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Gates, Buffett, Kevin Rose and Pete Cashmore: Entrepreneurs Speak

Resume Bear

Patrick Chukwura at Young Entrepreneurs , Sept. Muhammad Yunus with the Nobel Foundation , Oct. Elizabeth Sabol-Jones at Inspirist , Jan.

Starting A Business? 4 Ways To Capitalize On Economic Trends

Career Realism

As any successful entrepreneur will tell you the best businesses are ones that anticipate the next great economic trend. Temp staffing.

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7 Life-Changing Job Trends You Need to Know About


7 Trends that have changed the world of work and how to adapt. Look no further than trend #3. Social media is a prime example.

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5 Tips to Curate Social Media Content That Gets Shared

Resume Bear

Over the past few years when I have discussed social media on radio shows or on panels at conferences, the topic of content curating has come up. Many people have no idea what it means and others are fascinated by the idea of designing their social media marketing strategy. We live in a time where we are all involved in media.

3 Online Tools to Network your Way into Job

Resume Bear

Social media is becoming increasingly important for job networking. You can find Adam at his personal blog, Social Media Marketing Expert.

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Tracking Changes in the Job Market

Careers Done Write

Sure, you can visit trade forums to stay abreast of top tier executives and entrepreneurs. Job Market Trends linkedin social media

In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation

Threshold Consulting

» In 2011, Increase Your Prospects With Better Differentiation This month’s Career Collective topic is things job seekers should keep an eye on in 2011 (trends/tools/hiring practices).  Certainly, there are trends that will have a direct impact on your career prospects. Threshold Consulting: Its Your Life, Own It! Thanks!

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Interview: Groupon – Giving You the Best Deals, Every Day

Personal Excellence Blog

At that time, Karl had long been on the lookout for an opportunity to start an internet company, because he saw the potential in new media.

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Interview: Delcie’s Desserts – Delicious, Healthy Vegan Delights

Personal Excellence Blog

Last but not least, be willing to change and innovate your products to suit the current trend. I loved it. They offer tea cakes too. My Mother.

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My #Rewind2011

Ms. Career Girl

I hit up Twitter on my 6:30AM train out to the burbs this morning and saw that #Rewind2011 was a trending topic. July 31: I get engaged!!!

10 Steps to an Authentic, Magnetic Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

How Much Social Media Is Enough? Employers look for executive candidates who will be an overall best-fit for their organization. Welcome!

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The Top 50 Job Hunting Blogs

Resume Bear

Jobacle has been featured by The Washington Post , Chicago Sun-Times , NBC, and dozens of other major media outlets. Source: [link]. newspapers.

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2010 Top 10 Executive Personal Branding and Job Search Trends

Executive Career Brand

Keep an eye on market trends and opportunities. How Much Social Media Is Enough? or get left behind. Be flexible. I know, I know.

Interview: Citrusox – Trendy Legwear that’s Fashionable, Comfortable and Affordable

Personal Excellence Blog

Every 2-3 months, I’ll take a trip overseas to see the fashion trends out there, then look for new, fashionable pieces to add to our collection.

Recent Students: Let’s Help You Survive Life After Graduation

Resume Bear

The site has profiles of young entrepreneurs, their ingenious business ideas and how they were brought to fruition. Job Hunting. Career Advice.

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Are American Millennials Unskilled?


What Happens When Young People Become Successful Entrepreneurs? Well, no. Not exactly. A Policy Problem. The Millennial Monster. Or don’t.

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Trend watch: HR, texting, needlepoint | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

Don’t underestimate my workplace trends genius. One more trend. So back to changes and trends. Is this your first time here?

Don’t let your career become outdated

Penelope Trunk

I study generational trends voraciously. Entrepreneur magazine is known for celebrating the 25-year-old CEO. of the female population.

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20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker ResumeBear makes the List

Resume Bear

She provides thought-leadership for entrepreneurs, Generation Y and beyond through her uplifting blog Life After College. Rich DeMatteo, AKA Corn on the Job, is a globally recognized Career Expert, Gen Y Career Coach, and Social Media Marketer. Nowadays he is a Social Media consultant at Link Humans in London, UK. Career Girl.

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Ready For A New Adventure? Explore New Career Opportunities

Career Realism

Read Business Trend Stories. Ready to make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true? Ready For A New Adventure? CAREEREALISM.

8 Tips for Advancing Any Career

Ms. Career Girl

Social media, in particular, is in the spotlight: “This area of marketing is poised to see an incredible uptick in the next year,” Terry notes.

5 Things You Need Before You Start Your Own Business

Career Realism

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you become responsible for federal, state, city, business, and sales taxes. A good team.

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5 Ways to Succeed in Reinventing Your Career


Entrepreneurs are fueling the US economy!) Employers browse your social media profiles to evaluate character (is the candidate well-rounded?)

Shifting the balance of power. (Mainstream media stinks.

Penelope Trunk

Mainstream media stinks.) This all might be the end of me catering to mainstream media. And I am thinking that dealing with mainstream media just isn’t worth it. I don’t think I need mainstream media. So, mainstream media, here's my position. "Hey, wannabe-mainstream media, stuff yourselves, ok?"

5 Business Buzzwords to Leave Behind in 2016


Did your MA in social media marketing? I am a great hater of buzzwords. It’s inelegant, unnecessary, dull. Do you? Please. Come on, now.

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Twitter Turbocharges Executive Job Search and Personal Brand.

Executive Career Brand

Tweets that demonstrate your knowledge about best practices, trends and events, and position yourself as a subject matter expert. Nice one!

Why Baby Boomers Should Listen to Gen Y | Boomers Next Step

Boomers Next Step

However, if you’re of the Baby Boom Generation, you’ve probably noticed a reverse mentoring trend happening in the workplace. The trend is most noticeable in professional fields where technology is an integral part of the work environment. Why Baby Boomers are Exercising on Elliptical Trainers! My first reaction was dismay.

Hot New Business and Self-Employment Options

Career Key

Recently I educated myself about new trends in self-employment. I took my son to the Barnes & Noble train set to play, and while there, I browsed's spring 2008 Hot List: Best Businesses, Markets, Trends & Ideas. Entrepreneur Self-employment

Become Your Own Job Creator in 10 Simple Steps


Individuals have to adapt to this ongoing trend. Become social media savvy. Social media may be one of those skills, or maybe it’s HTML.

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Honing Your Core Entrepreneurial Skills: Business Acumen

Water Cooler Wisdom

  Having strong business acumen means possessing a clear understanding of the company’s strategy and “ecosystem,” including global trends, macroeconomic shifts, and regulatory changes.    As you peruse these outlets more frequently, you will start to notice re-occurring trends as well as common economic and business drivers. 

4 Tips For Working With Your Other Half – And Making It Work

Ms. Career Girl

However, there has been a recent upward trend in couples who actually fuse their personal lives with their work. Career Girl. But how? Respect.

7 Income Ideas for Work at Home Moms

Ms. Career Girl

You can track traffic trends and setup Google Pay Per Click campaigns. Become a Social Media Manager. Home About Archives Write for Us!

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Sneak Peek: The 2011 Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide


An Internet entrepreneur-turned-venture capitalist, a lot of technologies are paraded in front of him. Events Not to Miss social-media twitter

ExecuNet's 2010 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report

Executive Career Brand

Although uncertainties abound, there are areas of strength and some market trends are propelling key industries forward. Healthcare 2. Welcome!

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interesting recent blogs on resume writing and job hunting

Resume Writing

Here are a few blogs I found interesting and thought I might share with you. Besides, I am sure you are tired of hearing only from me. " 4.

Blog Indeed » Blog Archive » Job postings reach highest levels of 2010

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Audio CD Press & Media See how were connected Books Recent Comments Daniel on New Economy Rules… Break Free : Put America back to work.

Jobs Found: Some Sectors Showing Growth as Others Fade Away.

Boomers Next Step

Nasdaq News reported that “Mobile apps and cloud computing are arguably this year’s hottest tech trends.&# The B.L.S million jobs.

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Million Dollar Tip #3: Address a Need

Personal Excellence Blog

Tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Tool can be helpful too. If you have financial goals you want to pursue in life, join us! And so on.

2011 17

So, You Want a Career in Public Relations?

The Job Quest

Just like any other industry, you have to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. Enjoy! Well, there are huge differences. Yes, them!

Top 11 Besties of 2011


I admire Joni as a successful female entrepreneur and businesswoman. These 11 Besties have influenced me in many ways. Thank you. Mack Collier.

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