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Helpful Hints For Women In The World Of Business

Ms. Career Girl

The post Helpful Hints For Women In The World Of Business appeared first on Ms. does not seem to care much about the disparity of women.

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Reasons Behind the Rising Number of Women Volunteers

Ms. Career Girl

The post Reasons Behind the Rising Number of Women Volunteers appeared first on Ms. Featured Life After CollegeCareer Girl. Career Girl.

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Jobs that give Women the Most Earning Potential

Resume Bear

In the past 30 years, the wage gap between men and women has narrowed considerably. Women now earn an average of 81.6 Pharmacists.

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45 Inspiring Career Blogs for College Students

Resume Bear

Career Girl targets women in the workplace — usually recent college graduates and young professionals — and covers the stories that impact them most.

30 Women who have revolutionized the tech sector

Penelope Trunk

But then I thought, all the women on this list who have young kids have seemingly impossible arrangements to fit their kids and work into their lives.

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ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About

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Which, for cash-strapped college kids struggling to scratch up jobs after receiving their degrees, isn’t nearly soon enough. Understandable!

How your college degree impresses employers

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Do not forget that when you leave college/university, you are an untested employee, therefore without work references the only thing employers have to go on is your college career, and your conduct within. You may feel it necessary to mention on your job application or resume about how hard college was.

Investors fund mostly men, which is fine for women

Penelope Trunk

That’s what it sounds like when anyone suggests that we need to get more women doing startups. Clearly, women have a choice. So what?

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Tips for Young Women in the Workforce

Resume Bear

After conducting hundreds of women’s seminars and coaching numerous female executives, I believe that a lot of women could benefit from “leaning in.”

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Search Engines Every College Student Needs

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Find fun things to do in your college town using these helpful entertainment search sites. Research. Getting Answers. Med Students. All-In-One.

7 Ways Women Must Take Charge Of Their Careers

Career Realism

of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Women comprise 23.7% They delegate unrealistic tasks to… women. The P.E.P. We haven’t. of U.S.

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Top 5 Ways Employers Can Help Women Advance

Resume Bear

Most Women Feel that Having Women in Positions of Leadership is Important in Considering a Prospective Employer. Chicago and Dallas.

Working Women: Stop Making 17% Less Than Men!


We’ve all heard the statistic that women only make 75% of what their male counterparts bring home. Not necessarily.

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What if Women Pioneered the Work World?

Ms. Career Girl

Had the professional world been pioneered by women rather than men, what would it look like? career womenAnd that’s no coincidence.

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Menstrual Leave is an Embarrassment to Women’s Success

Evil HR Lady

Me: Mrs. Ingalls, when women menstruate they need extra time off work, don’t you think? Then I need to repair the chicken coop so that foxes don’t eat my chickens, because if they do, we lose out on eggs and I’m hoping to be able to have enough money from selling the eggs to send my blind daughter to college.

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Essential advice for new college grads

Penelope Trunk

One of the things I love most about the advice-to-grads motif is that you learn a lot about the advice giver from the advice. Your career is a story.

Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience

Ms. Career Girl

The post Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Improve Your Foreign Language Skills. Be More Culturally Diverse.

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How Should I Prepare for a College Career Fair?

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Blog Directory Contact Subscribe How Should I Prepare for a College Career Fair? News Flash!

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6 Workplace Realities Women Will Face In 2040

Water Cooler Wisdom

Assuming that she has a college degree and eight years of work experience, how might she fare in a world dominated by contract workers , fluid teams, human-centered work, persistent pay gaps , blurred work-life boundaries , and biases that have been around since the beginning of time? My 4-year-old daughter Serena will be 30 in 2041.

Mean Girls: Are women harder on each other?

Ms. Career Girl

Lauren easily became an easy target for what I call “women-hating.” What do you think: Are women harder on each other?

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Career Confession: I didn’t learn this in college!

Ms. Career Girl

I’m one of the few people in my generation who has a career that directly correlates to what I studied in college. Career Confessions Homepage Features Work career advice career women first job fitness gen y generation Y money thoughts twentysomethings women in business your first job If you’re sick, stay home.

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Lean In and Advance Women in the Workplace


Fifty years after “The Feminine Mystique” was first published, women continue to mange professional, family and lifestyle challenges.

The 10 Best Careers For Women In 2013

Career Realism

In fact, many women are looking for an entirely different career path. Women have skills and talents for management. Interior Designer.

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Working Women Need Wives

Career Solvers

Women now make up at least half of the American workforce. Yet despite these strides, working women are facing more challenges than ever before.

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5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us

Ms. Career Girl

The post 5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The internet is the enemy. See if you agree. Introduce yourself. Email.

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do women have to wear makeup to look professional?

Ask A Manager

I’ve also never had a job before (I’m in college). I know there are studies out there showing that women who wear makeup “appear more competent” or whatever, but I think I look fine without it. If I don’t actually have to wear makeup, would you, if you were my manager, expect it? But is makeup necessary ?

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What to do in college right now

Penelope Trunk

It used to be controversial to say that college is a rip off. Look, you can tell me you are at college for the love of learning.

19 Best Paying Jobs for Women in 2013

Career Alley

Related posts: Top 5 Careers for Young Women in 2013. The Highest Paying Jobs for Non-College Grads. Tips on Making 2013 a Great Year for Your Career. Job Search Best Careers Career advice Careers Jobs self help Self Improvement

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7 Ways to Earn More Respect and Influence as a Young Professional Woman

Ms. Career Girl

During my first year out of college, I worked in a legal organization that assists men and women from all over the world. Tweet This!

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10 Steps to Ensure Safe Volunteering Abroad for Women

Ms. Career Girl

The post 10 Steps to Ensure Safe Volunteering Abroad for Women appeared first on Ms. Life After CollegeCareer Girl. Volunteering abroad?

Empowering Women in Business: Intercollegiate Business Convention Year 10

Ms. Career Girl

The post Empowering Women in Business: Intercollegiate Business Convention Year 10 appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The IBC.x Career Girl.

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The Undercover Recruiter

of CEOs have no college degrees. Career Management Infographics CEO CEOs college degrees mashable new take Women INFOGRAPHIC].

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6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


Weatherhead’s executive education programmes for emerging and current women leaders help them understand the system and how to overcome it.

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Colleges Offering OpenCourseWare

Resume to Referral

Home About Free Mags Jobs Resume Services Advertise « Recruiters on Twitter | Job Search Shortcut Your Resume – An Employer’s First Impression of You » Colleges Offering OpenCourseWare Need to Beef Up Your Professional Skills? It didn’t take long for other competing colleges to take notice and follow suit. Vesta M.

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How To Make It As A Young Woman In The Entertainment Industry

Ms. Career Girl

Yes, I have a college degree, but nothing has proven more valuable than my hands-on experience at SB Projects. Career Girl. Her bio follows.

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A Teacher’s Perspective: Career Advice I Wish I Would Have Followed

Ms. Career Girl

Before, during and even after college, I was given a lot of career advice from my family and mentors.

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New Year Resolutions Professionals SHOULD Make

Ms. Career Girl

Do you have another resolution that would be great for women in the workforce? What resolutions should you be making in the new year? John P.

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Life at the Bottom of the Totem Pole

Ms. Career Girl

These little moments are when we want to cuss our college professors who lead us to believe our careers will be awesome. Yeah right.

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Why PR Can Benefit from More Female Leaders

Ms. Career Girl

True, women have made strides towards equality in the workforce in the past decades. Women are, in general, predisposed to be better listeners.

Pinterest and Job Seeking Learn More

Resume Bear

The social networking website Pinterest seems to be all anyone can talk about these days. You can use it to: Discover your passions. Get the facts.

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