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12 Employee Survey Questions to Ask Your Workplace Today


The employee survey is a concrete snapshot of your workplace at a moment in time. Our webinar is pre-approved for 1 HRCI recertification credit.

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Survey Finds Digital Talent In Greatest Demand

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The survey found that there is a huge perception gap between executives, managers and talent in the area of “career pathing.” and 5.4%

Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

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A new survey by Aon Hewitt reveals that salaries for U.S. According to Aon Hewitt’s survey of more than 1,300 U.S. percent in 2011.

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#SHRM Benefits Survey: 40% More Companies Offer Telecommuting


According to SHRM’s 2016 Employee Benefits Survey , published today, 40% more organizations offer telecommuting in 2016 than in 1996.


Does Your Employee Engagement Survey Serve You? Really?

David Zinger

Here is the headline from a recent article: Is it time to sack the annual employee engagement survey? Reading time = 34 seconds.

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87% of Companies Are Losing Gen Y Workers, And It’s Costly


In fact, according to a survey , 30 percent of companies lost 15 percent or more of their Gen Y employees in the last year. Photo Credit. .

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Friday Factoid #29: Employee Engagement and Cost Reduction

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What does cost reduction cost us? Cost reduction can cost us trust. From page 19 of The Flat Army by Dan Pontefract.

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Time Management Issues That Are Costing Executives BIG!

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hours each week in meetings, Accountemps Survey" "According to Forbes ASAP, the typical executive today wastes 150 hours a year, almost one month, searching for lost information. IABO states: "The Wall Street Journal reports that the average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year retrieving misplaced information from messy desks and files.

Disengaged Employees Cost US Employers $350 Billion Per Year


They cost your organization time and money either in workplace unproductivity, turnover costs, training, and lost opportunities.

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21 Million Americans Will Change Jobs in 2012 Costing $2 Trillion


The survey also includes a telling infographic which is included below. Cornerstone’s survey reveals that half (50 percent) of employed U.S.

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Reference Checks Remove One in Five Job Candidates From.

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The survey was developed by OfficeTeam, a leading staffing service specializing in the placement of highly skilled administrative professionals.

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Fix the Problem before It Occurs: Hire the Right Candidate


A survey performed by CareerBuilder revealed that 41 percent of companies estimate that a bad hire costs more than $25,000, and 25 percent said it costs more than $50,000. And the higher the position, the higher those numbers become. Interview Miscellaneous Good Hiring Practices HR Recruiting

Creating Auditions for Senior Managers

Hiring Technical People

If you read the comments, you see I’m not into surveys or psychometric assessments. I hope you’ve read my blog post over at Vistage.

Employee Benefits Examined: What’s Important Across the Country?


The fourth annual Aon Hewitt Benefits and Trends Survey asked a range of professionals in HR across all sectors a number of questions relating to employee benefits. The four key areas of the survey were defined-contribution pensions, health and risk benefits, flexible benefits and communications. Pensions Examined. Health Issues.

How to Measure Post-Hiring Success

The Undercover Recruiter

Bad hires continue to cost recruitment companies thousands of lost revenue every year. View Article. How to Measure Post-Hiring Success.

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4 Candidate Centered Solutions For Your Broken Recruiting Strategy


In fact 50% of companies surveyed by Career CrossRoads in 2011 tell us that we don’t even engage the candidate on any level.

Career Counseling in Workforce Development is Cost-Effective. Who.

Career Key

Friday, October 9, 2009 Career Counseling in Workforce Development is Cost-Effective. Linking the terms cost-effective and workforce development (or any government enterprise) is a risky business these days - but Im going to go out on limb here because Im armed with "think tank" report! How much does The Career Key cost? We did.

C-suite Executives and Social Media: Are You Resistant or Engaged?

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Here are some of the survey results: Question: CEO participation in social media leads to better leadership. How engaged are you?

Jobvite survey reveals social media is a top recruiting strategy.

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Finding a job is all about people you know and people you meet who have the information you need to get a job in this hidden job market. Whats This?

EEOC is reconsidering their policy regarding Criminal Background.


Surveys & White Papers. Removing Arbitrary Bars to Hiring People with Arrest and Conviction Records Improves Job Availability, Lowers Crime and Social Costs, Experts Tell EEOC. He explained that some federal and state licensing restrictions are costly and arbitrary. Be our Friend. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise.

Before You Change Jobs, Do This!

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That survey is cited in an article at the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) consumer site, Insure U.

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4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume

Career Realism

Evaluated current processes and led efforts that restructured operations, leading to a reduction in costs and an increase in revenue.”

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4 Tips For Writing A Powerful Resume

Career Realism

Evaluated current processes and led efforts that restructured operations, leading to a reduction in costs and an increase in revenue.”

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How #HR & Your Workplace Use Social Media #SHRM14


You can access my full slide presentation and download my briefing with the initial results of my survey. . HR is not known for innovation.

New Challenges for Managers in a Changing World of Work


Turnover can cost a company up to 400% of an employee’s annual salary. We are currently going through a management crisis. The New Employee.

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How to Tell Whether Your Relocation Package or your Closing Skills Suck.

HR Capitalist

But now, thanks to the Workforce Mobility Survey ( click here ) sponsored by Allied, we've got some actual data rather than my opinion. .

Cut Once Measure Twice. HR Metrics for Training, Retention & Engagement


Cost-Benefit Ratio = Total Benefit ÷ Total Cost. ROI = (Total Benefit-Total Cost) ÷ Total Cost. Monthly Turnover = (no.

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60% of Employees Haven’t Gotten Useful Feedback From Boss in 6 Months


Surviving Work. Since 2008 and the recession, employees have gone into survival mode. They are surviving work. Create a plan from there.

Should You Move for a Job?

Career Alley

What are the costs of moving? Small firms cover costs less often and are more inclined to offer lump sums instead of reimbursements.

Employee Engagement: Nobody Wants an F

David Zinger

HRE Daily recently published an article entitled: Companies Surveyed Flunk Employee Engagement.

2015 28

These Are a Few of Our Favorite (Recruitment Marketing) Things


Phoster: This handy app cost 99 cents and is well worth the investment. Surveys, mailings lists? For $34.99 Start creating now. Check.

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The ‘Skills Gap’ Issue For Job Seekers

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33% – Inadequate skills cost them a promotion or new job. The survey asks about “missing skills.”. said “management skills”.

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5 Common HR Goals and How Big Data Can Help You Achieve Them #BigDataHR


Offer the Best Benefits Package at the Best Cost. This week on Blogging4Jobs, we are focusing on the theme Big Data sponsored by Jibe.

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Top 10 HR Blogs of the Week – Time Management & Productivity


” Sixty-eight percent of chief financial officers (CFOs) said they are typically in touch with the office at least once a week while on summer vacation,” according to a Robert Half Management Resources Survey. If You’re On Social Media, You Have Time from Cost of Work. I’m not alone in my “working vacation.”

3 Warning Signs Your Employees Are Suffering Burnout


According to a new survey from ComPsych , more current employees are suffering burnout. Disengaged Workforce & Employee Turnover Costs.

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Domestic Violence and HR: Don’t Wait for a Ray Rice Moment


The annual cost of lost productivity due to domestic violence is more than $700 million. The costs of preventative measures are far outweighed by the significant human and economic costs to employees, business, and reputation after a violent incident. The outcry was appropriate, but unfortunately, this is not a new issue.

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What Does an Online Degree Mean to Your Career?

Career Alley

According to a Babson Survey Research Group survey, more than 6.7 It can also be beneficial to your career in many ways. Sets You Apart.

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Employee Loyalty Is the New NPS


NPS is based on customer surveys that ask one simple question: “Would you recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”.

2016 29

Recruiting: It Can Determine Business Success or Failure

The Undercover Recruiter

Valuing the cost of recruitment: Many employers deem recruitment too costly and time-consuming. Each ant has a job and a purpose.

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How Strong is Your Executive Brand Online for Job Search?

Executive Career Brand

It takes less time, is much more cost effective, and yields a greater number of qualified candidates than other methods. and get cracking.