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Employment Class Actions Survive Despite Wal-Mart Ruling


Employment Class Actions Survive Despite Wal-Mart Ruling. The end of the road for a class-action discrimination lawsuit brought by female employees of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Supreme Court decision last month siding with the world’s largest retailer was widely seen as a blow to many other would-be class-action plaintiffs. Local.

10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing


10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing. Travel agents, proofreaders, transit security all are seeing big declines “The American dream is dead for the majority of America,” financial guru Suze Orman told Forbes last year, speaking about her upcoming book "The Money Class.". The middle class has disappeared,” she said.

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HEY BIG COMPANY: Are Your Management Trainees Bristling At Being Salaried Employees?

HR Capitalist

This decision was made at the highest corporate level, was wrong, and the actors knew it,” the class action lawsuit states. Ah yes. I'm serious.

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HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: A rough 10 years for the middle class.


rough 10 years for the middle class - Middle-class income fell 7% in the last decade, adjusted for inflation. TOPIC: A rough 10 years for the middle class - Middle-class income fell 7% in the last decade, adjusted for inflation. Rising costs for middle class. Be our Friend. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Search.

are the new overtime rules about to boost your paycheck?

Ask A Manager

If you’re not earning at least $50,440 a year, the federal government is probably about to require your employer to pay you overtime whenever you work more than 40 hours in a week. You may also like: a round-up: social class at work, instant reactions, and more on overtime pay can you say no to overtime? At U.S.

In a Job Interview, No Question is Illegal

The Job Quest

What is illegal, however, is to make a hiring decision based on the information discovered if it reveals that a candidate is part of a protected class.

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What is Affirmative Action Anyway?


A couple of weeks ago I found myself engaged in a heated debate with a colleague of mine, who works in the tech industry, regarding workplace equality.

Weed in Colorado: Can Recruiters Screen Candidates for a Now Legal Drug?

The Undercover Recruiter

Federal law allows this, as smokers are not considered a protected class. federal law. Another year has come and gone.

The Most Interesting Career Options With a Law Degree That You Haven’t Thought Of

Career Alley

Law school classes, including contracts, tax law and corporations, provide a broad knowledge base for a new business owner. Where to go?

How Do I Get an Accounting Job?

Resume Bear

It’s also a good idea to take a class in accounting laws and rules and regulations so you will up to date on federal and local laws. Jobs are trendy just like anything else; they come and go. So what about accounting? What do you need to grab that accounting job? What will your responsibilities be? Is this a good field to go into?

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Supreme Court Grants Review for Same-Sex Marriage Issue


are probably wracking your brain to remember the 14th Amendment from your high school history class. Most of you (all of you?)

Edward Snowden: No Degree, Lied on His Resume, Promptly Hired for 122K a year.

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Now his LinkedIn profile lists "Russian Federation" as his home country. Need proof? Ladies and Gentleman, I give you. Edward Snowden!!

Using the White House’s Resource Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities


In February of this year, the White House released a Resource Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities as a product of an initiative called Curb Cuts to the Middle Class. It’s easy to get connected with federally funded state and local employment programs for people with disabilities through the National Employment Team website.

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Is it illegal to recruit on Facebook?

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Since the third party is the one searching Facebook, only it will see the information related to the candidate’s protected class status. Lisa D.

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COBRA: The 21 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Sklover Working Wisdom

ACTUAL CASE HISTORIES*: We are frequently asked questions about COBRA, the federal workplace law that is probably utilized by more employees than any other. The election notice must be provided in person or by first class mail within 14 days after the plan administrator receives notice that a qualifying event has occurred. Redd Foxx.


Staff Development, Benefits & Compensation for Low-Wage Workers


According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED), 25.3% of American workers are in low-wage jobs. 1 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that in 2013, nearly two-thirds of workers in jobs that pay federal minimum wage or less are in the service industry. Why Low-Wage Workers Matter. Working Economics.

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Ep 100 – Frank Discussions About Sexual Harassment at Work & the Election


The best way to limit sexual harassment or any type of workplace harassment is for organizations to be open to every walk of life from all protected classes. If not, she suggests working with federal agencies like the EEOC. Episode 100: How Prevalent is Sexual Harassment at Work & What We Can Do About It? Trump, Donald Trump Jr.

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Universal pre-K is bad for everyone

Penelope Trunk

We do not need our politicians to use their federal funding to denigrate the job of parenting any more than so much of society already does.

Part One: HR Basics for Small Businesses #hrbasics


Your handbook should include your EEOC statement about not discriminating on the basis of protected classes as well as your policy against harassment.

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How Following Industry News Can Boost Your Career

The Undercover Recruiter

Remember bringing news clips to class for discussion?) Following current events may seem like we’re time traveling back to elementary school.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Economics: Through Jobs, Freedom

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Why should those worth hundreds of millions pay tax at the same rate as those who are middle class? Martin Luther King Jr. He merely exists.”

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my manager doesn’t want me to meet with clients unless I lose weight

Ask A Manager

Appearance and weight aren’t protected classes under federal law, and only a few jurisdictions in the U.S. A reader writes: I’m a 30-year-old woman, and I’m a size 10/12. I’m not obese by anyone’s standards – except for those of a New York modeling agency. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

Executive Job Search: Is NUNA (No Unemployed Need Apply) Illegal?

Executive Career Brand

“The discrimination has to be against a “protected class&# – a group that has suffered discrimination based on a status it can’t change, like gender, race or age – or shouldn’t be forced to change, like religion. Executive Job Search: Is NUNA (No Unemployed Need Apply) Illegal? is a post from: Executive Career Brand.

Tired Of The Same Old Same Old? Try A Franchise!

Career Realism

At the age of 51, Clouser received a six-month severance package, and the company made classes available to him to help him figure out his next stage.

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Can You Find a Job Without a College Degree?

Resume Bear

In addition, because she works for a federal institution, she gets tuition reimbursement. Bill Gates never graduated from college. ’ &#.

Bullies Are Everywhere: Work, Home and Among Friends


Angela (not her real name) was horrible to me in Mrs. Frazier’s 4th grade class. Sadly, there is no Federal anti-bullying law.

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Middle Age Unemployment: What Can You Do?

Career Alley

But even middle-class people who might skate by on savings or a spouse’s income are jarred by an abrupt end to working life and to a secure retirement.

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Three Ways to Leverage Your Internal Brand


Best-in-class companies, including Southwest, GE, Dell, IKEA, DHL Global Forwarding, American Express, Viacom, Beam, Chobani, DIAGEO, etc.

Will Lying at a Job Interview Come Back to Haunt Me?

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As it turned out, he had only a partial scholarship and graduated 76th in a class of 85. lies in every 15-minute job interview. Joey Trebif.

5 Different Jobs With An International Business Degree

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If you found accounting interesting during your business classes, you can pursue a career as an international accountant. Management Analyst.

The Last Jobs Friday of 2015 Is a Good One – Mostly


Outside of the executive level and professional class, wages haven’t kept pace with cost of living increases – which means that even as people turn from discouraged to seeking, from underemployed to fully employed, many still struggle to make ends meet. One sector, however, continues to shrink markedly.

Connections, Customers, And Caring With NES Rentals

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It’s the best of both worlds, and NES Rentals captures this very feeling. Take An Inside Look At NES Rentals. What does this mean for NES Rentals?

HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: American Jobs: Going, Going. (1/1)


Corporations are escalating efforts to ship out jobs that pay well and build the middle class—and now they are aiming their axes at workers in the nation’s fast-growing white-collar sector. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us. My Profile. Support Us.

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4 Things You Should Know About Background Checks

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She creates high-impact, best-in-class resumes and cover letters that transform job searches into interviews and ultimately job offers.

Illegal Workplace Discrimination? Here’s How to Tell

Sklover Working Wisdom

Though not directly, our questions examined what possible motivations could the new Museum Director have to treat Janine like a third-class citizen, if not worse. First, are you a member of what is called a “ protected class ?” Are you certain your employer is aware of your being in a “protected class?” Roger Staubach. Period.

Becoming A Sales Territory Manager With NES Rentals

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It’s the best of both worlds, and NES Rentals captures this very feeling. What does this mean for NES Rentals? Take An Inside Look At NES Rentals.

Jobs wanted, Harvard analysts suggest Rx for America’s unemployment doldrums

Resume Bear

The first surveys relied on federal and state census data to gauge the percentage of people unemployed at any point in the previous year.

Why There Won't Be Youth Football in 20 Years.

HR Capitalist

You think you have legal problems at your company? You have issues. The NFL has problems. Workplace culture 101. Don''t watch if language bothers you.

For The Love Of Food: An Inside Look At Sous Chef Jobs

Career Realism

The American Culinary Federation (ACF) also sponsors a variety of apprenticeship programs that combine classroom learning with on-the-job training.

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Using Your Career Experience to Save Money

Career Alley

No matter how you cut it, college is expensive. Even attending a public university can cost more than $10,000 per year. Experience Equals Money.