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How to make it in New York City

Penelope Trunk

We spent a lot of time waiting, between makeup changes, so while my son watched everyone in action, I asked about their careers. Give it a try.”

Five tips for asking better questions | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

Instead, New York fills my head with ideas. Anyway, I wouldn’t say redecorating is a career change, but maybe just a vocation vacation.

What To Do When Someone “Stabs” You in Your Back: 6 Tips To Move On From the Ordeal

Personal Excellence Blog

The number of homeless people in New York City  continues to rise every year. When I heard it, I was infuriated of course. Angry.

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The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. New York City. Career Girl.

How To Deal With The First Career Transition

Career Realism

I don’t care how old we are, going through our first major career transition  is dramatic. vividly remember the early years of my career.

What It’s Like Working At Adobe

Career Realism

For me, Adobe is like working for one big family. ”. He then mentioned to me that Adobe has given him the opportunity to travel across the United States to cities including New York City, Las Vegas, and San Diego to attend various conferences and company events. Genuine. Exceptional. Innovative. Involved.

Culture Shock—Without Ever Leaving Your Home Country

Career Realism

Colleagues might tease the Houston executive about his upcoming move to New York City, or the Milan professional moving to Palermo, but intra-country culture shock is no laughing matter. As with international culture shock, if the assignee is accompanied by family, the effects increase markedly. The Reality. or the U.K.,

3 Ways To Get Over Your “Useless” College Degree

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl. knew that even with a degree in the arts, I still had to bust my butt like every other starving artist in New York City.

How has studying or working abroad changed your career?

Ms. Career Girl

How did working overseas change your perspective on business, life and your career? Have you studied or worked abroad?  Would you recommend it?

How to Reinvent Your Career

Penelope Trunk

lost the new bag of Cat Chow and served ground beef for two days of heaven on earth for the cats. Finding a career Knowing yourself

7 Big relocation mistakes

Penelope Trunk

There’s proximity to good career opportunities in the LA area, and a culture of kids growing up with sand in their hair. What will you miss?

Best advice to twentysomethings: trust yourself

Penelope Trunk

gave up a job offer in New York City publishing. gave up living in Chicago, where my whole family was. Finding a career

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Economics: Through Jobs, Freedom

Resume Bear

King was publicizing a new mass mobilization led by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a drive known as the Poor People’s Campaign.

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Essential advice for new college grads

Penelope Trunk

hate people who are snobs about career advice. Your career is not a one-word answer to a common question. Your career is a story.

How to Write Professional Emails [12 Etiquette Guidelines]

The Undercover Recruiter

Personal emails sent between friends and family should be treated differently than professional email correspondence. These are some guidelines.

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How to Write Professional Emails [12 Etiquette Guidelines]

The Undercover Recruiter

Personal emails sent between friends and family should be treated differently than professional email correspondence. These are some guidelines.

2012 44

I had to take a Xanax to read Time magazine this week

Penelope Trunk

kept saying that I was going to launch a new startup. You have to introduce the new bunny to the old bunny to see if they are friends.

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Looking For Job in 2017? Find Companies With These Hot Employee Perks

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl. The entire offer package will determine where your career will take you next. Career Girl. Her bio follows.

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Post Election Stress Disorder (P.E.S.D) 5 Signs You Have It and What to Do

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl. Families have been arguing. Career Girl. It was stressful! Spouses have been at odds. Your stomach is in knots!

The Pressure of Being in Your Mid 20?s

Ms. Career Girl

I’m 24, living in New York City and refer to both my tiny apartment on the upper west side and my parent’s home in upstate New York as my “home.”

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Are You An Aquaholic?

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, and anti-aging medicine. Career Girl. Headache.

Universal pre-K is bad for everyone

Penelope Trunk

It’s appalling to me that he wants to pour money into preschool programs that are so out of sync with what families need. ” WHAT?

A fresh view of feminism for 2015

Penelope Trunk

But when she was graduating, she realized that if she didn’t get married she’d have to go home to her impoverished family. Vicky.

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Meditation vs. Medication

Penelope Trunk

You will dream of an easy family life, and easy marriage, and a dog that is housetrained even when you’re gone the whole day. But wait.

My plan for going forward

Penelope Trunk

But I know from past experience that being genuine with other people helps one's career get stronger. have a friend in New York City

Read This Before You Make That Big Life Changing Decision

The Undercover Recruiter

Making a career change normally takes three to six months, and even under the best of circumstances, it’s a stressful process. Finance?

Best Travel Apps to Try This Year

Ms. Career Girl

The app, available in a variety of cities in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia has carried more than 8.5 Career Girl.

How To Be Happy: 10 Timeless Principles for Lasting Happiness

Personal Excellence Blog

simple example : I was recently in New York City (Nov-Dec ’11), as part of my US travel. Are you happy? Here goes. #1.

Married To Your Major in the Workforce? Is It Time To Separate?

Career Rocketeer

They look up program rankings, talk to friends and families regarding their choice, and even check online pay scales to get a feel for their ROI. Those that spend the first year or two of college as undecided about their major feel the pressure from friends and families about making a decision for their future. How did they do it?

Thank You to My Mom (and Moms everywhere) for Their Career Choices

Career Key

Welcome to our career blog. The Career Keys mission is to help people make the best career, college major, and self-employed choices.

The Secret to the NFL Shoe Sisters' Success

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl. Indianapolis ended up beating New England by 1 point in the final seconds of the game. Everyone Career Girl. Go slow.

Poka-Yoke Interview Questions and Get the Job

Career Realism

The largest potential problems in her working career are related to taking care of her three children and she knows this. What is Poka-Yoke?

Test: Is your life happy or interesting? | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

Did you relocate away from family for a better job or another more interesting experience? Minus one You would have to earn $150,000 more from a job if you were doing it far away from family, according to economist Nattavudh Powdthavee of University of York. 2. Did you relocate to be near family? Here’s the test: 1.

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My Prized Possession – 3 Real Girls Share the Style Stories

Ms. Career Girl

Her grandparents gave her the classic novel (and now, a family heirloom) at 13 years old, after they found the book at a used book store.

Illegal Workplace Discrimination? Here’s How to Tell

Sklover Working Wisdom

In fact, at 73 years of age, she was sort of the “Queen of Antique Toys” among museum professionals. A new Museum Director was appointed and publicly mandated to “Bring in Fresh Air” to the museum. Shortly after the new Museum Director started, Janine made sure to introduce herself, and soon invited the new Museum Director to lunch.

Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair?

Ask A Manager

went to the specific college career fair at my university each year. They feel they “should&# have a career fair so they do. Avoid.&#

Potential Workplace Bullying Leads to Tragedy

Career Solvers

Recently, New York City was the scene of two work-related suicides. What is workplace bullying? Why does workplace bullying occur?

Top 10 Reasons the Occupy Wall Street Protestors Can’t Find a Job: # 7 You Network Like a Girl!

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Average is too long to wait to put food on the table and a roof over your family’s head.    Substitute your city for your search. 

Is it RIGHT to do THAT? Ethics Clarified by Six Questions

Sklover Working Wisdom

For almost a year she had been working on the construction of one of New York City’s most famous “new landmarks” and had encountered a problem. Whatever was the ethical thing to do, could it hurt her job and career? If I do what is right, will it help my job and career, or possibly hurt it? Is it legal?

How to Bounce Back After a Lay-Off

Jennifer Anthony

If your industry is simply not hiring in your field of expertise, you have three options: wait it out, relocate, or make a career change. Louis.