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You? A Biased Interviewer? Of Course Not. Oh, Wait…

Evil HR Lady

Of Course Not. Most people aren’t experts at conducting job interviews, so it’s no wonder we’re not perfect at it. In fact, we often stink.  emphasisHR helped me out on putting together some biases that occur when we’re interviewing. To read click here: Your Interviews Are Biased (And You May Not Even Realize It).

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The Obstacle Course of Employee Engagement

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s hard to keep on top of employee engagement sometimes – people do say it can be an obstacle course.

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Online course: Proven paths to the perfect ISFJ life

Penelope Trunk

The ISFJ course is here! The course starts Jan. The cost of the course is $147  for four days and then the price goes up to $195.

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3 Reasons This Guy Made $66K From His iPhone App Course

Career Realism

3 Reasons This Guy Made $66K From His iPhone App Course. He did it by creating a simple video course on how to learn to program an iPhone app.

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Change the Course of Business Today: Communication


Part 10: Change the Course of Business Today: Communication. Talent Management Today. Sad State of Affairs. Jobseekers still feel uninformed.

What life would look if we said no to work-life balance (and a nod to Amazon, of course)

Penelope Trunk

In exchange for giving up all my family time, I launched a startup ( with two, twenty-year-old guys , of course). Maybe twenty. It’s fair.

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What Makes a Good Executive MBA Course?

Position Ignition

Just as with any type of degree, the courses that various business schools offer vary wildly in terms of quality, value and usefulness. Check the course details to see if you can choose your hours of study, if it offers weekend and evening classes and if there are any distance-learning options.

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Career Change 2 Day Course 6-7th September

Position Ignition

In early September we are running a 2 day intensive course that will take you through all you need to know in order to make your career change happen.

Workplace Etiquette 101 - Refresher Course!


If office etiquette has been lacking in your workplace as of late, here is a refresher course. Respect the Breakroom.

[Limited Time 50% Off] Are You a Stress Eater? Join 4-Week “How To Stop Stress Eating” Course!

Personal Excellence Blog

This is an upcoming emotional eating course to help you resolve emotional eating once and for all. Upcoming Emotional Eating Coaching Course!!

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Group Guiding Course - Launched

Position Ignition

This is a course that will support you and your group to find your ideal work. Do you want to find a job that you love?

Online course: Be your real INFJ self without feeling frustrated

Penelope Trunk

This course includes four days of video sessions and email-based course materials. The course is live July 26 – 29 8pm Eastern.

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“What is the best course of action to stop bullying and hostility?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

What is the best course of action for her to stop the behavior and hostility from her managers, and to gain time to find employment elsewhere? The best course of action is set forth in three places on our blogsite: . This is a major corporation in the U.S. In the end, that is all we want. Washington, D.C. Here are my thoughts:   . 1.

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MBA Courses: Don't Do MBAs for the Wrong Reasons

Position Ignition

Do it because you’re genuinely interested in business and the subsets of that topic the particular course of your choice will cover.

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What to Add on a Resume? Take These 5 Certification Courses to Bolster Any Resume


A great resume is, of course, essential in any successful job search, but there are some excellent ways that you can help your resume stand out.

Top 20 Global Executive MBA Courses 2011

Position Ignition

We recently brought you the top 20 MBA courses worldwide: here are the top 20 MBAs specifically designed for senior professionals. 1.

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College, Training Courses or Work Experience? Which is Better?

Career Copilot

There are a lot of ways to improve your job prospects and land that job that you are aiming for. But how do you make the right decision that will benefit your situation? Improving your skills and knowledge should always be one of the main things you focus on and when it comes to things [.].

How Do Top Achievers Stay Motivated? Introducing: Anti-Procrastination Course, Product Version! [Get 20% Off!]

Personal Excellence Blog

Last month, I conducted a four-week intensive group coaching course on how to overcome procrastination–for life. Then, things changed.

Online course: Write great blog posts that go viral

Penelope Trunk

This is really the course I’d like to teach every day of my life. Sign up now. . It was a joy for me to get him an agent. Appreciation!

Completed Courses at Community College

Careers Done Write

Do I need to list the community college on my resume? I did not earn a degree there, just completed a bunch of courses allowing me to transfer.

Correcting Course With a Career Change

Resume to Referral

For most, it’s quite common to fantasize about trying out a different career. In fact, studies show that one-third of the American workforce often thinks seriously, during a given year, about leaving their jobs. The focus of a career change typically centers around a vocation you’ve always been interested in, but could never follow through on

Start a New Career with a Pharmacy Technician Course

Career Alley

Because of this, there are many schools that offer pharmacy technician courses.  But is a pharmacy technician course right for you?

Blog Your Way to a Million Pageviews: Join My New Blogging Course, Starting Dec 8!! [Sign Up NOW]

Personal Excellence Blog

If you already know this, skip to the next section on course details!). Blog Your Way to a Million Pageviews: My Blogging Course! Agenda.

Want To Earn Passive Income? Join the Passive Income Course – Registration Open NOW! 50% Off [Limited Time Discount!]

Personal Excellence Blog

If you answered yes to any of the questions, this upcoming course on creating a passive income business is just for you! Yes of course.

3 Software Courses To Expand Your Career Options

Career Realism

number of courses are available in Excel, including some easy-to-access online courses that you can study in your spare time at home.

Online course: How to get a job at a startup

Penelope Trunk

This online course runs four days: Feb. The cost of the course is $195, but if you order in the next four days the cost is $145.

how to team-build — without trust falls, rope courses, or lengthy off-sites

Ask A Manager

how to team-build — without trust falls, rope courses, or lengthy off-sites was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. So what are you to do if you’re a manager looking for a way to build a sense of team on your staff? Hint: It doesn’t involve violating people’s privacy, dignity, or personal space.)

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[Limited Time 40% Off!] Anti-Procrastination Course – Eliminate Procrastination From Your Life!! [Starts June 2!]

Personal Excellence Blog

If so, the all-new anti-procrastination course is for you! Introducing: Anti-Procrastination Course in June! What is the course schedule?

Ask Celes – Are Coaching Courses Necessary To Be a Coach?

Personal Excellence Blog

What are your thoughts on coaching courses, and how necessary do you believe one is for practicing coaching? Look forward to hearing from you!

A course correction (personal)

Cube Rules

I’ve been writing about jobs and careers for six years. Useful, especially for those looking for work and job success. Cube Rules Commentary

Are You Looking For A Way To Improve Your Job Skills?

Professional Resume Services

Fortunately, there’s a way to get some of that education for free — the MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course. Do Your Research.

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ENTJ course: Accomplish whatever you want. Then do it again.

Penelope Trunk

This live, online course runs Sept. 28 This course will be like my easiest coaching sessions—all done in the language of ENTJs.

Don’t Use Emails as a Matter of Course; Consider Your Other Options


The higher they are in the company, the less likely that they can […] The post Don’t Use Emails as a Matter of Course; Consider Your Other Options appeared first on WorkArrow. You want to email a thank you for an interview or a note to someone asking if there are positions open at their company. Don’t do it. Communication Emails

How Online Courses Can Help In Your Career Change

Position Ignition

More people are attending colleges, universities and secondary education than ever before. The reasons for this are as myriad and diverse as the people enrolling in these institutions, but one of the major reasons why people are picking the book bag up again is due to a huge shift in the job market. Career Change Advice

Tuition Aid - Who Offers, How Much and Of Course, Payback's a #####.

HR Capitalist

In addition, nearly 87 percent of employers have course requirements which must be met in order to be reimbursed for education." . Is the economy heating up? Case in point: Tuition Aid. In 2009, only 34.9 percent of employers offered tuition reimbursement to all employees. This increased to 45.3 percent in 2010, and again in 2011 to 51.7

Yes, Of Course! Follow Up After an Interview, Pronto!

Resume Writing

In my past life, when I use to hire employees, on rare occasions, a candidate followed up with me–and I loved it! strategic follow up effort can ‘ensnare’ a hiring manager, especially if you are qualified. Reality check: No amount of seduction will help you if you are NOT qualified. Forget the flowers. Forget [.].

Introducing: 24/7 PE Members Portal for 30DLBL, 30BBM, and Other Course Owners!

Personal Excellence Blog

Note that all the courses are  100% self-administered. Moving forward, I plan to add to the line-up of courses. Last Day To Sign Up!

[Get 50% Off] Want To Earn Passive Income? Join Me LIVE: The Passive Income Business Course [Starts Oct 6, Sunday!]

Personal Excellence Blog

If you want to get rich quick, this is not the course for you. This course has taught me all the building blocks needed to build a P.I.

10 Benefits Of Enrolling In Beauty Therapy Courses

Career Realism

Beauty therapy courses can offer many advantages for both the student and the owner. Beauty therapy courses can help you in many ways.

Is Further Training a Worthwhile Investment?

The Undercover Recruiter

Career Management Life Skills Career course development learning Professional Training upskillingView Article.