see women my age. I There are not women in their 40s in corporate America. And I guess this is a post about why there are no women.

Career Question: Should I Take a Sales Job?

Ms. Career Girl

career women college Sponsored Posts your first jobWhat would you do? Thanks. Kristina. Good luck Kristina! Nicole. Are you in sales?

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3 Simple Steps for Maintaining Financial Confidence

Ms. Career Girl

Investment banking.” “The market.” Featured Goals Money finance financial confidence personal finance women Career Girl. condo?

Are You Treating Your Twenties Like The Olympics?

Ms. Career Girl

Like that one time you only had $25 in your bank account and you made it last a week and a half. Are you watching the Olympics? Stupid question.

Life is Short–(Don’t) Buy the Shoes

Ms. Career Girl

Your six-year-old-self is inches away from smashing that piggy bank, I know.  ”IT’S THE SHOES, MOLLY!” link]. link].

The Early-Late Debate: When Should You Be Getting Up?

Ms. Career Girl

In October this year, the Daily Mail published a piece on early-rising women who ‘have it all’. appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Read on.

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From Finance to Bags

Career Shifters

My customers are of all ages, and include men, women and children. "Though I was good at my job, I wasn't passionate about it. Yes, definitely.

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Five things you can stop worrying about when you worry about getting a job

Penelope Trunk

Think about it: hiring women during WWII meant factories could keep operating, so women got equality at work faster than other places.

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Employment Resources for Military Veterans

Resume Bear

Veterans Job Bank. The Veterans Job Bank  connects unemployed veterans to job openings with companies that want to hire them.

ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About

Resume Bear

Only 34% of voters at all age levels consider birth control a major issue in 2012, with women the most likely demographic to prioritize it.

Let’s Talk About Drag Queens at Work


So it might seem a little unusual to work with a cross-dresser in the cube next to you, but it may be a good thing for your organization.

3 Grooming Faux Pas Your Interviewer Won’t Tell You

Career Realism

Men and women have different faux pas when it comes to wardrobe. However, That’s pretty bad. But the good news these mistakes are all avoidable.

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Post-Retirement Lady Luck Lets The Money Roll In

Resume Bear

When retirement comes, many women still need or want to generate income to support the household. Putting Creativity to Work. Working Part Time.

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We Know You Don't Mean to Discriminate - But Are You Biased Underneath the Hood?

HR Capitalist

Here's a interesting concept related to the law on unintended consequences in HR. But you still think there's ways for everyone to grow in this area.

5 Great Places To Work Abroad

Career Realism

Here are a few of the best places to work abroad : 1. United Arab Emirates. Bahrain. Qatar. Jordan. Photo Credit: Shutterstock. Job Search career

20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker ResumeBear makes the List

Resume Bear

Career Girl in November 2008 as a “passion project” to build community among ambitious young professional women. She has gone from Big Bank to Startup Bliss to Self-Employed. The Daily Muse is a rapidly growing community of women (and dudes!) Finding the right job opportunity is hard enough but it’s only half the battle. JobMob.

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10 days of #HRGoodness


Day 2 – Baby its cold outside –  donate a used coat (or other winter gear) to a local children’s, women’s or homeless shelter. Day 4 – Do a mini food-drive with your family, friends, or coworkers to donate to a local Food Bank –  stores too busy consider making a donation online to an organization.

manager asked about religion, new job was a scam, and more

Ask A Manager

Seeing them spending a lot of time together talking quietly isn’t a damning sign of an affair, and it’s the sort of thing that probably wouldn’t raise eyebrows at all if they were both men or both women. My bank account dropped down to a negative of $155 because the $200 I took out was now taken out of my own money. Here we go…. 1.

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Work Style: Dress for Success

Ms. Career Girl

Find tips and ideas on online sites or in books , or by studying the women around you. Career Girl. What does your work attire say about you?

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The Hardest Blog Post I???ve Ever Written


described it as swimming in a river or stream. I was furiously swimming towards the banks across the channel but was going no where, and that was the most exhausting feeling. I was sinking slowly which was the most terrifying feeling. In March of this year, I entered one of the darkest times of my life. didn’t eat. felt trapped.

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Gates, Buffett, Kevin Rose and Pete Cashmore: Entrepreneurs Speak

Resume Bear

Anyone with a strong idea, a lot of luck, and even more hard work can succeed in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Mark Bao at Junior Biz , Feb.

NIKE Sneakerhead Inspired By The Girl Effect

Career Realism

In poor countries, girls are treated as women at a very young age. Usually, the collection consists of Jordans. have owned them all. Why Girls?

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How to balance your business and your family

Penelope Trunk

You have this feeling like it’s raining bank statements. I see, though, that I’m ruining his life. That’s tough competition.”

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Who Wants to be a Financial Analyst?

Career Alley

It is a role based in Financial Services, and as a result has come under much scrutiny with the banking crisis in 2008. This is a Guest post.

What’s Your Stuff?

Ms. Career Girl

My landlord, RCN, US bank, and Discover, believe it or not, are not the most understanding entities. What’s your stuff? What’s your stuff?

How to Find the 7-Year-Old Version of Yourself

Ms. Career Girl

Watch it and you’ll see that her investment banking self was never her “real” self. career women creativity personal developmentLe Guin.

How to Get Out of the Unemployment Line, Risk To Succeed!

Resume Bear

To be “Hungry” and “Foolish”: Most men and women – young and old, have a wanting to achieve, to master, to improve. The answer is: Yes.

Illegal Discrimination in Tech? Hardly

Evil HR Lady

So, when I hear women whining about being discriminated against I always have to stop and wonder, is it illegal discrimination or different choices?

15 Tips for Cutting Expenses While Job Hunting - BLOG.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered.

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2 Tips for Finally Starting that Business

Boomers Next Step

When they do, it’s because they let the bank pay for their growth instead of the customer. If you truly want more profit and cash flow in the bank, the first and dare we say golden rule, is to stop asking for money from banks, family, and the dentist next door. These are the kind of entrepreneurs that we love. Ah ha!

Four Ways To Make That Tiny Bathroom Feel Bigger

Ms. Career Girl

And instead of the high cost and mess of doing a complete bath remodel, you’ll do it without breaking the bank. Career Girl. Mirrors.

Changing Career Paths as You Age

Career Alley

Susan Phillips Bari, founding president of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, worked for years in the nonprofit sector.