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From a meeting with a client last week: Renegade Demo (ˈrenəˌɡād/ˈdemō) - The time when you walk by an office or your cube as a leader in your company and realized your growth has outpaced your ability to properly train new hires at your company, especially those charged with evangelizing your product. It was another renegade demo.

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The demo reel for my reality TV show (and how to turn a failure into a success)

Penelope Trunk

For those of you who don’t remember, a film crew came for three days to make a demo reel for a reality show based on my family. Really.

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Event Invitation: Ladies Demo Day in NYC for Entrepreneurs

Ms. Career Girl

The post Event Invitation: Ladies Demo Day in NYC for Entrepreneurs appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Come one, come all! Career Girl.

Career Key Test's new version - a video demo for group customers

Career Key

If you are interested in video demos of the new version of the Career Key test going live later this month, start with this video.

Career Key's College Majors E-Book: New Video Demo

Career Key

Parents School Counseling College Major College Counseling CK News

How to Use Blab or Periscope for Your Job Search

Competitive Resumes

You can  use Periscope or Blab as a way of introducing yourself or as a demo. Have you started using Blab or Periscope yet? can help. can help.

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Certifications in Hiring, Part 2: Hiring Traps

Hiring Technical People

She did not use retrospectives or demos, but she and her teams were close to agile. In Part 1 , I discussed the issue of certification vs. experience. Here’s an example. coached a project manager as she was looking for a job several years ago. That allowed the project to show progress every one to three weeks. She loved her job.

Ep 98 – 3 More Emerging & Innovative HR Technologies #hrtechconf


Here’s the link to book some time to talk to Jeremy and his team to help you vet and plan on HR tech demo strategy. Click here. Saving 11.5

2016 Unofficial HR Tech Conference Party Guide #hrtechconf


Send a little love to our party guide sponsors Advanced Resources and Advanced RPO. Follow them on Twitter @advresources and @advancedrpo. 00-7:00 PM. 

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How To Build a Company Lead List

Resume Bear

For the sake of this demo, let’s go with Company #1 – Agnico-Eagle Mines. 4. Let me show you what I mean, step-by-step. 1. Competitors” link. 5.

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How many people are using YouTube to post video resumes?

Resume Bear

I’ve got video resumes on the brain this week, so why stop now? Hmm… How many people are using YouTube to post their video resumes?

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Conference Attendance and Wayward Practices


Bewildered and Concerned. have always valued the time I spend at conferences. What are Conferences For? The Future of Talent Management is Shifting.

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5 #HRTech Trends Emerging This #HRTechConf


HR Tech season is upon us filled with acquisitions, mergers, fundings and for me that means briefings. Simpplr raises $1.2 The competition is fierce.

2015 44

Innovation: Begins With An Ending


You’ve spent countless hours on demo after demo. Take a step back and look at your life, your work, yourself. Do you see excess?

2015 15

2015 Unofficial HR Tech Conference Party Guide #HRTechConf


CD2 client and demo dinner.  Thanks to our Party Guide sponsor, TalentWise. Visit them at booth 1325 in Las Vegas. . IAEWS Resi Awards Gala.

2015 26

7 Deadly Sins of Recruiting & Sourcing on LinkedIn Recruiter


The connect and sell.  I accept your LinkedIn invitation and am inundated with a request to demo, buy or purchase your product. Worth 1.0

What the Heck do Employment Brand Managers do All Day? #hrbasics


Align internal and external communications, create corporate slidedecks, attend vendor demos, keep up on industry trends. Let us know !

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Funnel Vision: Viewing the ATS from a Candidate’s POV


The next time your ATS is up for review, ask for a demo of the applicant experience. Candidate Experience or Applicant Experience? It should. 2.) 

Ep 60 – 3 Emerging HR Technologies (Part 3) #HRTechConf


Chances are your email inbox is overflowing with demo requests, iPad contests and requests for phone call meetings. Having demoed their platform a few months ago, it is very intuitive and has a great UX design for end users within your organization. In the first half of 2015, over $811 million dollars was invested in HR tech. Stitcher.

These Are a Few of Our Favorite (Recruitment Marketing) Things


If you’d like to learn more, you can request a demo on their site. Animoto: Introducing one of my favorite tools! Start creating now.

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How to and Why You Should Clean Up Your LinkedIn Connections

The Undercover Recruiter

I’ve been in recruitment a while, even back in the day before PCs and when CVs littered the halls like something from the movie Brazil.

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Alternate Unconventional Careers for Those Different from the Rest…Are You a Dedicated Niche Person?

Career Alley

Check out our free demo of all certifications Exams. Interesting people choose unconventional careers. An ‘advertising’ man. The ‘Master Chef’.

40 Considerations When Choosing Your Next ATS


No two HR Technologies are created equal. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are no different. have completed this exercise myself a few times. Easily?

2015 39

What else can you do?

Resume Bear

Although I chose CareerBuilder for this demo, you can do the same thing with any job board. Hey, it happens.) May I make a suggestion? Smile).

COTJ Reviews Team+: Revolutionary HR & Talent Management Software

Corn on the Job

You can go check out Team+ here , and if you’d like to arrange a demo just go all the way to the bottom and fill out the form!

2015 24

Using Facebook as a Virtual Career Fair Platform


Several weeks ago, I attended a vendor demo offering organizations their very own virtual career fair portal. How exactly would that work? Several

Creating the Ideal Careers Page Online


Extra points for the use of gamification , helpful infographics on getting hired and tools that demo how their products work. Also nice.

2014 22

The Best Pinterest Job Search Tips From The Experts


Demo expertise in social. How to leverage the hottest social network for your job search. Here’s how they’re doing it. Pin wisely.

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How To Look For Work In Other Countries (Part 2)

Resume Bear

And for the sake of demo, let’s say I wanted to restrict my search to engineering  jobs. How would I do it? Get it? More fun with TLDs!

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6 Resume Writing Strategies That Will Make You Shine In The Job Market

Career Realism

Just like any remodeling project, there are a dozen ways you can attack the job: a full demo, slight modifications, and everything in between.

Brief History of HR Tech Trends & Technology Acquisitions for #HRTechConf


Recent History of Human Resources Technologies. couple weeks ago, the news broke that Oracle made yet another purchase in human resources technology.

Podcast Episode 2: HRIS Integration with Caleb Fullhart #hrtechconf


The Workology Podcast is a place where we discuss the science and art of the workplace. EPISODE 2 – HR INTEGRATION WITH CALEB FULLHART. Stitcher.

5 Ideas That Can Accelerate Your Leadership

Career Realism

5 Ideas That Can Accelerate Your Leadership. Work It Daily. Related: 7 Tips For Becoming A Leader At Work. Ideas That Can Accelerate Your Leadership.

The Cult of Content


Are you prepared to run a demo on your own or deliver a briefing? I am a content whore. admit it; I can’t help it. just am. love to read.

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How to Attend HR Tech: Advice from the Guy Who Started It! #HRTechConf


First is viewing the 15-minute demo that larger vendors hold in small theaters attached to the booth or getting one from a salesperson. Really!

6 Resume Writing Strategies That Will Make You Shine In The Job Market

Career Realism

Just like any remodeling project, there are a dozen ways you can attack the job: a full demo, slight modifications, and everything in between.

Why the ATS is the Selfie Stick of #HRTech


guess that makes me a hypocrite, but I thought I would give it a test drive, or a demo, if you know what I mean. They’re Both Awkward.

2015 28

S Steve Jobs Says: The Difference Between a VP and a Janitor.

HR Capitalist

He gathered the troops at the auditorium Apple uses on its campus to do demos of small products for the press. Reasons are for the other people.

5 Trends Uncovered at HR Technology Conference #hrtechconf


Meetings are sometimes online demos but most involve casual conversation and a quick slide deck to get me up to speed. It just felt more busy.

6 Reasons Why Your Corporate Social Network is Failing Miserably


Or a world where we didn’t have to download the latest java update to jump on a quick meeting or demo. We suck at change in the workplace.