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Facebook: Employers Wanting Usename and Password?

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Facebook is the 2nd most popular website in the world. More employers want to know exactly what you do on your social media accounts. 

Update: Facebook Responds to Employers Asking for Passwords

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Today, Facebook responded. Like many of you, most Facebook users feel it a violation of privacy for employers to ask such a thing.

50 Things Recruiters Can Do on Facebook


People love to hate Facebook. There are the Facebook quitters and friends who give it up for Lent. Create an employer branded page.

Why Your Facebook Friends Matter to Employers

The Undercover Recruiter

There’s been a lot of buzz over the past couple years about employers checking potential employees’ Facebook pages.

New Facebook Search Engine Lets Employers Find You

Resume Bear , a new Facebook search engine, gives employers and others access to your work and education history. Who knew? Shocked?

6 Career-Killing Facebook Mistakes

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With more than 400 million active visitors, Facebook is arguably the most popular social networking site out there. Inappropriate Pictures.

How to Land a Job Using Facebook [Infographic]

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And for good reason—using social media, job seekers are one step closer to connecting with their dream employer. What do you think? In

LinkedIn Is Not Facebook!

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It’s the best place to find, and be found by prospective employers. Social Media SEO1

How to Recruit on Facebook with TweetMyJobs


And yet only 23% US Recruiters use Facebook as a recruiting and candidate source. Facebook as a Candidate Pipeline and Recruitment Source.

Marketing Hacks To Make Employers Notice You

Ms. Career Girl

The post Marketing Hacks To Make Employers Notice You appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Most of these aces have to do with marketing skills.

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US Bill Would Make Employer Requests for Facebook Access Illegal


Protecting Employee Facebook & Social Network Privacy. SNOPA: Social Networking Online Protection Act. SNOPA, H.R. Photo Credit.  .

Top 5 Facebook Applications for Job Hunting

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Bush had just won reelection and Mark Zuckerberg launched something called Facebook from his Harvard dorm room. George W. BranchOut. PageModo.

How To Use Facebook for Professional Networking #TechTuesday

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Facebook is a place to interact with friends and family online. Why use Facebook for professional networking? Use Facebook events.

Still Not Sure How to Recruit on Facebook? Read This!

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billion users, Facebook now tops every single social networking site on the net including Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. With over 1.23 Hobbies.

Recruiting & Hiring on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn by Country


Recruiters & Recruiting on Facebook. Facebook recruiting is most widely used in the United States with Canada following with a close second.

How To Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Find a Job #TechTuesday

The Undercover Recruiter

Well, not only jobseekers but employers as well are garnering the benefits of social media for finding suitable candidates. Have a look.

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Ways to Use Facebook for Your Job Search

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But what’s sometimes overlooked is the biggest network of them all: Facebook. Follow your target companies on Facebook.

Getting Paid to Play On Facebook/Twitter

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Unfortunately, though, employers don’t necessarily share this enthusiasm for social networking. A So what’s a Facebook-friendly employee to do?

In 2015, Should Facebook Access Be Banned at Work?


Your employer bans Facebook access at Work? What could allowing Facebook access give you? Is Facebook so different?

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Facebook Recruitment Marketing 101: What type of business page is right for your company? (Cat memes optional.)


Unless your target candidate is from Europa, they are likely on Facebook. BEGINNER: BECOME AN ADMIN OF YOUR CORPORATE FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Why is Facebook Recruiting Important?

The Undercover Recruiter

One of the latest discussions online is the relevance and the use of Facebook’s Graph Search as a recruitment tool. – Forbes. Mashable).

10 Ways to Use Facebook To Get a Job

Corn on the Job

The average person spends somewhere around 15 hours per month on Facebook. Recruiters are using Facebook just as much, if not more than you are.

Using Facebook as a Virtual Career Fair Platform


Sure, Facebook is good for sharing photos, asking questions of your followers and sending out mass updates. You can chat on Facebook.

Study: How Do Employers Manage Social Media?

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This is their fourth survey in a series looking into the role of social media for employers. career facebook linkedin resumebear twitter

Why You MUST Complete Your Facebook Profile

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But what if your lack of Facebook profile is actually hindering your job search? It’s not about friending recruiters on Facebook.

You Posted what? 8 People Fired for Facebook Postings

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hours per month on Facebook alone. Some states have created laws to protect employees and employers, but the laws in each state differ.

The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

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Recent employment practices show your interview starts long before you arrive; it starts online with your social media accounts. Surprised?

How Facebook Beats LinkedIn for Job Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Facebook better than LinkedIn for recruitment? 52 % of job seekers use Facebook to help find work in 2012, up from 48 percent in 2011.

Employers Hunt Down Your Bachelor Party Pics on Facebook

Evil HR Lady

Keep reading: Employers Hunt Down Your Bachelor Party Pics on FacebookMore companies are conducting internet background checks to scrape up everything you've ever said and done. Should they? And should you care?

What Employee Benefits Do Top Employers Offer? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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So what are the other major employers doing to keep their workforce happy – and loyal? What Employee Benefits Do Top Employers Offer?

4 Tips on How to Use Facebook at Work and Not Get Fired


Ways to Avoid Getting Fired for Facebook Use. Don’t Lose Your Job Over Facebook Use. Tips on How to Use Facebook and Not Lose your Job.

The Day I Deleted My Facebook Recruiting Account


Well, for my work-related Facebook account at least. Having two Facebook accounts was easy … sort of like managing two email addresses.

I was fired because of Facebook | Resumebear Online Resume

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Its actually quite rampant on Facebook as well. My boss can be such an old grouch too, but I can get away with saying that, I am self employed.

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11 Videos Show How Diverse Employment Branding & Recruiting Really Is


Employer Brand Video Challenges. Video is the toast of the town on social media  with Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Live video.

Do Employee Perks Translate Into Employer ROI?

The Undercover Recruiter

Do Employee Perks Translate Into Employer ROI? Business Employer Deloitte Employee employee perks Facebook Google perks ROI

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Are Employers Spying on You With Facebook?

Career Realism

Facebook ’s privacy issues have come and gone in past months. For me, the issue is the use of Facebook in the job search. advice.

Can You Get Fired Because of Facebook?

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Do you know anyone who has been fired because of what they posted on Facebook or Twitter? Be carefule what you post on Facebook.

Five Ways to Subtly Catch The Eyes of Employers During Your Job Search

Competitive Resumes

know what you’re thinking: “I can’t even get an employer to notice me, let alone read my personal marketing materials and ideas.” Get it?

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Employers: Which Industries Lead the Way in Social Media

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Many employers are responding to the social media invasion with policies to guide how it’s used by employees. Post your comments below! 

70 Percent of College Career Centers have a Facebook Page

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career facebook Job Search job search strategy job seekers jobs resumebearGreat resource as an Example is ResumeBear page.