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5 Things EVERY Brand Needs To Succeed

Career Realism

5 Things EVERY Brand Needs To Succeed. Related: What’s A Personal Brand And Why Do You Need One? That is “branding.”. Originality.

10 Steps to an Authentic, Magnetic Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Tom Peters coined the term “personal branding&# in his 1997 article “ The Brand Called You ” in Fast Company. Welcome!

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Introducing: Top Entrepreneurs Interview Series

Personal Excellence Blog

This is the overview page for the Top Entrepreneurs Interview Series. Read more:  Million Dollar Challenge.). Related Posts: Passion or Money?

5 Tips For Building Your Brand On LinkedIn

Career Realism

5 Tips For Building Your Brand On LinkedIn. The answer lies in your personal brand. RELATED: Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Personal Brand.

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4 Tips For Living Your Brand

Career Realism

What does your day-to-day life say about your personal brand? Related:  How To Avoid A Huge Personal Branding Mistake. Personal Brand

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Expert to Entrepreneur: 13 Must-Have Brand Tools [FREE Webinar]

Career Realism

Are you ready to start your own business and move from an expert to an entrepreneur? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Choosing a Career Path advice brand career entrepreneur job personal search tool webinar

From Communications to Brand Storytelling

Career Shifters

Now, I'm Founder and Director of Build Your Brand Story – my own brand storytelling business. Let us know in the comments below

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Recruiting & HR Entrepreneurs: Stop Doing These Four Things to Your Business Cards


Like most of us who are business owners, business cards are often our most favorite and popular marketing and sales engagement tool. When someone has to squint to determine how to contact you, you’ve branded yourself poorly. There are many ways you will be branding yourself in your business and business cards is just one of them.

From Accountant to Fair Trade Entrepreneur

Career Shifters

Let us know in the comments below Here's Axel's story, the mistakes he made, and the lessons he learned along the way. What are you doing now?

What Personal Branding is NOT

Executive Career Brand

Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist? Personal branding is NOT merely ego-stroking and self-promotion.

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Female Entrepreneurs – The Women Who Scratch Their Bugbites

Ms. Career Girl

featuring several local female entrepreneur who shared some interesting stories. On Execution- What pushes the female entrepreneur to act?

Online Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurs

Ms. Career Girl

Home About Archives Write for Us! Most people dream about becoming an entrepreneur but have no idea what business to get into.  Love it!

In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation

Threshold Consulting

As we put one year behind us and position ourselves for improved fortunes, we look to the experts to give us the edge. Like an entrepreneur running a business, you need clarity about these things. Making your brand stand out is key to success. Yet, many of us tend to ignore it in favor of others expectations.

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What Breaking Bad Tells Us About the Power of Deep, Narrow Expertise.

HR Capitalist

And that type of career path is available to all of us in the digital age, without mixing up a vat of Meth like Walt. The takeaway? Talent

Beware of Interview Liars: A Warning

Ms. Career Girl

Any successful company or notable brand will tell you that its people are its greatest asset.  How irresponsible. How convenient. I’ve been Ms.

Recruiters: Setting Up on Your Own, Can You Do Better?

The Undercover Recruiter

Advertising  - You need a brand, you need to be able to market it , you need a USP (or more than one is always good!) What do you need?

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The Secret to the NFL Shoe Sisters' Success

Ms. Career Girl

They finally called us back and asked, “What do you want?!” Talking buyers into testing out a new product was a definitely a challenge for us.

#AffirmationChallenge Day 1 [New Beginning]: “Today is a brand new day. My past does not define me. My future is mine to create.”

Personal Excellence Blog

With that said, let us now kick off our 15-day affirmation journey! Today’s affirmation: “”Today is a brand new day.

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TLC for Your Career

Career Tips Blog

TLC for Your Career For most of us, our career is the source of funds for all our other experiences.

15 Conversation Starters That Make Networking Events Great


“Come on, you’ll meet a lot of entrepreneurs,” she pushed back, and that was all it took. Tell us in the comments.

Do You Have Too many Ideas? Get Clarity with Two Simple Questions

Career Makeover Coach

The rush of information, a new tool, or service is like a drug to those of us who LOVE new stuff. Have you ever been there? I bet you have.

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Startup Tips are for Women Too!

Ms. Career Girl

Ladies, the number of women-owned business in the US has grown to over 9.1 The post Startup Tips are for Women Too! appeared first on Ms.

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Getting Beyond ?My Brand?

Threshold Consulting

» Getting Beyond “My Brand” Think about it. When you were growing up, did your friends ever ask if your brand could come out to play?

100 Women’s Voices In Business

Executive Career Brand

100 Women’s Voices In Business is a post from: Executive Career Brand. In tribute, Krishna De ( @KrishnaDe on Twitter), a fellow Reach Personal Branding Strategist, has compiled a free Slideshare report, 100 Voices in Business. Executive Career Management Twitter Work-Life Balance women entrepreneurs women executives

Million Dollar Tip #4: Go for Scale

Personal Excellence Blog

If you have financial goals you want to pursue in life, join us! Join Us in MDC Today! Learn more:  Million Dollar Challenge. Join Now!

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Interview: CD Baby – Distributing Music of Independent Musicians

Personal Excellence Blog

For those who don’t know Derek, he’s a renowned entrepreneur, regular speaker at TED and a professional musician. Derek and Me.

The Point of Personal Branding

The Job Quest

At times, I think both sides can get caught up in the mechanics of personal brand execution when talking about it. Their most common regret?

Personal Branding By Any Other Name Would.

Executive Career Brand

This is certainly true of some people who haven’t done the necessary work and don’t get what branding is really all about. What do you think?

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I’m Giving Away a Year of Free Leadership Training

Ms. Career Girl

Hello to Ms. Career Girl readers everywhere! It has been quite a while since I’ve written a post on my very own blog.  Time for an update!

Worried About Your Best Employees Starting Their Own Businesses? Trap Them With An Internal Incubator.

HR Capitalist

Branding in HR Communications Innovation TalentIt's a 1% problem. What do you do with that? Remember Google's 20% rule? Smart. Tough choice.  .

10 Keys to Amplify Your Executive Brand Online

Executive Career Brand

Most of us can no longer ignore our online identities. See my free ebook, Executive Personal Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile. 3.

The Roots of Personal Branding

Executive Career Brand

Describing the historical context of personal branding, he explains its evolution from the convergence of two trends forty years ago: 1.

Interview: Groupon – Giving You the Best Deals, Every Day

Personal Excellence Blog

At that time, the trend of group buying sites was rising in US. Please walk us through how the first 6 months of your journey was like.

How to Build Your Authentic Personal Brand

The Job Quest

Your personal brand is a reflection of your offline character and online identity, so merging your offline and online identities will be YOU.

Interview: Delcie’s Desserts – Delicious, Healthy Vegan Delights

Personal Excellence Blog

Please walk us through what the first 1 year of your journey was like. So, it was a nice surprise when I came across Delcie’s! loved it.

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How to Master the 3 Moments of Truth for Job Seekers


Make sure you identify your personal brand and develop a short 20-30 second elevator pitch to introduce yourself, your brand and your value.

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your brand, your people

Threshold Consulting

« Twitter: It’s Not Just About Lunch | Main | Face to Face With Twitterville » Your Brand, Your People As perhaps the best known philosophical riddle , if you say, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it,” most people will complete the question by saying, “does it make a sound?" It’s people driven!

Giving Up Center Stage for Effective Personal Branding

The Job Quest

In an article entitled Personal Branding Essential , it said, “People working on their personal brand sometimes seem a little snake-oil salesy-like.”

Must-Have Traits of Successful Career Changers

Career Makeover Coach

Each one of us has dreams and goals, but only a small percentage of people actualize their dreams and make things happen. Stay Brilliant!

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Remembering Steve Jobs

Careers Done Write

We recently lost a great American entrepreneur, an icon on a global scale, and an inspiration to each of us. He will be missed.

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