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Best in Class Companies Offer Flexible Work Arrangements


Best-in-class companies say – make it work based on YOUR dreams. . Defining Flexible Work Schedules. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

HR Quick Fixes for Small Businesses


You want this file to represent an employee’s work performance, so do not include items that allude to protected class. Documentation.

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Part Two: HR Basics for Small Businesses #hrbasics


Good Documentation. Your documentation should stick to the facts and include the resolution or expectations for the employee. The U.S.

10 Emails Smart Managers Never Send

Evil HR Lady

While weight isn’t a protected class in most places, it is in some, and regardless, the question is can the person do the job?

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When No Resumes Makes For Better Hiring

Evil HR Lady

It’s a marketing document that details your successes in your career. What is a resume? What happens if you throw all those things out?

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How to Create a Living Resume

Ms. Career Girl

Maintaining your resume as a plain text document such as Microsoft Word, isn’t going to cut it in today’s freelance market. Career Girl.

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How to Bridge an Employment Gap

The Job Quest

Are you taking classes or attend seminars to keep your knowledge up-to-date? Trust between employer and employee has been declining.

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LinkedIn Profiles vs. Resumes, is There a Difference?

Career Alley

The resume, however, is a lean one-sheet document that is meant to be skeletal and easy to skim in a just a few seconds—or at most a minute or two.

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Resume Help: Are You Sure about How to Present Your Education?

Careers Done Write

The words, “Class of ” are not necessary or appropriate. Education is an important qualification on the resume.

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Single Most Important Career Question to Ask Yourself

Career Realism

You have the time to identify those core skill sets and take classes that add to your value proposition. You NEED to be your own advocate.

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interviewers who show up late, can’t find parking at my job, and more

Ask A Manager

While Sansa and Arya are very talented artists and their classes are awesome and insightful, Cersei’s classes are awful. Because Sansa refuses to list the instructor with the classes, I go far less often than I otherwise would because if Cersei is the evenings instructor then I know my money is wasted. Here we go…. Oooof.

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20 Resume Tips from a Hiring Manager

Ms. Career Girl

Create a career management document. Naturally, this document will grow over time to be fairly sizable. Upload one document.

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How to Be Relevant on Your Resume So You Land the Interview

Jennifer Anthony

This master resume document should also include all your education, relevant training, and any significant volunteer projects on which you have worked. Once you’ve constructed this master resume document, you will pull relevant material from the bulleted sections for every job application you complete. By Jessica M Holbrook.

Job Interview Keys to Success

Career Alley

You can have stellar credentials, outstanding performance reviews and be a perfect match for the job, but if you blow the interview, you lost the job.

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SR: FMLA and Non-FMLA Leave Mixed

Evil HR Lady

Some of that time has been FML and documented with our HR office, but not all of it, in fact not most of it. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil? Really.

7 Human Resources Competencies For the Modern HR Professional


We are often the objective voice of reason in advising employee terminations, documentation and other employee relations workplace scenarios.

6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search

Career Realism

Maybe you are still taking classes. It is a living document. 6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search. Work It Daily. Be Positive.

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Top 10 Ways Employers Can Improve Leave Administration


HR Today is hosting an online class covering the basics of leave administration on November 5, 2014. Register for the webinar. . Write kind.

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6 Vital Resume Tips For Job Seekers Over 40

Career Realism

Because you have so much experience, you can cherry-pick the very best and most impressive pieces to create a true marketing document.

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4 Surprising Ways To Celebrate International Update Your Resume Month

Career Realism

Here are four ways to celebrate this month—that go beyond adding words to a document. Start A Brag File. Negotiate A Higher Salary.

The Compliance Downside of Big Data


Important to Check the Documentation. They say that software programs or algorithms may be included in these class action cases. Despite what the software documentation may say it is important to look closely to insure that the proper validation has been done to the standards of the Uniform Guidelines. The Risks of Big Data.

The Highest Paying Jobs for Non-College Grads

Career Alley

Pastry chefs are in high demand at first-class restaurants and bakeries. Census Bureau reported. And when it does pay off, its worth the effort.

How Do I Get an Accounting Job?

Resume Bear

It’s also a good idea to take a class in accounting laws and rules and regulations so you will up to date on federal and local laws. Accountants make sure a company’s (or an individual’s) financial documents and records are sound and accurate. Jobs are trendy just like anything else; they come and go. So what about accounting?

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No Job Experience? You Can Still Write a Great Resume

Career Rocketeer

For instance, if you acquired skills in some classes and can produce physical results of your work (e.g., Advertise on Career Rocketeer.

Are You Proficient in These Marketable Skills?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Look at how things are broken into classes, access patterns, and think through the overall structure of the project,” he said. Write it once using classes, another in a purely functional manner, etc. Once you’ve started a project, JavaWorld writer Andrew Oliver recommended writing your own documentation. “I IT Architecture.

The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

Resume Bear

alcohol consumption); information on protected classes (race, gender, etc.); By Pedram Tabibi. Imagine landing a job interview. Surprised?

Paralegal Careers

Career Alley

Depending on the program, paralegals may take any number of elective classes that deal with different aspects of law. Well, so can paralegals!

6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search

Career Realism

Maybe you are still taking classes. It is a living document. 6 Tips For Your First Full-Time Job Search. CAREEREALISM. Be Positive.

2016 46

Single Most Important Career Question To Ask Yourself

Career Realism

Apply the following questions to your resume to better see what employers are thinking when they read this document: Have I attained any industry-specific certifications? Have I taken any classes, workshops, trainings, conferences, conventions, webinars, continuing education units, or gone to any corporate learning university sessions?

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President-CEO-COO Manufacturing Turnarounds Executive Resume Branding

Executive Career Brand

For his biography , I slightly adjusted the brand statement, and used it to lead the document. It worked.

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5 Reasons I Wouldn’t Hire Myself

Resume Bear

So, in keeping with a streamlined document, keep names and contact information off your resumé, but have that information ready. If your skills are lacking, try acquiring professional certifications by attending night or weekend classes to further your knowledge in certain areas. Formatting. References. Skills. Readability.

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Managing Employee Files


Other work performance and job history documentation. Other paperwork that alludes to a protected class. Main Employee File. Form I-9.

Become Irresistible to Employers to Land Interviews

Resume Bear

Remember any class in which you had to write a paper. This is the strategy for becoming irresistible to potential employers. Define Your Goals.

2011 71

The Skills You Need To Succeed In The Big Data Industry

Corn on the Job

How they use these data are driving a whole new class of potential applications. Take the ability to interpret a document, for instance.

2016 36

7 Ways To Improve Your Resume While Employed

The Undercover Recruiter

Now is the perfect time to take some night classes, or earn some certifications, to help you gain new knowledge and skills. Add skills. Network.

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ResumeBear Helps Job Seekers With 3 New Partnerships

Resume Bear

TrustedID has been a leader in identity and credit protection since 2005 and was honored with the 2010 Overall “Best-In-Class” award from Javelin Research† for their comprehensive protection services. ResumeBear announced 3 new partnerships today in their continued march toward being the premier job board in the United States.

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5 Ideas that will influence 2012

Penelope Trunk

That's because the value of a school is no longer in the knowledge it spews—anyone can take the classes online. Nature vs. nurture.

2012 51

4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Executive Resume

Career Realism

Your document must have a compelling message and must be easy to read. Try this: pick up your resume and scan it for 15 seconds. Probably not.

2013 54

Fired & Over 50: What To Do

Career Realism

What about moral support – would you find it helpful to have an accountability partner, to join a job club, or to take a job search class?

Dating Mr. Manager – 5 rules for dating at work

Ms. Career Girl

I handed him a document, as I frequently did, and instead of saying thank you without looking up, this time he smiled and winked at me. Discuss.

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