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B.S. Incorporated: Review and Reflection

Ms. Career Girl

The post B.S. Incorporated: Review and Reflection appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Ok, so I don’t normally review novels. Incorporated.

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Challenge: Create Actionable Goals

Career Realism

Challenge: Create Actionable Goals. Work It Daily. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to create actionable goals. Great goal! Here’s another example.

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Facing Unconscious Bias in Your Career and Life

Competitive Resumes

Understanding unconscious bias is important for employers and job candidates. It’s also critical for respectful conversations in the workplace.

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Addressing Employment Gaps

Professional Resume Services

Has it been a while since you last worked? Here’s how you can ease and explain the gap to prospective employers. Be as Honest as Possible.

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Is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

Cube Rules

The information in this infographic is, no doubt, oriented to students in a classroom taking notes. In most cases, […]. Cube Rules Commentary

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How to Improve the Candidate Experience

The Undercover Recruiter

If talent management and employee engagement are on your radar, then you’ll be aware that employer branding and the candidate experience are crucial to effective recruitment. Poor recruitment is costly in terms of impact on the bottom line. Additional. View Article. How to Improve the Candidate Experience.

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my office wants us to bring single friends to a Valentine’s Day singles mixer

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I don’t really need advice, but I thought this level of WTF-ery might interest you. My workplace just announced a Valentine’s Day Singles mixer. You can go if you’re attached, but you have to bring a single friend as chattel (my words, not theirs). Valentine’s Day. · 6pm – 10pm. Poor Richard’s.

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Don’t Let A Bad Day at Work Defeat You

Ms. Career Girl

The post Don’t Let A Bad Day at Work Defeat You appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Have you had a bad day at work? Don’t ask!! It will end.

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9 Perfect Love Songs for a Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter

Unless you’ve been locked away in a dark room all day it’s pretty hard not to miss the fact that today is Valentine’s Day.

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No Valentine? Get a Crush On Your Career

Ms. Career Girl

The post No Valentine? Get a Crush On Your Career appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Why is it important to crush on your career? According to Microsoft Office’s Emerging Professionals Survey , 86% of 18-34 year olds say that job satisfaction has a large impact on other areas their lives. The answer may surprise you. Image credit. Career Girl.

Happy Valentine’s Day: Tales of Harassment Horror at Work

Evil HR Lady

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so it’s time to talk about love, romance, and sex at the office. I could give you handy guidelines for what is and what is not appropriate at work , but how boring is that? Instead, here are five things so horrifying , you’ll want to kiss your own co-workers (don’t) for not doing these things.

dealing with customers is making me miserable

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I wear many hats at my job and manage various areas such as office administration, finance, customer service and special events. It’s not so terrible year round because we have slower times where I don’t communicate with customers all that often. This job has many benefits that I am constantly trying to focus on.

Trucks Are Already Being Automated


As Uber, Google and others experiment with driverless cars, worries mount that fleets of driverless taxis, though probably safer and more efficient, will mean eliminating thousands of jobs. But these. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR automation future of work

Why You Keep Sabotaging Your Career Change – And What To Do About It

Career Shifters

Constantly procrastinating and undermining your own progress when it comes to your shift? Meet your inner saboteur.

did I err by reprimanding my direct report’s employee, revolving door on another team is causing problems, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Did I make a mistake by reprimanding my direct report’s employee? I’m in a senior management position at my workplace and I supervise a handful of managers. One of these managers (Sansa) is currently dealing with a challenging employee (Arya). ” At the time, Arya seemed fine.

Avoid Fitness Burnout with 10 Quick Tips

Ms. Career Girl

The post Avoid Fitness Burnout with 10 Quick Tips appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Stay committed to your fitness goals with these 10 quick tips.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sklover Working Wisdom

On this. Valentine’s Day. We wish all of you. To have. A loved one, To be. A loved one, and. To be One. Who loves. All of us LOVERS at. 2017 Alan L.

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ask the readers: when workplace romance goes horribly wrong

Ask A Manager

It’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to amuse us with your real-life stories of workplace romances gone wrong — yours or other people’s. Sweet, romantic stories related to work are also acceptable, but embarrassing disasters are always the best. ask the readers family, spouses & significant others

Career Advice No One Tells You

Cube Rules

I always like the “break the rules” posts about your career. What they require is that you have enough confidence in yourself about how you want to conduct your career that you can pull these off. Not everyone can. So take a look at yourself, your abilities and your career framework. Then give a few […]. Cube Rules Commentary

Five Ways to Sink a Job Offer

Career Solvers

After discussing the salary negotiation process with more than a thousand clients, I’ve found that many of them made mistakes in the past that we corrected during our coaching sessions so they could have better outcomes. Here are the five most common negotiation mistakes I see job seekers make and suggestions for negotiating more effectively.