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Navigating Workers Compensation Claims After an Injury

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The post Navigating Workers Compensation Claims After an Injury appeared first on Ms. File the Workers Compensation Claim. Career Girl.

Tips for Talking About Compensation


Even HR professionals cringe at the thought of discussing compensation with employees, be they long-term employees or new hires. Tip #1. Tip #2.

What’s Behind LinkedIn’s Big Compensation Problem

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billion was big news, but The New York Times has theorized a non-public reason for the sale: LinkedIn’s compensation problems. It seems that LinkedIn gave a huge percentage of its compensation in stock. You can imagine how top talent isn’t willing to stick around in a company that just slashed their compensation.

Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


Workers Compensation Definition. Because Workers Compensation are state programs, they are unique and specific to each and every state.

How Should Continuous Feedback Affect Compensation/Promotion Decisions?


Once your company has started giving more frequent feedback, you may be wondering how this new system will impact compensation and promotion decisions.

Episode 28 – FMLA, Workers’ Compensation & Disability Update


A few weeks back, we had our Triple Threat webinar discussing FMLA, Workers’ Compensation and Disability on Blogging4Jobs. Episode 28: Your FMLA, Workers’ Compensation & Disability Questions Answered. It was extremely popular and our speakers, Eric B. And here we are! Employment law attorneys, Eric B. Who notifies who?

“Can my employer simply reduce compensation promised in my offer letter?”

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On the “Letter of Intent” offer that I signed it clearly says under “compensation” that I get the cell phone allowance of $80 per month. So, it is entirely legal for an employer to change the terms of compensation or benefits at any time, as your employer has done. Jim . Rock Hill, South Carolina. Answer : Dear Jim, . Best, .

“Employer’s Sole Discretion” in Contracts, Handbooks and Compensation Plans: Six Strong Arguments to Defeat It

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On this basis, Brandon felt confident he would achieve an overall increase in compensation. The company Bonus Plan provided that any issues as to eligibility, entitlement or calculation of bonuses would be “determined with finality by the Company Compensation Committee in its sole and absolute discretion.”. Author Unknown. Louis.

Top 5 Workers Compensation Claims


For this reason, companies are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers Compensation Insurance 101.

Executive Compensation: Are You Being Paid Competitively?

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44 percent reported an increase in total compensation over the last fiscal year, while 40.1 percent saw no change in their total compensation.

Staff Development, Benefits & Compensation for Low-Wage Workers


Those working in these jobs make up a large portion of the workforce, so it is imperative that we think about them when creating staff development programs, compensation structures and benefits. The answer to how we better engage and develop our low-wage employees is a mix of compensation, benefits and staff development. 2 U.S.

4 Types of Compensation You May Be Owed from Your Company

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When a person is employed by a company, they are almost always entitled to some sort of compensation from the employer according to employment laws.

5 Ways to Compensate for a Lack of Paid Professional Experience

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Don’t let lack of recent paid professional experience keep you from your dream job. Professional Certifications. ” 2.) Internships.

The Need for and Appeal of Better Compensation


Few things, however, are as critical when searching for a job than that of compensation. Compensation, in the form of salary, bonuses and benefits, is [.]. Salary CompensationWhen it comes to finding a job, there are many things to consider, from the hours to the prospects of the company to how you get along with the boss.

The Compensation Quandry. How HR Asks for a Raise.


Our profession touches almost every part of the organization from compensation to OD to IT even to the effectiveness of your sales team.

Job Board Detox Tip #14: Research Salary and Compensation Packages

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Today’s job board detox tip: Research potential salary and compensation packages. Job Search compensation Job Board Detox salary

3 Ways to Increase Your Candidate Job Offer Acceptance Rate


We will discuss how to non-compensation benefits and perks can increase your acceptance rate as well as how you’re able to offer a well rounded strategy when it comes to […] Source. HR career development employee perks job offer acceptance job offers non-cash compensation total rewards

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Candidate Salaries: Tackling the Taboo Topic

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Recruiting candidate compensation SalaryHowever it has been my experience that salary is the number one. View Article.

“Commission and Sales Bonus Plans: Read them or it will cost you.”

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A significant part of the compensation was a quarterly Sales Bonus based on revenue from customers. Your situation, and the question that has arisen from it, is a very good illustration of an important lesson that applies to all employment: There is no substitute for reaching out to find out all details of employment and compensation.

6 Compensation Resources to Focus Your Job Hunt

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Whatever that number is, you should have a reasonable idea of the job market and how much you can command for compensation (within a range). So how much are you worth? If you're lucky, more that you are being paid now. Career advice How Much are You Worth Salary Salary Guides

“If I am not paid commissions due me, is my non-compete still valid?”

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Miscellaneous Compensation Non-Compete's and Confidentiality Q & A Raise, Bonus, Compensation Resolving Disputes with Present EmployersQuestion : When I was hired, I had to sign a two-year non-compete. I want to leave this company due to the fact they withheld $300,000 in commissions due me. Competing companies want to hire me.

LinkedIn Has a Beta Salary Reporting Tool (Code Name: Glassdoor Killer)

HR Capitalist

Compensation HR Insider TalentFirst up, let me say that I don't think LinkedIn can kill Glassdoor. Buy them? Final note. Everybody Wants Some.

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Herzberg’s Theory & What It Means for Job Seekers

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I saw an article that posed the question “ Does More Compensation Improve Productivity? Satisfiers may include: Having responsibility.

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“If my boss approves a payment to me in error, am I entitled to receive it?”

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Disputes and Resolving Them Miscellaneous Compensation Q & A Raise, Bonus, Compensation Reasons for DisputesQuestion : Dear Alan: I have an issue with my employer over a lack of payment. I noticed in our login system that I had 40 hours of personal time I could use, which I requested to use a couple of weeks ago as a week off.

WHY Do You Love Your Job? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Undercover Recruiter

Better compensation and challenging work are two reasons for job search in various countries. What motivates you to choose or switch jobs?

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Glassdoor Just Gave You A Gift, HR. It's In a Brown Paper Bag and on Fire Just Outside Your Door.

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When I played the role of a recruiter at our company, Know Your Worth gladly accepted my commission target as part of my total compensation potential.

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“Can you explain what ‘warrants’ are?”

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Miscellaneous Compensation Q & A Raise, Bonus, CompensationQuestion: Can you explain warrants that are issued and what rights does an employee have regarding them? Also, can you direct me to a place where I can find out more about understanding them? Regina . Oakland, California. Answer: Dear Regina: . Best to you, Al Sklover.

Don’t Throw Your Career Under the Bus Chasing the Almighty Dollar

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The knowledge and experiences gained at the job with highest salary now don’t position you to maximize your compensation in the future.

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“What should I do if the raise offered is insufficient?”

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On the other hand, employers feel limited in what they can do to provide employees compensation. Miscellaneous Compensation Q & A Raise, Bonus, CompensationQuestion: First of all, I am a great fan of your valuable career advices. I work in the educational sector managed by a renowned businessman. I was given a 7% raise.

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9 Real Challenges Facing HR in the Future

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Hiring Recruitment Analysing candidates Career compensation human resources investments leaders organisations Recruitment Management System

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How to Negotiate Your Salary in 10 Simple Steps [VIDEO]

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Interview Tips Personal Development Video compensation earnings emolument higher negotiate negotiation raise Salary

“What Salary Do You Seek?” The Four Smartest Responses

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Start with “ Flexible ”: “I am flexible as to salary, depending on overall compensation. ” It is a given that base salary is but one part of an overall compensation package, and that in many companies it is a rather small part of overall compensation. Paul Getty. When I asked “Can you at least tell me what your ballpark is?”

Massachusetts Loses Mind: Passes Law Outlawing Employers Asking For Salary History.

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Compensation RecruitingMassachusetts has lost its mind. What they don't have is over-reaching laws that hurts companies from making matches.

3 Candidates Walk Into a Bar and a Recruiter Asks Each One Of Them What They Make.

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Compensation Economics Recruiting TalentI love all of you who read this blog - Thank you! I've always had to be both. . You're not as deep.

“Compensation lowered; can I resign and collect Unemployment Benefits?”

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Answer: Dear Rob: Many, many people worldwide are having their compensation cut, and so I am receiving many questions like yours. Miscellaneous Compensation Raise, Bonus, Compensation Resigning from Your Job Unemployment Benefits If I refuse to work for the lowered salary and commissions, can I collect Unemployment Benefits?

The Big 2011 Compensation Question - Are the Starbucks Baristas Getting Screwed by a Cash-Free Society?

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Has there ever been a bigger employee relations nightmare related to compensation than what's happened at Starbucks over the last three years?

Breaking Down the Gender Equity Pay Adjustments at Salesforce.

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Data on the compensation of employees in all departments at all levels of tenure apparently revealed Robbins and Seka’s suspicions to be warranted.

Compensation Conundrum – When You Should Compromise on Compensation

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Having lived through events described above several times (unfortunately), I’ve learned that you need to be flexible (and careful) in the way you handle your future compensation. On the other hand, “holding out” for a level of compensation that may no longer be realistic can also backfire. Explore. Dream.

HEY BIG COMPANY: Are Your Management Trainees Bristling At Being Salaried Employees?

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Compensation Litigation WorkplaceAh yes. The time honored tradition of the management trainee position. You know it, you love it. Sigh - I know.

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The Time The CEO Raised the Minimum Salary to 70K and Found Out This People Thing is Kind of Complex.

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Compensation Economics Employee Relations Recruiting RetentionThis post is about unintended consequences. What could go wrong? Probably not.

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