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A Northern California Journey of Renewal

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The post A Northern California Journey of Renewal appeared first on Ms. So I looked at the map and Northern California was perfect.

California: Killing Jobs One at a Time. Happy Labor Day!

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The California Legislature is poised to pass a law giving all sorts of new rights to domestic workers. To read more click here: California: Killing Jobs One at a Time. Want to make a job go away? Then make it so complicated and regulated that no one can afford to hire someone to do that job and just like magic, that job will go away.

Best and Worst Cities for Job Seekers | Resumebear Online Resume

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Jul, 2010 3 Comments 10 Worst Cities For Job Seekers to Find a Job St. Jul, 2010 at 3:13 am Thanks for the information! Your post really helped!

New People's Republic of California Law Actually Makes It Easier to Use Credit Checks.

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In case you missed it, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 22 which will take effect on January 1, 2012. Perhaps.

Mark West California Pinot Noir

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The post Mark West California Pinot Noir appeared first on Ms. The post Mark West California Pinot Noir appeared first on Ms. Featured

HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: California Supreme Court Expands.


California Supreme Court Expands Reach Of State Overtime Laws. TOPIC: California Supreme Court Expands Reach Of State Overtime Laws. California Supreme Court Expands Reach Of State Overtime Laws. California Supreme Court Expands Reach Of State Overtime Laws. Be our Friend. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise.

New Overtime Laws are Coming!

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If you are currently an exempt employee earning less than $47,476 a year, you’ll want to read this. But you should read it anyway.

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Managing Seasonal Overtime: Rallying Your Staff for the Busy Season

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In a few states though (California and Nevada), overtime may kick in when an employee works more than eight hours in a single day. Organizations that have busy seasons can have significant seasonal overtime challenges. Those challenges can include time management, filling shifts and compensating employees. Who Is Eligible for Overtime?

Green Career Tip - Proposition 23: A Referendum on California's.

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Brand Promise: Radio Interview On Marketplace Money

Tim's Strategy

She found me via the blog posts I write for U.S. News And World Report. Specifically a post I wrote on the new career: a perpetual job search.

California will require paid sick leave, how to change the font size here, and more

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California has just passed a bill making it the second state (after Connecticut) to require employers to offer paid sick leave. California will require paid sick leave, how to change the font size here, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager A few random things – 1.

4 ways to improve your job search in the digital age

Cube Rules

Vera is freelance writer living in Glendale, California. This infographic was created by Vera Marie Reed. Cube Rules Commentary

Best and Worst Cities for Job Seekers

Resume Bear

Jul, 2010 3 Comments 10 Worst Cities For Job Seekers to Find a Job St. Jul, 2010 at 3:13 am Thanks for the information! Your post really helped!

Yahoo’s Sketchy Termination Policy May Land Them in Hot Water

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California is an at-will employment state. Every state but Montana is at-will.) There’s no claim of discrimination.

“Can I stop my former employer from using my voice on its answering service?”

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Manteca, California. First, California has a law prohibiting the use of a person’s voice without their prior consent. Probably because so many celebrities make their home in California, it has a strict law prohibiting the use of a person’s (a) name, (b) voice, (c) signature, (d) photograph, and (e) likeness. He said, “No.”

Massachusetts Loses Mind: Passes Law Outlawing Employers Asking For Salary History.

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Additionally, it requires that both men and women be paid equally for “comparable” work, a provision that was also included in the California law.".

Can an employer check my credit history before offering me a job?

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On january 1st, employers in California will no [.]. As a corporate recruiter and career blogger I am often asked about the legality of credit checks as part of the employment background check. For years my best answer was, it depends. Fortunatley for job seeker the answer to this question is becoming a bit less nebulus. job hunting

What is your worst video conference story?

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I live in Europe, the rest of my family lives in Utah and California, so the time zone problem is real. But, they held firm.

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4 Big Ideas to Look Smart: The $15 Minimum Wage

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15 an hour means different things even within California. Small businesses are going to fail! MSNBC libs - This is a living wage, people.

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Is There Such a Thing as Online Privacy?


How much personal information should we be sharing on the Internet? I have a Facebook account, but use my personal email with it.

Should I include expired licenses on my résumé?

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It could look like this: Life & Health Insurance Agent, State of California (Inactive - Currently pursuing reinstatement).

“Job offer rescinded after I quit my other job; are they liable?”

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Apple Valley, California. However, in more and more states – including California – it is becoming possible to hold employers liable for withdrawn job offers. In at least one California Court, an employer has been held liable for an employee’s financial losses in this circumstance. It was signed by the Regional HR Manager.

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Should You Move Out of State to Find Employment?

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Some states have better economies than others, some have not seen the tremendous job loss and mass exodus that states like California have seen–or my home state of Michigan at 10.5% as of June 2011– and other states have a robust economy with opportunity for job growth. With unemployment averaging over 9.0%, finding the right

Bad Credit No Longer a Problem in Job Hunts

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Starting in 2012 California employers will no longer be able to use those credit reports to judge a candidate.

Bad career advice is worse than no advice at all

Cube Rules

Cube Rules teaches you how to build SMART Goals , how to survive a job layoff and how to write your performance review. Not the case. It won’t.

Part One: CA Discrimination Law and Web-Based Recruiting Practices #hrbasics


Mary Wright explains the HR pitfalls in the relationship between California discrimination law and web-based recruiting practices. Code Regs.

6000 Members now Belong to the Employee Engagement Network

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The 6000th member is Joe Rafter from Larkspur California. I am celebrating the 6000th member joining the Employee Engagement Network.

10 Body Language Tips for Interviewing

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Your body language could help you land your dream job. Watch Your Posture. Breaking Eye Contact. Avoid Chopping and Pointing Gestures.

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I Quit My Job: Can I Get Unemployment?

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If you live in California and quit your job to follow your spouse for any job, you can be eligible there–but in Florida, it has to be a military job that triggered the relocation. Yes there are. There are not very many (and they vary by state–remember unemployment is a state decision, not a federal one), but they do exist.

HEY HR FOODIES: Stop Dreaming About Opening a Restaurant - Here's Why.

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A bottle of white, a bottle of red Perhaps a bottle of rose instead We'll get a table near the street In our old familiar place. . Billy Joel.

Preparing for Employment Law Changes


Last fall, Governor Jerry Brown signed California’s paid sick leave bill into law. Do Your Homework. Start with the text of the law itself.

Anatomy of a career switch at age 60

Boomers Next Step

Then the California real estate industry tanked. Like millions of Americans, Richard Kerr suffered an economic blow in 2008. The commercial real estate pro had 30 years invested in a career he believed would be his last. He had to take action — sooner rather than later. “It It was tough, especially in the beginning,” Kerr [.].

“Can an employer change a compensation plan retroactively?”

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Los Angeles, California. In most states, the law provides you six years to file a lawsuit for such monies, although I am not certain of the law in California, as I am not licensed to practice law there. The law in California is usually quite “employee-friendly.” . Thank you for your help. Barry . Answer : Dear Barry: .

Don’t Tell Me It Isn’t About Retention


She retained our healthcare-specific search firm to find an Oncology Manager in Central California. I rushed to her, calling her name.

Part One: HR Basics for Small Businesses #hrbasics


I live and work in California, and I provide HR support to small businesses in here. Employee Handbook. Meal Breaks. Employee File Management.

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Next with SHRM–Day 1 Recap


Home ToolBox HR About Advertising Consulting Services Speaking Press Webshow Tweet This! residents. Photo Credit Problem Solving Fir e.

“Can you explain what ‘warrants’ are?”

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Oakland, California. Question: Can you explain warrants that are issued and what rights does an employee have regarding them? Also, can you direct me to a place where I can find out more about understanding them? Regina . Answer: Dear Regina: . Best to you, Al Sklover. 2011 Alan L. Sklover, All Rights Reserved.

Bilingual Ladies Are Highly Employable

Ms. Career Girl

For example, more than twenty-eight percent of California’s population speaks Spanish. Today’s post is by, J. Salvage. Tweet This!

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Ep 93 – Why You Should Hire Employees with Criminal Backgrounds


Stephanie walks us through her experience working with women in the Southern California prison system which led to her founding PRCS. Studies like the one referenced above are short in supply which is why Stephanie is creating a grassroots education movement in Southern California. A link is included in the resource section below.

Employee Handbook Basics for Small Businesses


I live in California. Even if you are not in California, there may be laws specific to your state that need to be reflected in your policies.

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