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flaky interviewer is causing child care problems

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A reader writes: My husband is a stay-at-home dad for our 6-month-old daughter (amazing!) with events experience in a notoriously flaky creative industry. It’s been frustrating, but manageable before he was full-time dadding. Events work would be primarily evenings and weekends, so wouldn’t interfere with childcare.

child care expenses from team-building retreat, race questions on job applications, and more

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Child care reimbursement for a weekend-long team-building retreat. My question is whether the attendees who must find and pay for care for children for two nights and days can seek reimbursement of those costs. It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go…. 1. We are at the event Friday through Sunday (so two overnights).

bringing a baby to work when your child care falls through

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asked about 10 of my coworkers about bringing a child to the office in case of emergency, and every single one (parent or not, younger or older than me) expressed horror at the thought and said no way should it happen ever, not even just for a parent to drop by so everyone can meet their baby. reader writes: I have a 14-month-old son.

Friday Five: What Are the Top Work Perks In 2017?


HR child care employee training remote work work perks workationIt’s been awhile since I last wrote about work perks and since we’re at the start of a new year, I thought it was time to check out what’s new in perks. Work perks fascinate me. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment.

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will martial arts hurt my boyfriend’s career in child care, I sent money to an employer who has disappeared, and more

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Will martial arts hurt my boyfriend’s career in child care? My boyfriend is looking for a job in child care, but he doesn’t have much experience working with children. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. 1. ” Do you (or your readers) have any opinions on this? Go talk to them.

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can I ask my employer to pay my child care expenses when my schedule changes?

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Don’t ask your employer to pay your child care costs. A reader writes: I work in a satellite office — headquarters is about 2 hours by car, and in the past, I’ve rarely been asked to travel there, as all of my work can be done in the office where I’m located. What’s the best way to phrase this? Good luck.

How To Think Through Going Back To Work

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Can you hold out until they are in school if child care costs are prohibitive? Seriously, though. Why do you want to go back to work?

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7 Things Dads Should Ask About Before Taking The Job

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Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, workers can take time off to care for themselves or a family member, but this is unpaid. Child Care.

How to explain a termination when asked in interview

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use a child care center instead of my last nanny who was unreliable, and 3.) I will not let this happen again! Thank you, Charlene.

8 tips for parents returning to the workforce

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News & World Report today, I’ve got eight tips to make the transition from stay-at-home mom or dad to working parent, including not putting child-rearing on your resume as a job, making sure you and your spouse are on the same page about how you’ll divide child care duties once you’re back at work, and more.

ResumeBear: 10 Industries Most in Need of Skilled Workers

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will require an additional 103,900 nurses and 7,860 physical therapists a year to maintain the current standard of care. Child Care.

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Universal pre-K is bad for everyone

Penelope Trunk

It’s about whether kids are better off having early child care from a family member or a preschool. They learn through play. Wome

update: how can I move from retail into a professional career?

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wrote to you three months ago for advice on trying to move from retail to a more professional job, with only retail and child care experience. I so appreciated your advice, as well as that of all the commenters. Remember the letter-writer in December who was having trouble moving from retail into a professional career ? Thanks again!

Post-Retirement Lady Luck Lets The Money Roll In

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Providing Child Care. When retirement comes, many women still need or want to generate income to support the household. The U.S.

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13 Illegal and Legal Interview Questions:

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What kind of child care arrangements have you made? Age Inappropriate: How old are you? What year were you born? Where were you born?

Top Four: Marissa Mayer’s Maternity Leave Problem


And as Jessica pointed out in her piece, Mayer has a team of child care workers, while so many working parents struggle to afford day care.

Are You Making These 5 Common Interview Mistakes? #WisdomWednesday

The Undercover Recruiter

Interviewing for a new job is stressful, to say the least, and that goes for everyone involved. Not making eye contact. Overuse of filler words.

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employee asked to be reimbursed for babysitting costs after he worked late one night

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A reader writes: I have a salaried, exempt employee who worked until 8 p.m. one evening. He is our media manager; there was some breaking news happening and they were excited to get a story out. This situation is extremely rare. He came in the next day requesting reimbursement for the extra babysitting costs he incurred. Uh, yeah, no.

5 Reasons Having A Baby Won’t Ruin Your Career

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Child Care Options. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to finding care for your baby enabling you to go back to work. 3.

Tips To Consider When Pregnant And Working

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Figure out child care options for your return to the job. You really do need to get more rest and pay attention to nutrition!

How To Handle Salary On Application Forms

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You may be asked salary information on an application form—or be faced with a “current salary” or “desired salary” field on an online application.

13 Illegal and Legal Interview Questions:

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What kind of child care arrangements have you made? Age Inappropriate: How old are you? What year were you born? Where were you born?

Avoiding Surprises in the Hiring Process


commute, child care, spousal conversations). The hiring process usually begins with a polite optimism. Where does it all go wrong?

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How to Get Started with a Career in Childcare

Career Alley

Is a Career in Child Care Right for You? What Roles are Available? Training and Qualifications. This is a Guest post. Joey Trebif.

Famous and Infamous Office Romances

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In 2011, Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a household staff member, Mildred Patricia Baena. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jude Law. Tiki Barber.

How To Develop A Good Work/Life Balance

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This will allow you to focus on the parts of your life you really care about and give them 100% attention. Leaving work at work. Cost: Free!

How to Handle Salary on Application Forms

Career Realism

You may be asked salary information on an application form—or be faced with a “current salary” or “desired salary” field on an online application.

Funny Resume Mistakes

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Experience: “Child care provider: Organized activities; prepared lunches and snakes.”. Interests: “Gossiping.”. in human feelings.”.

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stop freaking out over Yahoo’s teleworking announcement

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Plus, no responsible company lets you work at home full-time without having separate child care anyway, so this really isn’t about working parents at all and is just a bizarre non sequitur because look, the CEO has ovaries!). Here’s why: 1. ” CEO Marissa Mayer was brought in to turn a struggling company around.

my employee secretly brought her kids to work and forced a coworker to watch them

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You may also like: is it okay to bring your kid to work when your child care falls through? A reader writes: I was hired at a company in January to build a department that provides support internally to other departments. Mary was the company receptionist for two years, and I barely interacted with her before I interviewed her.

8 Presidential Election Issues That Impact Your Workplace


Defend the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Hopefully, you are registered to vote. Paid Time Off to Vote. 


10 Things That Haven’t Changed For Women In The Business World

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Day Care Dilemma. Although many women choose to become mothers and continue to work, most companies do not provide day care services or even offer reimbursement for the cost. As a result, families are forced to spend a good part of their paychecks on child care, which can make working feel pointless. The Wage Gap.

Find Fulfillment In Your Work: 5 Steps To Feel-Good Franchising

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You’ll find everything from tutoring to child care among franchise opportunities. 4. Steps To Feel-Good Franchising. Set Your Goal.

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How to manage a career in 2012

Penelope Trunk

For example, the spouse wants a income, or more attentive child care, or a relocation that is not possible. At least right now.

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2 employees don’t get along, coworkers won’t send me the work I’m supposed to handle, and more

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have a very small child, under 5 months, and I do not have child care after 6 p.m., nor do I feel comfortable leaving my child overnight. I was told it is not required but strongly suggested that I go and stay overnight. Again, no child care). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. 1. ” 3.

Top Interviewing Skills to Use In Job Interviews


8 soft skills you need to have and show for interviewers. This is a guest post by Paula R. Stern. There are many skills that can help you land a job.

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7 things you don’t know about women and work

Penelope Trunk

It’s true that women are leaving the workforce in droves to take care of their kids. Most women don’t care about being right.

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should I call out this company that jerked me around during a long-distance interview?

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little backstory – my wife and I are expecting child #2 in the next few months. We have decided to try to move closer to my family (about three hours away) so they can assist with child care while we work, which will greatly alleviate the expense of paying for child care. Don’t write back to complain.

I’ve been a job-hopper — how can I start fixing my work history?

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Mostly, even though I’ve known since my college graduation that I want to do particular nonprofit work, I’ve deferred seeking out those types of jobs out of respect for how long it takes to become proficient, choosing to wait until I settle and, in the meantime, work short-term on things like admin work, child care, etc.

Breastfeeding At Work

Evil HR Lady

Unfortunately, I have no child care for those hours and she has given me 2 weeks to find someone to care for him. Dear Evil HR Lady, I need advice. Last year I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. went back to work Feb. 1st of this year as a part time employee. I am nursing and pump once daily at work. Help please.