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Hidden Talent: The Classes of 2008-2012


Job offers were rescinded to many grads in these classes. Hire them for a relevant project. And, yes, they are talented!  Photo Credit.

New 2012-2022 BLS Employment Projections: What Career Counselors Need to Know

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Trends and Highlights Occupations related to healthcare are projected to have the fastest growth and add the most new jobs. The U.S.

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Working and Living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Of course, his creative class overlaps neatly with Davos attendees and those we consider to be among global elites. What

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No Gene for the Human Spirit: The Genome Project Sucks


Many years ago, I sat in a 200-level English class studying different forms of story-telling. The Genome Project.

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Feed Your Mind: Are Online Classes Worth Taking?

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The post Feed Your Mind: Are Online Classes Worth Taking? Advantages of Online Classes. Disadvantages of Online Classes.

A Grad’s Most Valuable Resource—A Viable Network

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This article was written by Crystal Washington , author of The Social Media WHY , on behalf of the Happy Grad Project. Add value first.

Career Path of a Project Manager

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At least the last 7 years have been spent on project management-related assignments and responsibilities.

Are You Proficient in These Marketable Skills?

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The top five include IT architecture (42 percent of IT hiring managers seek this skill), application development (40 percent), project management (39 percent), big data (36 percent), and business intelligence/analytics (34 percent). Through open source, you can find projects you’re interested in and study the code. IT Architecture.

Why Happy Grads Need To Be Brave Grads

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Growing up in a small town in southern Indiana, I led the middle-class life of Beaver Cleaver, until I was kicked off the high school tennis team. How does someone from outside the corporate fraternity get accepted into this exclusive pledge class? Happy Grad Project Job Search happy grad project This year, 3.2 Be Brave.

For Career Success In 2014, Think Like An Employer

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Most of the Class of 2014 will cross the graduation stage without firm plans for the future. Job Search happy grad project Graduating?

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When No Resumes Makes For Better Hiring

Evil HR Lady

Your name is at the top, which can give pretty good insight into your race, gender, and even the socio-economic class in which you were raised.

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Learn and Lead with Project Management


The Persimmon Group and I have teamed up to offer some Project Management classes in the Oklahoma City Metro Area.  Details.

What's in My Garage: Getting My Career Portfolio Up To Date

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First, about my project. The project was fun (believe it or not) but took some time so I haven’t been able to blog or tweet much recently.

Certifications in Hiring, Part 1: A Certificate’s Value

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Many demand only that you sit through a 2-day or even 1-week class and then take an exam. You want to know about project management? There are a gazillion certifications out there. I am sure that many of the CSM classes are much better than the one I took in 2006. There are a ton of certifications these days. checked. Why HR?

Certifications in Hiring, Part 2: Hiring Traps

Hiring Technical People

coached a project manager as she was looking for a job several years ago. She had used timeboxes, asked her project teams to develop with small features, and insisted on continuous integration. That allowed the project to show progress every one to three weeks. The project teams appeared to love her. She loved her job.

How to Dress for Success in College and Still be Comfortable

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This will make it easy to look like you have made an effort and show that attending class and college in general is important to you.

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Career Lessons You Can Learn From 10-Year-Olds

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Whenever you’re working on a collaborative project or find yourself in a company meeting make sure your voice is heard. Career Girl.

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Are You Guilty of Common Female Prejudices at Work?

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by Nicole Crimaldi on April 22, 2010 Last night at dinner my 17 year old sister was telling me all about her AP Psychology class.  Her Thanks !

7 Books for the New Business Leader to Add to Their Reading List


Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager.  didn’t need to rely on project management just a to do list.

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6 Career Lessons You Learn from Yoga

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Ever walked into a “beginners” yoga class and panicked as everyone else folded themselves into pretzels while you could barely touch your toes?

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A Good Question to Ask Yourself: Who Are You?

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As a loud crash outside the studio startled the participants in yoga class, the instructor reminded us to maintain our focus. Career Girl.

Plan B: Five Alternatives to a Summer Internship


Is there a class you need or want to take? Ask your employer for some additional projects that are meaningful to you and helpful to him.

Five Tips to Combating Ageism in Hiring, Part 2

Hiring Technical People

If you’re a project manager, maybe you understand deliverable-based planning and what happens when people use it and don’t use it. Once I hit 30 years of work, I referenced where I worked for the first ten years: “Worked as a software developer/project manager at these Boston-area companies.” Be specific.

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Five Tips to Hiring a Generalizing Specialist

Hiring Technical People

You are assuming a particular class of people. True specialists introduce a cost of delay into your projects. We talk a lot in agile about generalizing specialists. Has at least a general knowledge of the business domain in which they work. From Scott Ambler’s essay, [link] ). How do you hire one of these mythical people?

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How to Start Your Career While Still in College

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Spend free time or breaks between classes catching up on the latest innovations in your field. Sign Up for Relevant Classes. Joey Trebif.

Hiring for an Agile Team: Look for the Growth Mindset

Hiring Technical People

Sorry to be cynical, but the certifications from the varied  organizations are based on attending a class, and have no basis in successful agile project experience. That means if you go and attend a class, pass the exam, you have a certification. On your most recent project, tell me what happened when you got stuck.

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The Importance of Networking for Interns

Corn on the Job

Get involved in projects, ask questions, and find an influential employee of the company that may offer guidance. Bust your ass and volunteer to be on as many projects as possible. What is the true purpose of an internship? Money? College credits? Securing a job before graduation? Avoid Facebook/Myspace if possible. Step 3: Happy Hour!

5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students


Bunee developed his own website ( which demonstrates his capabilities and film projects. Create a powerful online presence.

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What Is Fulfilment – And How Do You Find Yours? Four Approaches You Can Use From People Who've Discovered Theirs

Career Shifters

An actual physical relief." – Lisa (our editorial project manager at Careershifters). And now, somehow, you're supposed to find it. Where is it?

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5 Ways to Enhance My Job Security

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Make sure that you are on the cutting edge of new technology by taking continuing education classes or other job-related skills. Get Schooled.

How To Get Ahead Without Becoming A Workaholic

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Pick one project, and be willing to let others slide. Select a project of yours that, if completed, would have the most impact.

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5 Ways To Make Time For Everything

Ms. Career Girl

If you take a moment to study world-class experts in nearly any field – athletes, artists, scientists, teachers, CEOs – you’ll see this is true.

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Thank You, God, for Giving me Anxiety

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would get comments like “Great student, talks a lot in class&#. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us!

5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Job Search

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You can quickly add a few projects under your belt to make up for any lacking experience you may have. 3. Take An Online Class.

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How Lying on a Resume Cost These 5 Executives Big Time

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While Zarrella did take classes at NYU, he never earned a degree there. Scott Thompson of Yahoo. Ronald Zarrella of Bausch & Lomb.

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Landing an Entry Level Job Without a Degree

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Sign up for individual classes through organizations ( AGI  for example) that offer one-off classes in the skill you need to learn.

9 Ways to Use Summer to Your Career Advantage


Without the worry of class the next day, life was pretty darn simple. Watermelon. Sno-Cones. Beach. Catch up on professional reading.

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Five Tips to Hiring a Generalizing Specialist

Hiring Technical People

You are assuming a particular class of people. True specialists introduce a cost of delay into your projects. We talk a lot in agile about generalizing specialists. Has at least a general knowledge of the business domain in which they work. From Scott Ambler’s essay, [link] ). How do you hire one of these mythical people?

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How to Prepare for an Entry-Level Interview

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In preparation for the entry-level interview, think back to some of your more challenging class projects and what you did and didn’t enjoy about them.

Is it 5:00 yet?

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Sit outside on a bench and discuss the project.  No email distractions, only a needed break while still being productive. 3. Outdoor meetings!