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SLIDE DECK: DisruptHR Cleveland, Mac Miller, Donald Trump and Assertiveness.

HR Capitalist

I had the pleasure of being at DisruptHR Cleveland late last week. Thanks to the great team at DisruptHR Cleveland for hosting me - great show!

Get the Best Talent and Get the Hell Out of the Way: What You Can Learn From the Cleveland Cavs.

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Of course, the Cleveland Cavaliers rode 80+ points from Lebron James and Kyrie Irving to win game 5 and send the series back to Cleveland.

USA Mobile Drug Testing Shares 6 Drug Free Workplace Benefits

Corn on the Job

You can follow USA Mobile Drug Testing Cleveland on Facebook and Twitter for up to date drug testing and HR info. Increased productivity.

Did You Know That. ?

Sklover Working Wisdom

Job applicants at the Cleveland Clinic – which will not hire smokers – must have their blood checked for nicotine. Smokers take heed.

Guerrilla Job Search Secrets of the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

Resume to Referral

He’s the formerly homeless, formerly unemployed man who was hired — literally off the street — by the Cleveland Cavaliers for his dream job as an announcer. Maybe you’ve heard the “golden voice&# of YouTube sensation, Ted Williams. Other job offers are still pouring in from around the country.

Albert Pujols and the Art of the Counter-Offer: It All Comes Down to Replacement Cost for the Same Performance.

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It's a much different reaction than what happened in Cleveland when Lebron James opted to "take his talents to South Beach". Hit the bricks, Ed.

The 50 Best Places To Work In 2012

Resume Bear

Cleveland Clinic: 3.6. It’s that time of year again: Glassdoor has released its list of 50 best places to work in 2012! Bain & Company: 4.7.

2012 83

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops! A Goodie Box Review

Ms. Career Girl

The post Goodie Goodie Gumdrops! A Goodie Box Review appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Here is what came inside and what I thought! Pass the salsa!

2016 43

Working, Traveling and Living the (Nomad) Dream

Ms. Career Girl

I do my best work when 33,000 feet above sea level and I choose to eat Mexican food in Mexico on my lunch break rather than at a Chipotle in Cleveland.

Twitter Recruiting 101: How to Optimize Your Tweets to Attract Candidates


We’re #hiring in #Cleveland ! The social network has its own language, and its rapid fire pace can overwhelm users. Plank off.

2015 57

Did You Know That. ?

Sklover Working Wisdom

More and more states are making it illegal for employers to make hiring decisions based on a job applicant’s credit history. 2011 Alan L. Did You Kno

Evolve and Hire Interchangeable Parts: What You Can Learn From the Golden State Warriors.

HR Capitalist

What can you learn from the Warriors about talent? Is that all? Yeah, that's all. At some point, the math becomes overwhelming. They slumped to No.

THIS IS THE END: Skinny Jeans Now OK for Wal-Mart Employees.

HR Capitalist

For others, it's a Cleveland team winning any type of championship. You know the deal with Armageddon. You know it when you see it.

Hiring the Best Global Talent Like the San Antonio Spurs


I was recently watching the San Antonio Spurs basketball team and marveling at their accomplishments (5 championships, 16 years of 50 plus win seasons, and the fact that they are currently neck and neck for the best record in the NBA despite not having as many superstars as the Golden State Warrior or Cleveland Cavaliers). […].


Envision. Create. Believe: Real Women Talk About Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Ms. Career Girl

The post Envision. Create. Believe: Real Women Talk About Finding Your Work-Life Balance appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. You can do anything.

2015 50

Effective Onboarding: How to Introduce New Leadership to a Team


Depending on the circumstances, introducing new leadership to your team is both exciting and challenging. Successful onboarding is a good way to start.

THE 8-MAN ROTATION: E-Book From The HR Capitalist and Friends

HR Capitalist

Cleveland and Lebron. Bonnie and Clyde. Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Jay-Z and Rick Rubin. Shaq and Kobe. Chris Bosh and a box of tissues.

“Can employers require medical information from job applicants?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Question : I work as an Employment Specialist in Ohio coaching a wide range of job seekers on their job search strategies. More and more people are asking me about being asked by prospective employers to provide them with a release to obtain medical histories and files on the actual job application. Is this legal?

Lesson from LeBron James: How to decide when to relocate.

Penelope Trunk

The problem with Cleveland is that the team is not strong enough to win a championship. It's not like he did not have a job in Cleveland.

Top 10 Rebounding USA Markets | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

Cleveland 7. They are ranked according to the private sector jobs they added between August 2009 and August 2010. #1 1 New York City 2.

2010 42

Ask Deb – Professional Branding Strategies for Executives

Careers Done Write

Cleveland, OH. Dear Debra, Q. I am happy in my new role as Vice President of Operations, but at some point would like to become a CIO or CEO.

SMART HR: Plan Your Vasectomy/March Madness Promo Today.

HR Capitalist

The logic is simple. Pregnancies cost money, especailly across people who are approaching middle age. March Madness. . We were done. What an ass.

Bette White: Relevant and Employable at Age 90

Career Solvers

And in the two years that have followed, Bette White continues to be everywhere and the job offers don’t seem to be slowing down.

What is Brand New in Employee Engagement?

David Zinger

Other presentations at the Conference Board conference include: The Brand – Culture Connection at The Cleveland Clinic. 300 Discount.

How LeBron James Showed Us the Future of the Workplace

Career Realism

Ever since LeBron James gave his notice to the Cleveland Cavaliers, in a blaze of self-important glory, I’ve had a stick in my craw.

Smoking in the Boys’ Room: You’re Fired!


The Cleveland Clinic employees 40,000 and is Ohio’s second largest employers. CAN SMOKING AFFECT MY EMPLOYMENT? The Scotts Lawn Care Case.

Ohio 30

Security Guard Closes Draw Bridge on Innovative Job Seeker

Corn on the Job

Ted Williams - Photo credit [link]. By now you’ve probably heard the incredibly story of Ted Williams , America’s favorite homeless person.

May 20th Oklahoma Tornado Donation & Assistance Guide


May 20th Oklahoma Tornado Forever Changed Me. Oklahoma and Moore Tornado Assistance Guide. To Volunteer: Moore Recovers . OK Strong . link]. EDMOND: .

Is Working Abroad For You?

Career Realism

If working abroad is a viable option for you, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience and comes with a unique set of challenges. Make A Questions List.

DATA & MONEY: Run a Vasectomy/March Madness Promo at Your Company Next January.

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Heads Up - This is not your normal March Madness post about lost productivity. I''d like to think I''m a leader in this area. We were done.



Miley told millions of young budding girls in one act that whore behavior is the new norm. The sky is purple, right?

Will Relocating for a Higher Wage Leave You Worse Off?

Career Alley

You and your family may find yourself in Detroit or Cleveland for example. ” – Oliver Wendell Holmes. Read more at

When Important People Leave: Circle the Wagons and Fire Up the "Us vs. Them" Machine.

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More on celebrating departures from the Big Lead : "Clevelanders reacted to LeBron James’ Decision by burning his jersey en masse. Key People.

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Cleveland Ohio. Question 1: Can my employer reduce my compensation because I am too successful? Can they do this? Boardman, Ohio. Melissa.

head of job bank outed for sending nasty emails to job seekers

Ask A Manager

Creating and updating the Cleveland Job Bank listings has been my hobby for more than ten years. A sample from one weirdly scathing email : How about starting with NOT presuming I would share my nearly 1,000 personally-known LinkedIn contacts with a TOTAL stranger? How bush league to pull that stunt. …No more questions or requests.

Relieve Your Holiday Stress with a Little Help from this Sweepstakes

Ms. Career Girl

via Cleveland Clinic , **via As I write this post it’s an ungodly hour. I’ve had another night of interrupted sleep. Career Girl.

Applying "Lean In" Lessons to Summer Legal Jobs

Resume Boutique

JD" and originally appeared in the June 24th issue of The Careerist (written by author Grover Cleveland and lawyer/Ms. Randi S. Lewis, Esq.,

Top 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Job Seekers and Recruiters


Midwest (Midwestern US): Chicago Detroit Indianapolis Columbus Milwaukee Omaha Cleveland – 3,931 members – a subgroup of JOBS 2.0: More popular spots where job seekers and recruiters are meeting up on LinkedIn. Not sure how or why to use LinkedIn Groups on your job search? LinkedIn lets you join a maximum of 50 groups. US U.S.A.

Coaches Who Should Not Of Been Fired?

Resume Bear

he was busy rebuilding the Cleveland Browns franchise from 1991-1995. For the most part, coaches are measured on their wins and losses.

Looking for The Closer for your dispute


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