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HR Trends You Can’t Ignore


I offer you the following trends that are on our radar, and welcome your comment. 6 HR Trends you can no longer ignore. Data Security.

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45 Inspiring Career Blogs for College Students

Resume Bear

Career Girl : Like the title states, Ms. Career Advice College Graduates College Students Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Why ResumeBear?

The Trend of Job Hopping in 2016

Corn on the Job

This includes perceptions about jobs and finding the career that is right for each individual. Understanding the Trend. Career Advice

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How to Start Your Career While Still in College

Career Alley

When they do finally graduate, many college students will face the pressures of a depleted job market. Read and Research. Never Stop Networking.

5 Things College Students Must Do To Stay Ahead of the Competition

Career Realism

5 Things College Students Must Do To Stay Ahead of the Competition. College students face a number of challenges as they near graduation.

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7 Life-Changing Job Trends You Need to Know About


Job seekers- you just got a promotion , the “career” as we know it is dead. 7 Trends that have changed the world of work and how to adapt.

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Employers plan to hire 21 percent more recent college grads this year

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percent increase, according to Bloomberg. percent higher than last year, according to CNN.

50 New Social Sites College Students Should Try Out

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Here’s our list of 50 new social sites that college students should try out. General. Multitasking. Friends and Social. Networking. Travel.

ResumeBear: On Google+ Circle these Career Experts

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As a job seeker, if you follow active, informative users your feed will bound to be full of juicy career advice. Think Google+ is lame? 1 fan).

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30 Thriving Careers Your Children Should Consider

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Our future is in a constant state of change, and as such, so are the careers of the future. Teacher : Teaching is a safe job for many students.

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Social Media for Colleges & Career Services


The last several years I have spoken at the Oklahoma Association for Career and Employers Conference called OkACE. Build Communities.

Five Careers with a Future

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Healthcare careers are pretty much always a good bet—particularly now that the baby boomers retiring and needing more medical attention.

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Tips for College Students to Find a Job in a Recession

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College students usually don’t have a mortgage, children and many of the bigger expenses of life yet. Be open to other careers.

6 Job Search Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

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However, try not to settle for a career that just pays the bills. Huhman is the Career & Recruiting Advisor for Cachinko. Huhman.

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6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success

Career Realism

6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success. RELATED : What’s Up With College Career Centers?

2016 29

50 Happiest Companies for 2012

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This article was contributed by CareerBliss , an online career community with millions of jobs, company reviews and salary information. Company.

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Hot Careers for 2011


A new year may have you thinking about a new career, or it may just have you wondering how "hot" your current career is. Do you care?

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The Top Lists of the Hottest Careers of 2011


These lists of hot careers are just a springboard for further thinking, research and networking. The 50 Best Careers of 2011 . (US

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Jobs that give Women the Most Earning Potential

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Women make up a smaller percentage of the workforce in high-paying careers such as engineering, computer science and finance than men. Lawyers.

Women 149

ResumeBear: Getting Hired in Silicon Valley

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” Jesse Marrus is the Founder and CEO of StreetID , a financial career matchmaking, news and networking site.

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How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs.

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Paul Rega, is a veteran recruiter with over twenty-seven years of job hunting and career planning experience.

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3 Online Tools to Network your Way into Job

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That has always been the key to finding a career that you can live with, networking with acquaintances and finding someone who knows the right person.

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UPDATED – Top 10 jobs that do not require a College Degree

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Oct, 2010 1 Comment How many 6-figure jobs do you know that do not require a college degree? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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20 Big Ways the Recession is Changing Young Adults

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Nationwide, numbers have increased by 32% since 2000, with one of the biggest increases being seen in college grads. For some majors (i.e.

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Startup Or A Corporate Job, Reasons for Startup

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You’ve graduated from college, diploma in hand (or in the mail), and you have a couple of job offers on the table. The smart choice.

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Job Hunting, Just Like Trying to Get a Date? Same Thing?

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career job hunting job news Job Search job search strategy job seekers resumebearAre you dating your boss? How cool is that?

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6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success

Career Realism

RELATED : Need some career advice? the point to be made is that the Career Center is only as good a resource as you make it.

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Social media transforms the job search, recruitment landscape

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The article noted how nowadays, a college degree and even years of experience do not necessarily translate into a good job. By Pedram Tabibi.

Is Now a Good Time to Go Into Nursing?

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While the economy has caused many hospitals to stop hiring new nursing grads temporarily, the overall outlook for the nursing career is good. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , employment of registered nurses is expected to grow by 26% from 2010′s numbers to 2020 — which is faster than the average for all careers.

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Five Vocational Careers with Great Futures

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If you’re thinking about expanding your career skills by going back to school, you’re not alone. But a Bachelor’s degree isn’t your only option.

Job Hunting Secrets From A Top Recruiter

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The post’s author Eilene Zimmerman writes: Forget CareerBuilder , HotJobs , and all the other mass job sites. At least for a little while longer.”

ResumeBear Helps Job Seekers With 3 New Partnerships

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” Through the partnership between and ResumeBear, military, veterans, and their spouses can seamlessly access short term employment through while utilizing the tools, tips, resources, and job board available through ResumeBear to find their future career. Solana Beach, Ca (PRWEB) November 29, 2011.

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Tips for Attending Online Career Fairs

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These days, going to a career fair doesn’t require actually going anywhere. Not all career fairs work in the same way. Take notes.

HOW TO: Get a Job Offer

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Written by Donna Svei, One of Monster’s “11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search&#. Willing to do the job.

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6 Ways To Use Social Media To Network After College

Career Realism

That’s what they tell everyone after college. This is something you can use to your advantage as a fresh college graduate. Create A Blog.

How to Sell a Millennial With Your Job Description

Resume Bear

It’s no secret that most job descriptions are awful. They make the hiring company sound boring and the work tedious. Tell your company story, quickly.

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New 2012-2022 BLS Employment Projections: What Career Counselors Need to Know

Career Key

Trends and Highlights Occupations related to healthcare are projected to have the fastest growth and add the most new jobs. The U.S.

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7 Steps to Achieving Your Career Goals

Career Alley

Most of us start our career with a goal in mind. People restart or refocus their careers all of the time. Just started, 5 years in, etc.

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Update: Facebook Responds to Employers Asking for Passwords

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Today, Facebook responded. Like many of you, most Facebook users feel it a violation of privacy for employers to ask such a thing.

ResumeBear Launches Its Much Anticipated Job Board

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Coming Soon in September from ResumeBear: Expanding into Canada as ResumeBear finalizes details with Julia Cordray founder of Career Fox Inc.