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How to Hire International Candidates [3 Tech Solutions]

The Undercover Recruiter

But with the skills gap becoming an ever-worsening problem, now might not be the best time to ignore international candidates.

Rocking the A to Z of Twitter and Tweets

Resume Bear

For this post, I am returning to my A to Z Series of Social Media where T is for Twitter. This Twitter House ROCKS!! It was like magic!

Five Tried and Tested Management Techniques - BLOG.


But it is also imperative to consider the full gamut of communication tools at the managers disposal. Communication: Its good to talk. Andrew G.

2011 70

11 concrete ways to use Twitter for networking

Blue Sky Resumes

If you already use Twitter, you can easily switch to the more strategic focus I am going to teach you. It is easy to get started. An overview.

2014 27

Save Your Job Search: Change Your Negative Internal Dialogue

Resume Writing

Internalizing past failures. Internalizing past failures. Main | How Much Education Should Be Listed on Resume? Shame in losing your job.

2010 21

Looking Internal at Mobile’s & HR Technology’s Engagement Methods


Internal Workplace Engagement Methods. For many managers, e-mail serves as a management and monitoring tool. One such tool is Yammer.

Is Networking Helping Or Hurting Your Career?

Professional Resume Services

One way to do this is by curating who you follow on Twitter. It’s true; your online lifestyle can ruin a career opportunity.

2014 46

56 Most Popular Job Search Blog Posts of 2010


The most-visited blog posts of 2010 by top job bloggers from around the world. Lance Haun : Your Thoughts: Twitter and Public Speaking. Hannah Morgan : The Best Job Search Tool Ever. Meg Guiseppi : Twitter Turbocharges Executive Job Search and Personal Brand Visibility. Twitter as a Marketing Platform. Enjoy!

2010 21

Jobseekers’ round-up (Jan): failing careers and finding jobs on Twitter…

Mildred Talabi

Which employers post jobs on Twitter? Check out the full list of employers here… This is How You Find a Job on Twitter | The Savvy Intern.

CV 11

ResumeBear Uses Content Marketing To Explode Awareness

Resume Bear

While it can definitely give a boost, smart founders know that one of the most powerful tools to create sustained traction is content marketing.

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Human Resources Goes Social! 27 Key Social Media Practices

Resume Bear

I want to blog about the pearls I have gathered from a particular event I attended, namely Impact99!! Yes, social media. Social is mobile.

5 Social Media Tools to Disrupt the Job Application Process

Competitive Resumes

An online job application is yesterday’s tool. Twitter. It’s like fax machines. We use them if there is no other way to send a message.

People are Not Tools

Hiring Technical People

People are not tools. Most people can learn new tools relatively quickly. People are not tools. Look for people, not tools.

Using Social Media to Get Hired?

Resume Bear

While many people still view Facebook as a social interaction tool to use with friends, do not discount its use by recruiters. Facebook also utilizes a Skype-like video tool that can potentially connect you with recruiters, much like using a live chat service would work. Twitter. Twitter continues to adapt and grow.

4-Step Recipe To Become a Golden Job Candidate


You can follow her career advice on Twitter at @resumeservice. Easy Step-by-Step Guide: How To Use Guest Blog Posts To Get Jobs.

Video Interviews Aren’t Just For International Candidates: How To Find Local Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

The video interview : it’s not just for international candidates. While video interviewing can be a good tool for bridging large distances, it’s also an effective method to connect with candidates closer to home. Read Spark Hire’s staffing ebook and connect on Facebook and Twitter. Share in the comments!

Over $4000 in Prizes: The 5th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest


This 5th edition of the biggest job search guest blogging contest in the world has over twice as much in prizes as last year. Contest calendar.

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In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation

Threshold Consulting

» In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation This month’s Career Collective topic is things job seekers should keep an eye on in 2011 (trends/tools/hiring practices).  What matters are your internal choices. Internal dialogs don't count, until they generate ACTION based on your ideas and experience.

2011 44

Corn on the Job is Hiring a Virtual Social Media Intern

Corn on the Job

Who is the ideal “Corny Intern”? Must have experience with Twitter and Facebook. Must understand how to use WordPress.

50 New Social Sites College Students Should Try Out

Resume Bear

Twitter : Use Twitter to build your brand, keep up with friends, connect with teachers and family, and network. General. Multitasking.

Perception is Your Employer Brand – What are You Going to Do About It?


Luckily for us, we live in a digital world and have countless tools at our disposal. One of the more common pieces of advice? Photo Credit.

2012 41

Social media CAN get you a job … or, I hired a blog reader — Ask a.

Ask A Manager

Third, her blog provided further illustration of the fact that she was smart, a good writer, intellectually curious, and so forth. We talked.

How to Design a Popup Business Card Step by Step


Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg is an internationally acclaimed advisor to successful business owners, known for his small business ideas. Step 1.

2001 21

How To Reduce The Quantity Of Incoming Email

Tim's Strategy

Or, where appropriate, use less formal communication tools. Use Twitter to communicate. Do you remember that? Makes sense, right?

Resume Writing Blog: Creating Prints : How Much Education Should.

Resume Writing

The following question came to me via Twitter. Because Twitter limits your answer to 140 characters, you will find my reply below.

Employment Law, Labor Unions & Social Media


Blogs for union organizing. You can connect with him on his blog, The Human Race Horses or @mikevandervort on Twitter. months.

Union 13

Search Engine Optimization Can Boost Your Job Search

Career Alley

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful and important tool that blogs and e-businesses utilize to drive traffic to their websites for purposes of enhancing exposure and expanding monetization opportunities. Google’s AdWords Keywords tool is an excellent starting point for SEO keyword research. d on your profile.

The 5th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest Ends Today


25 terrific entries and almost 400K pageviews later, the 5th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest is over. Bronze Sponsor, Dan Schawbel of The Personal Branding Blog. Marcus Tandler’s JOBlog is Germany’s oldest blog about job search & careers. Connect with her on Twitter @weblogbetter.

100 Women’s Voices In Business

Executive Career Brand

March 8th was the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, first celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. In tribute, Krishna De ( @KrishnaDe on Twitter), a fellow Reach Personal Branding Strategist, has compiled a free Slideshare report, 100 Voices in Business. Always do what you feel is right. Listen. Respond.

Twitter can save your life | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Twitter can save your life Posted to: Networking February 10th, 2010 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook It’s safe to say that the majority of the world thinks Twitter is a waste of time. Twitter makes you brave.

How To Quickly Build a Personal Website For Your Job Search


A great tool for this is the EmailMe Button which is free and creates a nice button that brings up a contact form. 1) Pick a website platform.

Will Resumes Become Obsolete?

Resume Bear

Recently, as I began my job search for an entry-level position, I saw more and more unique recruitment tools. Is the wording okay?

Resume 154

ResumeFit LLC; Does It Fit You? |

Resume to Referral

For hiring managers/recruiters, how will your service change their internal processes, hiring strategies, and so on? Enter ResumeFit.

2008 11

5 Social Media Strategies for Non-Profits

Career Realism

It’s no longer enough to simply create Facebook and Twitter accounts for your non-profit. Reach out through video and blogging.

Forget Outdated Resume Rules | Jennifer Anthony's Official Blog

Jennifer Anthony

A VA can help with blogging, social networking, website updates, newsletter administration, and more! Be relevant, brief, and to the point.

Befriend the intern to fire up your career | Penelope Trunk's.

Penelope Trunk

He uses, as an example, the day I promoted an event on my blog a few hours after it actually happened.) The next intern was Ryan Geist.

Frugality is a career tool | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Frugality is a career tool Posted to: Money February 1st, 2010 That link is to my brother's blog. Within 1 month, I realised that a fitness blog is not for me. Is this your first time here? We know this.

History of Terminations & Firings Because of Employee Social Media


It’s likely that your recruiting team is using social media as a candidate recruiting and sourcing tool. Fired Because of Social Media.

Five Of The Fastest-Growing Online Careers

Ms. Career Girl

Depending on the project, experience within a given field or with a certain tool/software may be beneficial. Career Girl. Internet Research.

2017 28

3 Lessons About Social Recruiting & Hiring You Need to Know


I was never more proud when the hash tag, #SHRM13 trended globally as a top 10 Twitter hash tag for the first time. Register here. . Confused?