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Take Advantage of Social Media! How to Find a Job on Twitter

Resume Bear

These days there’s no lack of job searching sources online. And Twitter is the place you want to go. About You. Social media enthusiast? Tweet It Out.

The 6-second resume scan is hogwash

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Hat tip to Dawn Lennon and Dawn Bugni for unwittingly spurring me (via our chat over at Google Plus) to write this post discussing a recent survey on resumes. No related posts.

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Land that Job with These 5 Resume Tips

Career Copilot

Even if you don’t plan on working while you are in college, you should have a good resume prepared. When you have a resume on hand, you will be prepared for any great opportunities that come your way. This may include assistantships, fellowships, internships, and jobs. In addition, by getting your basic resume together while [.].

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5 Ways a Personal Blog Can Boost Your Career


When I first graduated from business school, I leveraged our school's alumni network to seek advice on securing my first job. Personal Branding.

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Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry: The Power of Social Media

Resume Bear

Social Media has become one of the most powerful influences on the global society to-date. Who is a Thought Leader? How Can Social Media Help? Blog it!

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Signs there is an Office Bully in Your Midst

Resume Bear

Many fear judgment, firing, or other shapes of retaliation just for merely speaking up or defending themselves. One of the two. You’re all sick.

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Why You Shouldn’t Exaggerate on Your Resume

Career Realism

As a professional and accredited resume writer, I often speak before groups of other resume writers and give advice to many job hunters.

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The Psychology of Job Interviews: How To Prepare Mentally

The Undercover Recruiter

Tweet. Curriculum Vitae. The Interview. Often interviewers like to ask: “Where do you see yourself in ‘X’ years’ time?” Image credit Victor1558.

Your biggest barrier to starting your own business

Penelope Trunk

Last month I gave a speech at the Natural Products Expo in California, and I took my son with me. Mostly, though, he just found a lot of free samples.

ResumeBear: 8 Great Careers for Older Workers

Resume Bear

It may be that you don’t want to work but have to, due to the current economic climate or other reasons beyond your control. Begin with the U.S.

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3 Steps to Move Ahead in Your Entertainment Career

Career Realism

To create movement in your career , you have to generate a lot of energy. Sometimes you can get stagnant, out of practice at making things happen.

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How Do Employers Review Resumes?

Career Rocketeer

Every job seeker would like to believe that when they send a resume to an employer, there is someone on the receiving end that reads the entire document word for word, thinking… “How can we best use this person in our organization?” The reality, however, is that your resume will most likely never be read in its entirety and [.]. Resumes SEO1

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Things to Leave Off a Resume


Most people get so wrapped up in what they should be putting on their resume that they don’t think about the things that should be left off.

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ResumeBear: Professional Development, How to Do It and Why

Resume Bear

In an unsettling job market, professional development is critical to boosting your resume and becoming more marketable. Education. Volunteer. Writer?

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Questions Employers Ask in an Interview

Career Realism

With the current economic climate and changing job market , employers have now started to alter the types of questions they ask in interviews.

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6 Great Android Apps for Creating the Perfect Resume

Career Alley

“ A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice. ” – Bill Cosby. Pocket Resume.

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Self-Google or Doom Your Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Right before I speak with potential clients for the first time, I Google their names. What are they looking for? Sometimes the person knows about it.

25 Fun & Informative Hashtags for Lifelong Learners

Resume Bear

The beauty of graduating from college is you’ve learned all you must know; now you can learn everything you always wanted to know. didyouknow. howto.

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5 Tips for Shy Networkers

Career Realism

A week ago, I attended a business mixer sponsored by the Portland Business Journal , and was immediately reminded about something. Why was I scared?

When you’re in a funk…

Ms. Career Girl

What do you do when you’re in a funk? Given my February and March, this past week was by no stretch of the imagination, a terrible week. I cried.

Tips for Mothers Getting Back to Work

Position Ignition

If you took a career break for children and are now preparing to return, you might feel that the transition will be tough going. It can be challenging, whether you’re returning to your previous place of work, embarking upon a whole new career, or anything in between. For Mums Return to Work

ResumeBear Picks The 20 Most Legendary College Bars

Resume Bear

Just about every school has one: a long-standing college bar steeped in history and, most often, cheap beer. The All-American Rathskeller. Valhalla.

Help a Colleague ‘Relive’ an Accomplishment

Career Realism

The conversation moves on. ” Consider, for example, the following great responses and questions: “That’s great news!

How to Make Your Resume Sell With Accomplishments

Career Rocketeer

The most problematic part of a resume for people seems to be crafting their accomplishments. Resumes SEO1

Regard Your Work


I used to plow through my days. at the speed of light. light. If I slowed down, I would fall behind. I couldn’t afford to fall behind. Thought.

Why Asking for Help Helps Your Career


Of course, if you are constantly asking for help because you are lazy or lacking time management skills, this is a different story.

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What Makes an Interviewable Resume?

Career Realism

Many job seekers have the misconception that creating a great resume will help them score a job. But this is actually not the case. See the difference?

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Bribes, Ethics, Global Business and Culture That Is Not Your Own.

HR Capitalist

By now, you may have seen the news that Wal Mart has been implicated in a bribery scandal related to growing their business in Mexico. Leadership

Green Career Tip: Does Your Green Career Direction Need Your Attention?

Green Career Central

In addition, companies are finding their brands are benefiting and their employees are more engaged than ever before. Green Career Tip

How to Shine on LinkedIn


As a professional, if you are not making use of LinkedIn, you are missing out. This is a powerful platform with more than 120 million members.

How to List Salary Requirements on a Cover Letter

Career Realism

Listing salary requirements is always tricky because it’s hard to “guess” what the employer will think about your preference. Good luck!

Announcing a New Book: Manage Your Job Search

Hiring Technical People

I have released a beta book, Manage Your Job Search: Reduce Your Overwhelm, Focus Your Search, and Get Your Next Job! While I was writing and updating Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, second edition , I realized that my advice wasn’t precisely opposite for people who were searching for jobs. That’s because it’s a beta book.

Your LinkedIn Photo: Hot or Not?

Career Rocketeer

What do tuxedos, strapless dresses, bar scenes, beaches, and outdoor parties have in common? They’ve all been the accompaniment to some amazingly casual LinkedIn photos. Personal Branding Laura Smith-Proulx SEO1 Social Media

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Public Flogging of Those Who Don't Display Your Company's Values.

HR Capitalist

I'm pretty much on the record as saying that most company's values/mission/core values statements are awful. It's a grim image, we know.