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Employer Networking Through Your College


Most colleges will publish events and opportunities online or via an email newsletter. Employer Info Sessions. Prepare to Meet Employers.

12 Resources for College Grad Job Search- Majoring in Employment

Career Alley

four years of college may not be enough to land the job of your choice. On the contrary, your college diploma just means you are now qualified to look for a job. College Grads College Job Search Internships Interviews Networking ResumesGraduation does guarantee a job. But why wait until you graduate.

12 Resources for College Grad Job Search- Majoring in Employment

Career Alley

But your four years of college may not be enough to land the job of your choice. So, you may ask, how do you build a network in college?

New Fanshawe College Pathfinder Uses Career Key's Career and College Major Test

Career Key

The online Fanshawe Pathfinder is the first college recruitment and admissions tool in Canada and the U.S. to use Personality-Major Match TM.

How your college degree impresses employers

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There are numerous things that may impress future employers, but as a student, your ability to impress a future employer is limited. Even small infractions may be picked up upon by employers. You may feel it necessary to mention on your job application or resume about how hard college was. One that is free from trouble.

45 Inspiring Career Blogs for College Students

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Career Girl targets women in the workplace — usually recent college graduates and young professionals — and covers the stories that impact them most.

Employers Must Influence Today’s College Students


hours learning about employers during their most recent job search. What does this mean for employers that are hot to hire Gen Y? hours.

7 Tips for Landing Your First Job as a College Grad

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Finding your first job after college can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Take a look at FEDERAL WORK-STUDY (FWS) PROGRAM.

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7 Stages of Work After College

Ms. Career Girl

The post 7 Stages of Work After College appeared first on Ms. Now college is over. Job Search after college interview jobThe goal?

These 4 Strategies Will Strengthen Your College Degree’s ROI

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These 4 Strategies Will Strengthen Your College Degree’s ROI. Complete Your First Year’s Core Courses At A Community College. News flash!

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Top 10 To Do List for College Grad Job Search

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Arguably, your job search as a college grad should start long before you graduate, not after you’ve graduated. Possibly not. Joey Trebif.

Employers: Show Common Courtesy to Applicants

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The job seeker/employer relationship is a complex one and in the end, communication is key. Looking for a job can be stressful.

Employer’s Interview Advice for College Students


Employers are the best source of credible advice. Not all employers and industries are created equal, so you want to determine how to impress your employer of choice. Consider this advice direct from several top employers: 6 pieces of advice for college students. Are you gearing up for interviews this spring?

Employers plan to hire 21 percent more recent college grads this year

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percent increase, according to Bloomberg. percent higher than last year, according to CNN.

ResumeBear: High Salaries For the College Grad Starting Out!

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College Graduates College Students Job Hunting Strategies Job Market Jobs News Salary News Why ResumeBear? Business*. Communications.

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What Our Future College Grads Need to Know About Job Hunting


Therefore, as a college grad, you should get involved in a number of activities that will help you find your desired job. Dress for success.

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Finding Your First Job After College

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The post Finding Your First Job After College appeared first on Ms. The current generation of college graduates will be facing great challenges.

5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students


Here are 5 tools to help you to establish your personal brand: 5 Personal Branding Tools for College Students. Make sure it’s professional.

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10 Soft Skills Employers Want from You

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In a recent study by Payscale , employer respondents indicated soft skills is a major factor new college graduates lack. Patience.

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LinkedIn Profile for College Students 2014


College students and new grads are the fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn. Are you a college student or new grad? Photos and Images.

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The Biggest Secret To Finding A Job After College

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The Biggest Secret To Finding A Job After College. Related: 7 Tips For Finding A Job After College. CAREEREALISM. That was 35 years ago.

Top Resume Writing Tips for College Students

The Undercover Recruiter

If you know how to write a resume, you will easily convince your potential employer that you possess the exact skills they are looking for!

Update: Facebook Responds to Employers Asking for Passwords

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Like many of you, most Facebook users feel it a violation of privacy for employers to ask such a thing. Today, Facebook responded.

Employed but Scared


The job started way back then as a weeklong gig after he graduated from college but didn’t yet know what he wanted to do. David, a recent client, is not looking for help to get a job. He has one—for the past 20 years. David seemed—in the eyes of his supervisor, then a vice president […]. Career

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Tips for Hiring Recent College Grads #shrm14


Graduation season is upon us, which means a lot of recent college grads entering the job market. HR college grads job seekers recruiting

5 Professional Development Tips For College Students

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As a college student, your number one priority is to learn. Here are some professional development tips for college students: 1. Not me.

5 Ways for Employers to Connect with College Recruits on Social Media

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The post 5 Ways for Employers to Connect with College Recruits on Social Media appeared first on Resumebear Online Resume.

11 Ways to Build Your Network After College

Ms. Career Girl

You’re fresh out of college and looking for a job. 11 Connections You Should Make to Build Your Post-College Network. Tweet This!

10 Top Resume Tips for College Students


Here we share a list of top 10 tips specifically for college students. 10 Top Resume Tips for College Students. College Help.

Facebook: Employers Wanting Usename and Password?

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More employers want to know exactly what you do on your social media accounts.  And do employers have the right to ask that?

How to Start Your Career While Still in College

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When they do finally graduate, many college students will face the pressures of a depleted job market. Read and Research. Never Stop Networking.

The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

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Recent employment practices show your interview starts long before you arrive; it starts online with your social media accounts. Surprised?

11 Job Search Commandments For College Grads

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Job Search For College Grads Stinks Right Now The outlook for the current batch of graduates is terrible. think there are two reasons why: 1.)

The College Student’s Guide to a Winning Resume

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Sell yourself to the employer by convincing them that you’re the best candidate to bring in for the interview. Gone in sixty seconds.

Job Boards Are 2nd Largest Source of Hire: College is 5th

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College recruits. Why track source of hire data? Companies need to know where to spend their time, effort and recruiting dollars. Job boards.

Relationship Recruiting with College Students


Fortunately, my company has long-standing relationships with some great colleges and has a positive reputation with them as an employer.

11 Smart Tips For Finding A Job After College

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Related: 3 Ways To Avoid A Minimum Wage Job After College. had a lot of trouble finding a job that interested me after getting out of college.

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50 New Social Sites College Students Should Try Out

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Here’s our list of 50 new social sites that college students should try out. General. Multitasking. Friends and Social. Networking. Travel.

101 Career and Employer Blogs for Recruiting Candidates & Employment Branding


Tell a digital story about your employment brand, culture and/or employees. 18% of employers have an employer or career related blog.

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Build Your College to Career Confidence


The first step in securing job offers from future employers is your own personal confidence.  Let’s face it: you own this.  IGNORE YOUR AGE.