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Finding Your Voice in Social Media

Resume Bear

Social media is primarily text-based. This is how you build trust and credibility online. It’s also how you show people who you really are.

5 Things to Ask in a Job Interview

Career Realism

“Do you have any questions for me?”. This is typically the final question you will be asked in a job interview. Why is the position vacant? Your Turn.

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Can You Have One Too Many Interviews in Your Job Search?

Resume Bear

How many times you interview for a given job can go a long way in determining whether or not you get the position you seek.

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Sell Yourself to a Potential Employer With Your CV

Career Realism

A CV is your chance to sell yourself to a potential employer and it has to be well written. Set the Scene. It’s a convincing pitch.

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Why Managers Hate HR’s Love Affair with Big Data


How Human Resources Uses Big Data Reporting. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal published an article on Moneyball and the HR Department.


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2012 is the Year For Travel Nurse Positions


While the economic recovery has not reached every job sector, registered nurses continue to be in high demand. million.

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this is maybe why your career is stalled

Ask A Manager

Have you ever wondered why you’re not doing better in your career — why you’re not getting the projects, jobs, promotions, and salary that you’d like? It’s worth asking if your own beliefs about and approach to work might be what’s holding you back. Over at U.S. You can read it here. work habits

How Pinterest Can Help Your Job Search [Example Resumes]

The Undercover Recruiter

Tweet. Pinterest is a unique form of social media site which allows users to ‘pin’ almost anything from the web to a number of customised boards.

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Avoiding Fault & Dodging Blame: It’s nothing new…


or Woman Up! Sitting in the waiting room, my friend’s wife heard the footsteps coming down the hall. It was surely not his doctor. and Your Resume

Career Rocketeer

Words matter! They paint mental pictures. They make an impression. They facilitate understanding. And they can separate you from your competition in your job search! Too often, people use the same words as everyone else. When your resume sounds the same as the last 23 resumes they read, it’s difficult to set yourself apart. Resumes SEO1

How to Demonstrate Company Cultural Fit In Your Resume

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Understandably so, metrics often are a focal point when building a strong and interview-grabbing resume story. While measurable impact is critical in creating a compelling career chronology, equally important is articulating your cultural fit with your target employer. No related posts.

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How Pinterest Can Help Your Job Search [Example Resumes]

The Undercover Recruiter

Pinterest is a unique form of social media site which allows users to ‘pin’ almost anything from the web to a number of customised boards.

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I turned down a job offer but now I want the job

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have been unemployed for the past 4 months. I rejected an offer for employment a month ago. I recently saw that the job that I applied for is now being reposted. What is the professional etiquette in regard to me contacting the employer to review potentially joining them? ” They may decide to pass. Or they may not.

Green Career Tip: Eight Strategies to Make the Most of Earth Day Events

Green Career Central

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the green movement in your area. Find Local Green Events Earth Day itself is Sunday, April 22nd.

Working (and Eating) at Home

Telecommuting Journal

Working at home is great, and it has lots of perks. But some of those perks can easily become hazardous. My week days are pretty darned routine.

YOU unplugged.

Ms. Career Girl

I can’t help but notice every time I look around it seems that EVERYONE is plugged in. It helps clear my mind and stay focused on the job.

How to Get a Job in Retail

Career Alley

“ Whatever you are, be a good one. ” – Abraham Lincoln. If you’re looking to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment then retail is the industry you need to be in. With flexible hours, you can choose to work full time or part time and choose between mornings, during the day or even at night. Appearance is Key. Sell Yourself.

Does Birth Order Really Affect How We Handle Money?

Ms. Career Girl

My cousin has three kids. The middle child has been whining about life being unfair since he was three years old. It does indeed suck to be him.

“Directed by my employer to discriminate; what can I do?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: Alan, I have been employed for over one year in a temp staffing agency. I have reached my limit in having to discriminate against people of color, and older people, and now pregnant applicants. Because I will no longer follow the temp agency’s “guidelines” for who to hire, my job is now in jeopardy. Now I feel forced to quit. 2012 Alan L.

The Acceptability of Cheating


After a spate of recent disciplinary cases involving academic dishonesty, a local high school decided to have an open discussion with students and teachers about the subject of cheating. The school promised amnesty and encouraged students to be honest about … Continue reading →

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Filling Resume Gaps – Part 1: Contract, project, freelance or temp work


This is the first part of a series explaining how to fill gaps on your resume. Today, we’re going to talk about filling gaps between contract, project, freelance and/or temp work. If you’re in career transition, you’ve felt it. Continued at [link]. Featured Resumes reCareered Blog

Getting That Dream Job

Job Stalker

(Yes, I received a free copy of the book for purposes of review. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… ) One of the things that has been really frustrating in terms of job seeking has been the huge amount of content about how to find/get/keep a job. Most of the “conventional” wisdom tends. Read more »

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