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How to Create a Living Resume

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to Create a Living Resume appeared first on Ms. Your experience is by no means static and your resume shouldn’t be either.

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Essential Certification For A Tech Career

Career Realism

Since the tech industry is a highly skill-focused environment, getting certification is an especially important step towards a successful career.

The Best Formats for Your Resume

Career Alley

Your resume is your most important job search document. Why do I need a resume in the first place? The Glory of the Plain Text Resume.

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7 Ways Your Resume Will Be Judged Post-Interview

Career Realism

7 Ways Your Resume Will Be Judged Post-Interview. My Resume Is Dead On Arrival. Should I Remove My Volunteer Work From My Resume?

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How to Deal With Employment Gaps in Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Executive Career Brand

Here are some suggestions: Go back to school, either online or in-person, and take courses or earn certifications to upgrade relevant skills.

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5 Secrets to Building the Perfect Resume & Cover Letter


Build your perfect resume in 5 minutes. Check out their wide selection of templates to create the perfect customized online resume. . What is mean by that is the perfect resume. A recruiter spends on average 6 seconds reviewing a resume. Choose things not included in the resume. You are selling yourself.

Think Like an Executive Resume Branding Pro – Write Your Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

Part 4 – Pulling it All Together to Write Your Personally Branded Executive Resume. The top third or half of your resume is prime real estate.

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Branding: How to Differentiate Yourself on Your Resume & LinkedIn

Careers Done Write

The appearance of your resume and LinkedIn profile are usually the first impression of your brand. When crafting your new resume, use a contemporary design with plenty of white space. You’ll want to mention those treasured skills in the summary at the top of your resume and LinkedIn profile. What makes you a top candidate?

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7 Ways To Tailor Your Resume For A Leadership Position

Career Realism

Before you apply, make sure you leverage these seven strategies to tailor your resume for maximum impact. Revamp Your Resume’s Keywords.

7 Strategies To Get More Recruiters To Read Your Resume

Career Realism

Did you know that you only have 5-6 seconds to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring executives in your resume? Well-structured resume.

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5 Steps to a Great Resume – Content – Lesson 4

Career Alley

Most of the resumes we received were good (but not amazing). There were a few excellent resumes and, of course, there were a few bombs.

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How Many Pages Should My Resume Be?

Careers Done Write

Dear Deb: I have struggled to reduce my resume to one page and I can only get it down to two pages. Or, would a two-page resume be alright?

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Does Resume Length Matter With ATS?

Career Realism

Resume: Why You Shouldn’t Write A ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Resume. 5 Personal Branding Resume Techniques You Must Try.

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ResumeBear Says Rock Your Resume, Tips How To

Resume Bear

Whether or not you’re looking for a job right now, it’s worth making sure your resume is in good shape. Customize Your Resume for Each Job.

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Checklist to Determine if Your Resume is Boring

Career Realism

Does your resume resemble a checklist, to-do list, a laundry list? The rest of the resume is marketing, so you outdistance other job seekers.

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5 Questions to Ask and One Tip to Keep Resumes Interesting

The Job Quest

industry trends, you may find yourself keeping details that are important to you. Are these skills/certifications current enough for the requirements of the position? More often than not, skills and certifications that you have acquired will need to be updated at some point. This really puzzled me. Sounds good, right?

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How to Write Compelling Resume Section Headings

Career Realism

Writing your resume to attract the attention your career deserves is a challenge. Resume section headings image from Bigstock.

111 Smart Resume Section Headings and Titles


The list is divided into sections, just like your resume, to group the related headers together for easy reference. Certifications.

Unemployed? Get Your Resume Out Of The ‘Currently Nothing’ Trap!

Career Realism

Being currently laid-off or having times of unemployment somewhere in your resume is nothing unusual these days. ” Related: How To Handle Career Gaps On Your Resume. Quite honestly, I am amazed that some of my highly qualified resume clients still struggle to land an adequate new job within reasonable time. Volunteering.

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Top 6 Things You May Be Forgetting On Your Resume

Corn on the Job

Mike Ryan is a Search Marketing Specialist at iProspect and a Managing Partner/ Resume Consultant at the resume writing service , DreamResume. As a resume consultant, I see a lot of resumes. It never ceases to amaze me what people don’t put on their resume. For Marketing Industry: Social Media Profiles.

Resume Essentials to Standout for a Career in Sales

Resume Bear

So you have a resume packed with sales experience, demonstrable increases in revenue, and proof that your sales strategies work? You’ve carefully vetted it for spelling and grammar mistakes, and your resume looks clean and professional. So what steps can you take to make your resume rise to the top? Great! Stay Informed.

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How to make it into the Tech Industry

Ms. Career Girl

The post How to make it into the Tech Industry appeared first on Ms. So, how can you make it into the tech industry? Career Girl.

Is Your Resume Holding You Back?

The Undercover Recruiter

Everyone knows that their resume has to be top notch but that’s not what makes the 1st impression – your cover letter does.

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The 10 Key Components Of A Great Resume

Career Realism

A great resume is the first opportunity you have to make an impression on a hiring manager or a recruiter. Top 100 Most Powerful Resume Words.

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Career Solvers Resume Specialty Certifications

Career Solvers

If you are looking for a resume writer that specializes in your industry or job function, Career Solvers may be the perfect fit.

Resume Power Statements: What Are They & Why Do I Need One?

Career Realism

One of the best ways to showcase your career brand in your resume is to include a power statement. Strong brand-driven statements abound on well-written resumes and can be found in your career summary, position descriptions, and your achievements, but the most visible power statement on a resume is your tagline. Discipline.

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Demystifying Resume Writing Certifications (And Why I Don't Want.

Jennifer Anthony

During your search, you may notice that some resume writers are certified, some hold multiple certifications, and some do not have any at all.

3 Signs You’re A Hoarder On Your Resume

Career Realism

it is, unfortunately, pretty widespread in the world of resumes. A lot of people try to pack every little job, certificate, or even university coursework into their resumes. The bad news here is: too much of non-vital information on your resume will shatter your chances of getting an interview. Resume

2014 27

My Career Investment Strategy


I am an unapologetic certification junkie. But I no longer limit my learning to my specific job or, if I can help it, to my industry.

How to Use Military Experience in Your Resume

Career Realism

Then my much acclaimed “how to de-militarize your resume ” seminar was born. Stay away from a military resume format.

Find the Best Executive Resume Writer For You: Where and How to Search

Executive Career Brand

How to Find and Assess Top Executive Resume Writers, and Personal Branding and Job Search Strategists. National Resume Writers’ Association.

Find the Best Executive Resume Writer For You: Where’s the Value?

Executive Career Brand

The Value in Working with a Certified Professional Executive Resume Writer. How to Find Top Executive Resume Writers and Job Search Strategists.

8 Quick & Easy Resume Tips You Can Use Now


A friend of mine once said, “Everyone should know a good lawyer, accountant and resume writer.” AND A BONUS RESUME TIP.

Just How Do Keywords Work in a Resume

Jennifer Anthony

Using a resume that is written properly will save you a lot of heartache in the end, though-and is worth the time investment. By Erin Kennedy.

Executive Resumes: Are You Job Hunting With An Expired Tool?

Tim's Strategy

A tall order for a document, but it can be done effectively if you keep these five resume strategies in mind: A. Have A Clear Target In Mind.

Don't Let Perfection be the Enemy of a Good Resume

Resume Boutique

Have you written 80% of your resume but you are stuck on the last 20%? Are you paralyzed by your need to make your resume perfect? If this rings true for you, give yourself permission to craft a solid resume that is really good but not perfect. This may mean you will have to tweak your resume before you apply for each job.

What NOT To Put in Your C-level Executive Resume

Executive Career Brand

Consequently, you probably don’t know how today’s power executive resume needs to look and read. Most of my clients choose their cells.

Résumé Help: Proper Way to Submit Education on Résumé

Careers Done Write

This information belongs in a professional development section: * Industry certifications. Resume Help Resumes education

What Are The Differences Between Telecommute Resumes and Standard Resumes?

Jennifer Anthony

Jobseekers often ask me what the difference is between a standard resume and a telecommute resume. Telecommute resumes have to stand out. Recruiters and hiring managers are flooded with resumes, particularly when they post a position with a telecommute option. Telecommute resumes are highly scrutinized.

What Are The Differences Between Telecommute Resumes and Standard Resumes?

Jennifer Anthony

Jobseekers often ask me what the difference is between a standard resume and a telecommute resume. Telecommute resumes have to stand out. Recruiters and hiring managers are flooded with resumes, particularly when they post a position with a telecommute option. Telecommute resumes are highly scrutinized.