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How functional is your workspace at work? At home?

Resume Bear

Read on to learn why your current setup may not be doing you any favors and to get some ideas on how you can start building a better workspace.

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5 Key Areas to Target When Branding Your Resume

Career Realism

Customizing your resume for each position you apply to can be critical in today’s job search. Job Target/Title at the Top of Your Resume.

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Pursuing a Cyber Security Career

Careers Done Write

The following is a guest post by Erin Palmer, a contributor to U.S. News University Directory. Why Cyber Security is a Smart Career Choice.

How current is that job search advice? | Beware the dinosaur.

Write Solution

photo by mcdittx via Flickr. recently worked with a soon-to-gradate, elementary school teacher. She came as a referral from a close friend of hers.

What To Do In a Job You Don’t Like

Career Copilot

What To Do In a Job You Don’t Like There are more dignified ways to work at an office where you don’t like your job that don’t include throwing a hissy fit and death stares at anyone who asks you to do something – though I’m sure we’ve all had days where we do that, whether we like our job or not.

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4 Ways to Source Keywords for Your Resume

Career Solvers

Keywords generally relate to skills that are specific to the job function, industry, or business environment.  Here are four recommendations.

9 Nursing Skills Every Practitioner Should Possess

Career Realism

In addition to having solid health care skills , those who succeed in the nursing profession possess unique qualities of character and spirit. Ethics.

Don’t Ignore Your Emotions at Work!


Growing up, you were likely told not to let little things get to you. You can’t and shouldn’t turn your emotions off at work.

How to Get Accepted for a Job After Being Rejected

Career Rocketeer

A hiring selection process is often long and drawn out, with multiple screenings, interviews, and reference checks. Coming in 2nd place for a position you wanted and thought was inevitable can be hard to take. Usually candidates will drop the whole thing after a rejection and simply move on to pursuing the next opportunity they [.]. Networking SEO

The Psychology of Networking: How Some Appear Natural While Others Stutter

The Undercover Recruiter

That statistic was a big deal when it was released. To 99% of the population, it was like a brutal slap in the face. Here’s why. Serendipity vs Goal.

Received Value Vs. Perceived Value


How do you assess your time? Makin' a List. have been asked this question by clients, employers, and friends. Your answers declare who you are.

Green Career Tip: What’s Experience Got to Do With It? 5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Career Story

Green Career Central

You are excited about your goal to transition into a greener, more sustainable career. You know you’ve put in a lot of effort. You’ve learned so much.

How To Write A Cover Letter

Boomers Next Step

Writing a cover letter can be quite a bit of a challenge especially for people who are still trying to figure it out. While a resume lists your education and work experience and tells the recruiter about your job responsibilities, the cover letter is the one that actually gives you the opportunity to describe what [.].

25 Life-Changing Benefits of Daily Exercise

Career Realism

Clients who have adopted this habit feel its effects in ALL areas of their life — work life, family life, personal life, spiritual life, etc.

Job Stalking and Saying "No"

Job Stalker

True story: it was a luncheon held after a successful “launch” of a new media venture. Immediately, the gathering turned from a general social outing to a more formal, business planning session, and I was forced to do something that I have found myself  doing more frequently: saying “no” to such big plans. Like many.

how to make your employees love you, and why you should volunteer

Ask A Manager

I always wonder if there are any managers out there who would say that their staff hates them. Probably not — and yet there are tons of bosses who are indeed despised, and they must have no idea. Unnerving if you’re a boss, no? Over at the Intuit QuickBase blog today, I talk about 12 ways to make your employees love you. good managemen

When It Comes to Job Search, Ditch the Excuses!

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter When it comes to job search, as in other tough, but surmountable challenges in life, you must ditch the excuses that keep you from taking action and forge ahead! You don’t think you have the time in your already bulging schedule? Then maybe you should reprioritize your schedule just a bit to [.] No related posts. — How to avoid office distractions and actually get work done

Cube Rules

My post on “ How to avoid office distractions and actually get work done ” is now up on photo by: underminingme. Job Performanc

wee answer Wednesday: 7 short questions, 7 short answers

Ask A Manager

It’s wee answer Wednesday! Here we go… 1. My boss suggested I become a contract employee. What are the disadvantages to me making this switch? I see the benefits to my boss, of course, but I see zero benefits to me. will have to do my own taxes, pay social security, etc.? Correct? Show your boss this article from the IRS. 2.

Online Marketing: A Career Path That’s Taking Off

Career Alley

“ It’s a job that’s never started that takes the longest to finish. ” – J. R. R. Tolkien. Online marketing is a career opportunity that’s hot and growing hotter. Among them, social media marketing is currently one of the biggest career opportunities in online marketing. This is a Guest post. Visit me on Facebook.

Communicating Bad News


In recent days I have heard about a couple of situations where good employees have been turned off from their work because of poor communication of bad news on the part of their superiors. In both cases, it was the … Continue reading →

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Time for spring cleaning


When you think about the word spring, your mind automatically goes to images of blossoming flowers, light rain and fields filled with wildflowers. Before you start running through the hills and singing, you should stop and think about spring cleaning. While cleaning your house is always helpful, so is cleaning your office space.

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