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Certifications in Hiring, Part 1: A Certificate’s Value

Hiring Technical People

There are a ton of certifications these days. Some certifications demand that you prove you have worked in the field for some number of weeks/hours the previous year or so. Most certifications do not demand that you show proof of your successful expertise in action. There are a gazillion certifications out there. Why HR?

5 Things to HR Professionals Should Know About #HR Certification


This blog is part of a special series providing insights into HR certification. What is the Benefit of Human Resources Certification?

HR Certification Guide: Untangling the Web


The HR certification landscape is now complex, political and often times confusing for practitioners. SHRM Certification Programs.

Degrees and Certificates to make your resume stand out

Cube Rules

Because job competition is so fierce, candidates need to have the right degree or certification to make their resumes stand out.

Certifications in Hiring, Part 3: Hiring Tips

Hiring Technical People

How can you use certifications in your hiring? In Part 1 and Part 2 , I discussed the value of certifications and hiring traps. Let’s see how to be positive about certifications and use them during the hiring process. I’ve already said that a certification might be a sign of perseverance and interest in the field.

A Look at the History of Human Resources & HR Certification Programs


This blog is part of a special series providing insights into HR certification. Look for a follow up article discussing HR certification options for our profession. In the HR profession, one of the most talked about, debated about and argued about topics over the last couple of years has been the topic of HR Certification.

How to Show Incomplete Certifications

Careers Done Write

In your field, these certifications are valuable. Ask Deb career management certification Can I add this to my resume? Thank you, Joel.

The ‘HRCI v. SHRM’ HR Certification Recap Resource #SHRM14 #HRCI


The HR certification process as we know it changed forever on May 12, 2014 when the Society of Human Resources announced it’s new certification program which is set to begin January 1, 2015. SHRM will announce the official name of their certification program at Annual Conference just a few weeks away. Bookmark this page.

Top 10 Professional Certifications For A Bright Future

Career Realism

To keep pace with this change, people should expand their skills by taking different professional certification courses.

What to Add on a Resume? Take These 5 Certification Courses to Bolster Any Resume


One savvy way to set yourself apart is through obtaining the right certification. ACLS and/or CPR Certification.

HRCI Hits SHRM Hard on Certifications, Signs HR Equivalent of Tom Brady.

HR Capitalist

All has been quiet on the HR front related to the ongoing certification war between HRCI (who brings you the SPHR and the PHR) and SHRM (who earlier this year decided to split from their long standing relationship with HRCI and launch their own flavor of HR certifications). . Can Ulrich still work with SHRM? Will he? Your move, SHRM

Essential Certification For A Tech Career

Career Realism

Since the tech industry is a highly skill-focused environment, getting certification is an especially important step towards a successful career.

How many credentials after a name on a resume?

Careers Done Write

List all of your licenses and certifications in a section called, “ Licensures and Certifications.” Thank you, Marcia.

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I’m Now Offically a SHRM-CP! Now What?


Like many of you, I have had my HRCI certification for some time and had been following the news and information related to the new SHRM-CP certifications very closely since the announcement mid 2014. Finally you walk through some example questions that are on the SHRM certification exams.


SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Have Been Accredited: What This Means For Us


One of the next major steps in the evolvement of the SHRM Certification process has been completed. HR certification news SHRMKurt F.


Wondering About the New SHRM Certification? I Did a Podcast For You.

HR Capitalist

I know you''re wondering about the SHRM-SCP certification path especially if you listened to this podcast I did on SHRM announcing that it’s going to start offering its own certification program to rival the SPHR/PHR. hint - he saw people celebrating their new certification. First up, let me say that I remain pro-HRCI and SPHR.

Certifications to Help Bolster Your Resume

Cube Rules

Here are four certification areas that will help job […]. Job Search Resume Tips

Six Tips for Interviewing Scrum Masters, Part 2

Hiring Technical People

Tip 6: Ignore Certifications and Look for the Growth Mindset. I have never been a fan of certifications. If I have to choose between a candidate with a certification and a candidate with a growth mindset , I’ll select the candidate with the growth mindset. Remember, you can buy a certification by taking a class.

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5 Steps to Getting a Job Abroad

The Undercover Recruiter

Never assume that local market lacks talent – finding a job abroad is often more difficult than at home. 5 Steps to Getting a Job Abroad.

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What Would HR Look Like In a Less Global World?


I teach certification classes at a local university. HR global hr globalization hr certificationWorld Trade is Decreasing.

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Hiring for an Agile Team: Look for the Growth Mindset

Hiring Technical People

Anyone can buy a certification. Sorry to be cynical, but the certifications from the varied organizations are based on attending a class, and have no basis in successful agile project experience. That means if you go and attend a class, pass the exam, you have a certification. You’ve bought the certification.

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my assistant let us believe she has a key certification that she doesn’t actually have

Ask A Manager

Part of the reason that, in my boss’ eyes, she was so qualified for the position is because she had a certification very specific to our line of work. To earn this certification shows that you have a very clear and deep understanding of the concepts related to this work and can fully apply them to the job. Who is right here?

PODCAST: What Do the SHRM Changes Mean To Your SPHR/PHR Certification?

HR Capitalist

On Monday, May 12th, SHRM announced that it will begin offering its own competency-based certification in mid-2015, after several years of work on its competency model. . In case you missed it this week, SHRM is trying to make your PHR and SPHR worthless. Here''s my post on that from late last week. That can''t be good. Good stuff. -.

The Road to the CBAP is Not Paved by Applied Knowledge

Hiring Technical People

I have ranted about certifications before. How she could not pass the certification is beyond my comprehension. career career development certification job analysisI have the pleasure of introducing a guest writer for today’s post, Tina Underhill. Take it away, Tina! The Road to the CBAP is Not Paved by Applied Knowledge.

Which IT Certifications Are More Important?

Career Realism

I know that staying current is important and, as an “older” worker, that certifications could make the difference in career opportunities.

Gift Certificate

Guerrilla Job Hunting

  The gift certificate could be anintroductory offer for your time or for a particular piece of work you arewilling to do. Okay… but how?

Getting The Degree or Certificate

Career Key

Getting The Degree or Certificate Bad Work Days in Perspective 5 Free Career Choice Resources You Should Be Using. Welcome to our career blog.

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8 Developments That Stood Out in Employee Engagement in 2012

David Zinger

Postgraduate Certificate in Employee Engagement. Katie Truss from the University of Kent has lead the way in creating a university certificate in employee engagement. What stood out for you in Employee Engagement last year? Here is what stood out for me last year in employee engagement: The UK Engage for Success Movement. More Books.

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My Career Investment Strategy


I am an unapologetic certification junkie. Actively seek out opportunities to improve your recognizable skills and certifications.

Your HRCI Recertification Dates are Changing!


The HR Certification Institute announced in early march that they would be instituting a new birthday rule for the recertification process.

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Why Carbon Neutral Certification and environmental policies are a must for 21st century

Ms. Career Girl

The post Why Carbon Neutral Certification and environmental policies are a must for 21st century appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Career Girl.

Demystifying Resume Writing Certifications (And Why I Don't Want.

Jennifer Anthony

During your search, you may notice that some resume writers are certified, some hold multiple certifications, and some do not have any at all.

Career Solvers Resume Specialty Certifications

Career Solvers

If you are looking for a resume writer that specializes in your industry or job function, Career Solvers may be the perfect fit. Financial Service.

Hot Field Alert: Project Management and Certification

Water Cooler Wisdom

The  field of project management  is always changing, but is official certification the way to keep up? A PMI certification reflects your project management knowledge, skills and abilities. A PMI certification can lead to greater earnings. Objective Third-Party Endorsement. Proof of Achievement. More Moolah.

Thrive and Get Noticed at Work: 50 Tips

Catherines Career Corner

Written by Catherine Adenle Several tangible and intangible skills are needed to thrive at work, gain attention from management. Getting things right will easily lead to higher-level roles and recognition amongst peers. If you want to thrive at work and move up [.] Related posts: It is Important to Get Noticed at Work – See 25 Tips to Help You.

Why Education Matters

The Job Quest

One thing that makes the search a little easier for the company is to look at the candidates’ education and certifications.

40 Most Important Social Media Tips for HR Professionals

Catherines Career Corner

This article was first published on September 26, 2012 by Online MBA. It was sent to CCC for further publication by Amanda Kostina. Human resources is the art of working with humans (hence the name). And anyone concerned with dealing with [.] Related posts: Social Media: Making it Work for You. Can Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter Get You a Job?

2 monumental reasons for soft skills on your resume

Cube Rules

When we think of job skills on our resumes, we usually think of direct job skills — our education, certifications, programming languages, etc.

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Great Series on Hiring Testers

Hiring Technical People

Some of my favorites: Certifications are Creating Lazy Hiring Managers. Here is a quote from that post: You cannot presume someone with a certification is a talented tester. You also cannot presume someone with no certification is a rubbish tester. Do you read Rob Lambert’s Social Tester? The templates. The stories.

Differences: Reference Letter and Certificate of Service

Job Hunt Doctor

Still, while requesting for a reference letter, know that there is a difference between a reference letter and a certificate of service. A certificate of service from a company is a document that shows that you have worked in the particular company. The reason is that a reference letter is an invaluable job-hunting tool.