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7 Ways to Boost Your Internal Networking Skills


During my 20 years with a large Connecticut company, I learned that internal and external networks are both worth your investment. Volunteer.

how much guidance should interns need?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: We have a very small company and recently took on our first (paid) interns, and we’re having some issues managing. Things that seem obvious to you are often not going to be obvious to interns. Many, many interns really don’t know this stuff. Is that an unreasonable expectation? Like, the first day.

how to talk to an intern about professional norms when you’re not her manager

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: My department of four has an intern, Jane, for the summer. For example, when my coworker said she was going for coffee and asked if we wanted any, the intern said “you can just leave?!” Jane hasn’t ever worked in an office before and is clearly still figuring out office norms. internships

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How to Apply for a Job Internally

Water Cooler Wisdom

In this job market, when it’s generally safest to stay where you are, the internal move has become a popular option for dissatisfied employees.    You can sniff around for information, but do not do anything definitive until you are certain there’s a good chance you’d take the position. Don’t Act Rashly.

How to Turn an Internship into a Job Offer

Career Alley

If the company where you are interning has a dress or uniform policy, be sure to follow it each and every day. Act professional all the time.

should you be paid for the time you spend interviewing internally?

Ask A Manager

She ended complaining to my boss who told me that I should not require her to clock out because she was interviewing internally. Was I in the wrong to ask her to clock out for an internal interview? should you be paid for the time you spend interviewing internally? She was told she did not have to clock out for her interview.

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Job Seekers Must Educate Themselves on Employer Brand


Definition of Employment Brand. Take Marriott International’s employer brand line “ Find Your World™.” What does this mean for you?

Best in Class Companies Offer Flexible Work Arrangements


Ever changing kid’s schedules, unpredictable health issues, or a change in your partner’s work environment will definitely impact your need to “flex!”

The Two Sides of Setting Up an International Remote Team

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Two Sides of Setting Up an International Remote Team appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Does he live within the area? How is it?

deli meats and working lunches, internal candidates need not apply, and more

Ask A Manager

Internal candidates need not apply. Nope, that’s absolutely not a thing you do when applying from outside the company — and definitely  not before they’ve invited you to interview. deli meats and working lunches, internal candidates need not apply, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

Asperger's at work: 5 ways to be less annoying | Penelope Trunk's.

Penelope Trunk

Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook The first step to growing a good career in the face of Asperger's Syndrome is to recognize that this is a social skills deficit, by definition, and work, by definition, is a social skills decathlon. most definitely lament this, and it is most definitely something I feel a loss about.

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How Interns Can Make Their Own Positions in the Workplace (and Succeed)

Corn on the Job

An Intern is “Just an Intern”? Despite how times have changed, these dinosaurs still feel an intern is “just an intern”.

Befriend the intern to fire up your career | Penelope Trunk's.

Penelope Trunk

Recognize interns are gatekeepers to the good stuff. Anyway, another thing Keith is great at is hiring interns. Wait, please. At all.

How to Study Abroad on a Budget

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re planning on taking your cellphone, see what kind of international plans your phone carrier offers. Career Girl. Look for Travel Deals.

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Get an internship now, at age 20, 30, or 40

Penelope Trunk

The best thing you can do in an internship is to negotiate for a real title, something else besides intern, so you can put it on your resume.

Study: How Do Employers Manage Social Media?

Resume Bear

Social media has become a major player in recruitment (and well, everything else), so it is important to understand how companies are using it today.

calling a former colleague’s prospective new boss, being frozen out by the company I used to intern at, and more

Ask A Manager

Am I being frozen out by the company I used to intern at? Last year, the spring before I graduated from college, I interned for a fairly prestigious and competitive company within my industry and performed very well. I was even given a copy of the glowing feedback given to HR and a party from my supervisors. Here we go…. 1. Should I?

Adecco’s CEO for a Month Internship

Competitive Resumes

For Adecco, the “can-do” attitude becomes a dress rehearsal, more often than not, they hire the intern full-time. Internship

Costly Resume Mistakes and Their Simple Fixes

Professional Resume Services

Unless potential employers are considering internal candidates, their first impressions of job candidates come from resumes and cover letters.

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giving feedback to a rude intern, my CEO is saying I was fired but I quit, and more

Ask A Manager

Giving feedback to a rude intern. I am a relatively new manager who is having an odd issue with my current intern. definitely appreciate that managing interns is part manager, part professional etiquette instructor, and I have enjoyed this part of working with the other two interns that I’ve supervised.

Human Resources Goes Social! 27 Key Social Media Practices

Resume Bear

Sidneyeve definitely masters the social media need and language! I have been networking, meeting people face-to-face on my favorite topic.

Volunteer Your Way to an Internship or First Job


Here are some typical benefits of volunteering or interning at a nonprofit: Responsibility. Do you love to volunteer? Team projects. Mentoring.

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6 Great Executive Resume Writing Tips

Jennifer Anthony

But, of course, ultimately there’s no excuse for having a subpar executive resume. – Are you an Executive in need of a job? Regards.

ResumeBear Uses Content Marketing To Explode Awareness

Resume Bear

While it can definitely give a boost, smart founders know that one of the most powerful tools to create sustained traction is content marketing.

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What to Do When You're an Overqualified Executive

Jennifer Anthony

With the recession forging ahead and thousands still losing their jobs, it’s a wonder that anyone can get hired. It will pay off in the long run.

Will Strong Coffee Help Me in the Interview?

The Undercover Recruiter

Knowing this, you would definitely want to go into your interview with a clear head. Going for a job interview can be nerve-wracking.

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Just a Buzzword? #BigDataHR


We need a better definition which will lead to a better understanding in order to consider the relevance and the impact. A Fishing Expedition.

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Decisions: Making Them Better & Making Them Yours

Ms. Career Girl

But other internal and external influences make the process of how women and men make decisions quite different. Career Girl. Think about it.

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Can the Young Star Ever Earn Less Than the Employees They Manage?

HR Capitalist

In a word, yes.  It's rare, but it happens. Is that a problem?  You've managed to be different than everyone else to this point. 

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3 Examples Of What Networking Is Really About

Career Realism

There you stand, at your neighbor’s cocktail party, martini in hand. Is your company hiring?”. Two days later, at your son’s Boy Scout award ceremony.

Hey Recruiters! You’re Sitting on a Mountain of Big Data #BigDataHR


Using Big Data for Internal Mobility. Recruiters could then identify employees and share internal job postings with them for consideration.

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Companies hiring in August 2010

Resume Bear

Aug, 2010 1 Comment The economy is definitely far from perfect, and there are still many companies who are unable to hire employees. Cannot be.

Companies hiring in August 2010 | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

Aug, 2010 1 Comment The economy is definitely far from perfect, and there are still many companies who are unable to hire employees. Cannot be.

3 Tips for Managing Social Media in the Workplace

Resume Bear

This semester, I’m taking a social media class. I’ve already learned so much about how social media is changing society. Understand company policy.

3 Examples of Great Personal Branding

Career Realism

Before I launch into giving examples, let’s recap the definition of personal branding. Personal branding can be a real stumper for many people.

Six Ways Employers, HR & Recruiting Can Use Social Media


I’m up early this morning prepping for my 4 hour Social Media 101 Training in Lawrence, Kansas today. Jobs Feed and Automated Distribution. 

How to answer the “what is your greatest weakness?” interview question

Blue Sky Resumes

They’ll say things like “I guess sometimes I care too much about doing a great job” or “I definitely work too hard.”. So what do you say?

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“Does a former employee have a legal right to see her former.

Sklover Working Wisdom

While this definition does not specifically mention “employee handbooks,” it would seem to include them. Please let us know how you’ve done.

5 Companies That Inspire Their Employees Daily

Career Realism

And if that wasn’t already cool enough, interns also help bring that magical Disney experience to others. What drives them to want to succeed?

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Welcome to My College Job Search

Career Alley

Creative Interns – This is a new website that already has 38 companies (as of April 28) and focuses on Internships. The main page has links at the top for My Account, Find Interns, Forum and News & Events. Definitely worth a look. Related posts: 5 Great College Career Sites for Summer Interns. Spring.