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3 Ways To Supercharge Your LinkedIn Recommendations

Career Realism

Just how important are LinkedIn recommendations? Which brings me to the issue of how supercharge your profile via the recommendations sections.

20 Useful Freeware You Will Definitely Find Handy

Personal Excellence Blog

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What is Your Definition of a Leader?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Your definition may well be different.   Without a concrete and mutually-agreed upon definition, how will talent know what to work towards, and how will your people be objectively.   It’s all fine and good to direct people to informative reading, but if those recommendations. Wikipedia. guides or directs others.

cake drama, getting a job recommendation from a Twitter contact, and more

Ask A Manager

Could a guy I’ve talked to a bit on Twitter recommend me for a job? It’s not about going around HR or causing more work, but just about the fact that this guy doesn’t have any real basis for recommending you. but it’s definitely a thing you can ask about. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. 1. Eh, I wouldn’t.

A Goof-off Day: Just What This Career Coach Recommends

Careers Done Write

While the origin is unknown to me, I definitely see the value in such a day. I don’t mean a day to go skiing, get caught up on household repairs, or take the kids to an amusement park. My definition of a goof-off day is a day that does not require preparation, planning, schedule-keeping, or exertion. That is alright.

Letters of Recommendation

Evil HR Lady

Also, I asked my manager for a letter of recommendation and was told that because he was a Director, he was not allowed to write one. have never had a situation where my direct manager could not write letters of recommendation. also feel that the recommendations on LinkedIn are worthless. So, what is on these tools anyway?

the friend who I recommended for a job in my office is secretly job-searching after just a few months

Ask A Manager

feel like I put my neck out there to recommend him for the job, and between his less-than-stellar performance, missing a ton of time, and now looking to leave, he’s going to leave us at a time where we won’t have time to train someone properly before we being our busiest time of the year (we’re a tax prep office, so January-April is crazy).

job applicants bearing gifts, turning down a LinkedIn recommendation request, and more

Ask A Manager

” In my previous job, I believe that there was definitely a ceiling on my pay rate because of my circumstances. How to turn down a thinly-veiled request for a LinkedIn recommendation. believe that references should be honest, and tailoring a recommendation would not be honest. It’s five answers to five questions.

Joining the Right Social Networks for a Job Search | Boomers Next Step

Boomers Next Step

That’s a good question with no clear-cut answer, as it depends on your definition of “best.&# Connecting to the contacts of one of your personal network acquaintances is highly recommended to vastly expand your personal network. There are an overwhelmingly large number of social networks, and new ones being created weekly.

“My job is definitely 'The Job from Hell.' Any ideas?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “My job is definitely ‘The Job from Hell.’ Any ideas?” “My job is definitely ‘The Job from Hell.’ Any ideas?” Hang in there.

Add These Two Things to Your Job Hunt for a Better Job Fit

The Job Quest

Definitely a recipe for disaster. Yes, most definitely. Her personal recommendation about him mattered a lot. It will be fine!”

Ask Celes – What Books Would You Recommend?

Personal Excellence Blog

That said, I do have some good books to recommend, half of which I read years ago. This is part of the limited-time Ask Celes section. Thanks!

should I recommend my boyfriend for a job at my company, how to respond to homophobic remarks at work, and more

Ask A Manager

Should I recommend my boyfriend for a job at my company? have a question for you regarding recommending my boyfriend for a position at my company. should I recommend my boyfriend for a job at my company, how to respond to homophobic remarks at work, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. ” 3.

What Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Know

Evil HR Lady

Sure, one of the definitions of manager tends to be hire/fire power, but the reality is, in the vast majority of companies managers don’t have the ability to unilaterally fire their employees. Employees are often scared of their managers—after all, managers have a tremendous amount of power over their direct reports. Why is this?

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Career Management for a Winning Job Search Strategy

Competitive Resumes

Donn Levie is a speaker, trainer, author of the just-released book, Strategic Career Engagement, The Definitive Guide for Getting Hired and Promoted.

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From Marketing to Health and Wellness

Career Shifters

I've quickly become used to working fewer hours and having more time freedom – it's definitely something I love about my business! Very happy.

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update from the reader who recommended someone who lied to her

Ask A Manager

Remember the reader who recommended someone for a job with her former employer and soon found out the person had lied to get the job? The reader was concerned about how it would reflect on her for recommending the person. Here’s her update. Hopefully she will know better than to ask for my help again! So, there you have it.

4 Ways to Influence People and Gain Prestige

Ms. Career Girl

But there are a few things that you can do whenever trying to influence someone that will definitively increase your chances of success.

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How Frequently Should You Check Your LinkedIn Profile?

Career Realism

You should definitely join Groups that are relevant to your professional interests. The same rule of thumb goes for offering recommendations.

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5 Questions to Ask at Your Performance Review

Ms. Career Girl

How might you recommend working on these skills? love our team and the company and will definitely seek opportunities of growth in the future.

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7 Things To Do To Get Ready For Your Job Search

Professional Resume Services

And if you don’t have a résumé at all, now is definitely the time to put one together! Update your résumé. Build your network.

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05/14/2010 #FF — More Good Folks

The Job Quest

Well, unless you count great tweets as a common denominator (they definitely all have that going on)! Louis. If you happen to be in the St.

Job Search – There Must be an App for That – Part 2 of 5

Career Alley

You can search jobs, see recommended jobs, create favorites, see or add resumes plus a few other options. 285 people have clicked ” Yikes!

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Do Your Homework with Pre-Interview Research


Try to find out the key names ahead of time.  I recommend you look them all up on LinkedIn and make a few notes for yourself.  Company Research.

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Funny Ways to Lose Your Job

Resume Bear

Now this blog is here for a bit of fun. So please don’t take it seriously! Tell your boss his wife is having an affair.

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03/19/2010 #FF — Honest Advice

The Job Quest

The three people being featured today definitely don’t pull any punches. They stand behind what they say. Listen to her. What works best?&#

How to Build Your Authentic Personal Brand

The Job Quest

“The age of privacy is over.&# This is one of the latest Mark Zuckerberg quotes concerning Facebook’s policy. are the same everywhere.

Job Seekers: Who to Add to Your Google+ Circles

Resume Bear

To get you started, here is a list of people you should definitely add to your Google+ circles: [See The 50 Best Careers of 2011. ]. 1. Huhman.

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Tips and Tools for Virtual Collaboration

Ms. Career Girl

For example, maybe a certain highly recommended app acts sluggishly and crashes often on particular operating systems. Career Girl. Career Girl.

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Should You ‘Ask’ For The Job?

Career Realism

And that’s definitely appropriate. Interestingly, this is parallel to exactly what I recommend to the hundreds of interviewers I’ve trained.

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Work Overload: 7 Solutions When You Are Swamped

Ms. Career Girl

As you approach an influx of work, ask trusted sources for information and recommendations to mentally prepare for this adjustment. Career Girl.

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Privacy Tips For Your Online Job Search

Professional Resume Services

” Again, you have to read that site’s definitions in order to use it correctly. Understand and use cyber-safe resumes.  Period.

5 Ways To Make Time For Everything

Ms. Career Girl

The post 5 Ways To Make Time For Everything appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Have you ever wished you had at least 5 more hours to fit in the day?

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Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers With These Tips

Career Realism

Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers With These Tips. Work It Daily. They understand that a search is only over once you’ve accepted an offer.

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10 Job Search Lies That Will Get You Caught Up

Competitive Resumes

Unless you have your own website, I recommend you manage your LinkedIn profile as you would your own website. No one pays you for effort. Wrong.

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How Frequently Should You Check Your LinkedIn Profile?

Career Realism

You should definitely join Groups that are relevant to your professional interests. The same rule of thumb goes for offering recommendations.

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4 Essential Job Search 2.0 Tips for New Grads

Resume Bear

This tip definitely applies to jobseekers of any age. Start by Googling yourself. Don’t like the results? potential employer may not either.

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3 Examples Of What Networking Is Really About

Career Realism

There you stand, at your neighbor’s cocktail party, martini in hand. Is your company hiring?”. Two days later, at your son’s Boy Scout award ceremony.

5 Tips for Leveraging Social Media in Your Job Search

Career Alley

Get and give recommendations on LinkedIn, this is another great way to get noticed. 5. You can then become friends with them or follow them.

Decisions: Making Them Better & Making Them Yours

Ms. Career Girl

The post Decisions: Making Them Better & Making Them Yours appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Every day is filled with decisions. Think about it.

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