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ResumeBear Hits USA Today: Four online tools for navigating the job market

Resume Bear

Since the beginning of April, many of us, especially seniors, have been wondering where the semester has gone. ResumeBear. Helpful, right? LinkedIn.

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What to Say in Your Thank You Letter Besides, ‘Thank You’

Career Realism

Have you ever felt frustrated after an interview? Sure you have! Well, this is why you write a strategic thank you letter.

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Why Employers Don’t Hire Veterans


VOTC, WOTC, & The American Jobs Act. The Wounded Warriors Tax Credit is another piece of this program. Not sure what I mean? My answer is both.

Should I Remove My Volunteer Work from My Resume?

Career Realism

Dear J.T. & & Dale: In June of 2010, my company notified me that I was being laid off. I did this until we moved. – Denise. J.T.:

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Why You Should Be Job Hunting – Even If You Already Have a Job

Professional Resume Services

Many people feel that consulting job hunting resources and looking for a new job are things that only people who are unemployed should be doing.

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Should I ask my company to reconsider interviewing me for an internal promotion?

Careers Done Write

Dear Deb, I'm hoping you can give me some career advice. I'd really like them to reconsider interviewing me. Anthony. Ask Deb interviewing

Should you ever take a job you hate?

Ms. Career Girl

I’m picky. I admit it. Now that I work in two companies that I am happy to work at, I can say it paid off. It’s really that simple. Stepping stone.

8 Funny Drawbacks To Working In A Cubicle [Infographic]

Career Copilot

8 Funny Drawbacks To Working In A Cubicle [Infographic] Ever feel hemmed in and confined in your cubicle? You’re not alone. Or, maybe you’re one of those lucky ones that telecommutes and regularly works from a lounge chair on the beach. Career CoPilot - It's your Career - Don't Fly Solo. Your Career

Knowing When It’s Just Not Worth It


Uncomfortable but Necessary. Years ago, I sat in a courthouse, working through a long-overdue divorce. I felt like a fish out of water. Friction.

Survive Your Performance Review By Utilizing Active Goals


A recent Cornerstone OnDemand/Harris 2012 U.S. So, what can an employee do on their end? As a rule of thumb: Shorter term goals: 30 days or less.

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How Pinterest Can Help Boost Your Career

Career Realism

Pinterest is a new type of social media website that serves as a virtual bulletin board (or “pinboard”) where web content can be shared.

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The Search for the Next Career Expert


Searching for the Next Career Expert. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to see some small changes to the site at

How to surmount challenging times for incoming Top Executives?

Position Ignition

It is more risky as well. At Position Ignition , we offer clients customized support based on their particular needs. At Work Issues

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8 Things to Do If You’re a Performance Problem

Career Rocketeer

We all like to think that when we are on the job our work is stellar and appreciated. Sometimes, we wake up to discover that our work isn’t stellar and is not what it should be. In fact, we’re a problem. We are the thing that manager’s hope won’t happen to them because it’s just [.]. Career Management Dorothy Tannahill-Moran SEO1

For $30, I Can Expose Every Employee In Your Fortune 500 Company to a Facebook Ad?

HR Capitalist

Seriously - I can use Facebook ads and for $30, expose every employee at a major Fortune 500 on Facebook to an ad of my choosing? This is a big deal.

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Most Folks Are About As Happy As They Make Up Their Minds To Be [7 Truths of Life]

The Undercover Recruiter

Tweet. Your natural state is to be happy, peaceful, joyous, and full of excitement at being alive. ” — Abraham Lincoln.

Employment Background Check Red Flags

Boomers Next Step

People get for lots of reasons. It may be because of possible employment, renting an apartment or home, or even online dating. No matter what the reason, you are trying to make sure that you can trust the person and they are who they say they are. However, if you own a business and are [.]. Careers Job News

Being Qualified Isn’t Good Enough In Today’s Job Market


Being qualified isn't good enough anymore. It's not enough because there are many qualified candidates. Learn to understand how companies decide which qualified candidate's resume to read and then to interview is critical. Continued at [link].

Start Making Sense

Learning Voyager

Professor Dave Davidson was one of my undergraduate professors in Human Communication, my major at Rutgers 35 years ago. His theory of human nature: "Never assume that the next guy knows what he is doing.much less why." That maxim has bedeviled me ever since. Among Weick's many contributions, his concept of sensemaking made a lot of sense.

How to Create a Strong Email Cover Letter

Position Ignition

If you're out in the job market, it is likely that you will need to be filling in online application forms and/or sending out your CV. As part of this process one can assume that the person reading what you have written won't have much time to focus on what you have to say. CV and Interviews Careers Advice Job Search

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Consider the Long View to Determine Work-Life Balance

The Job Quest

’ It’s as if it didn’t exist. It’s as if that part of his memory is completely gone. There’s a lesson there. Not really.

Most Folks Are About As Happy As They Make Up Their Minds To Be [7 Truths of Life]

The Undercover Recruiter

Your natural state is to be happy, peaceful, joyous, and full of excitement at being alive. No one is better than you or more gifted than you.

Take Control of Your Online Identity With Brand-Yourself

Career Solvers

I recently caught up with Brand-Yourself’s CEO, Patrick Ambron, to learn more about the Brand-Yourself platform and its implications for helping job seekers take control of their online identity. What is Brand-Yourself? How does Brand-Yourself work? This could be your personal website, an article written about you, or anything else.

My Co-workers Are Distracting, What Should I Do?

Career Realism

Dear J.T. & & Dale: Utilizing the skills I learned from your advice column and J.T.’s Should I ask to be moved? – Crystal. J.T.:

how to say “stop talking to me” without being rude

Ask A Manager

It’s quiz time! When you’re racing to get something done on a deadline and you get interrupted by a long-winded colleague or telephone caller, do you: (a) Let them talk, trying to politely hint that you don’t have much time. b) Say, “I’m actually short on time right now. Could I talk with you later?”. You can read it here. work habits

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Tips for women who wants to have higher salary


There are probably only a few occasions when you will have a chance to really increase your earning power and the key to successfully doing so is to nail that moment. Don’t miss it. Be ready. Try to remember to be competitive not cooperative – that way even your starting salary will be impressive!

my boss is using my email account to impersonate me

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’ve reached an ultimate low here at work. I started here half a year ago in a 2-person office. (It It is a fair size company, but our office just opened about 8 months ago.) I’m female and my boss is male. I’m skipping a LOT of horrible situations and stories to keep this short. My boss often lets me leave early.

“I Wish All Interviews Were This Easy”

Resume to Referral

Since I have begun working BAJobs, I have been thinking a lot about the interviews I have experienced in the past and what I have learned. I will never forget my first interview. I was a sophomore in high school and I really wanted some extra cash because I always felt bad asking my parents.