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How To Know If You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Career Realism

How To Know If You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur. Make decisions about pricing, product or service with their customers in mind, and.

Life of an Entrepreneur: Home Office vs. Coworking


I can work when and how I want, but it comes at a price. That price is a combination of factors: Loneliness. I love the freedom.

Online Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurs

Ms. Career Girl

Most people dream about becoming an entrepreneur but have no idea what business to get into. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Career Girl?

Entrepreneurs: How Work/Life Balance and Growth Can Mix

Water Cooler Wisdom

The more my employees and I feel as though our lives are out of balance, the more likely we will pay a physical and emotional price—and so will our business. Those who believe starting a business means fewer hours will probably find themselves mistaken. William Bauer:  Work-life balance always has to take priority.

Interview: Groupon – Giving You the Best Deals, Every Day

Personal Excellence Blog

This is part of the Successful Businesses Interview Series , where I feature successful businesses that are making a difference in others’ lives.

Interview: Citrusox – Trendy Legwear that’s Fashionable, Comfortable and Affordable

Personal Excellence Blog

You can only price up an item to an extent before it becomes unaffordable. that’s next month!). A glimpse of their in-store collection.

MONEYBALL: Is the Talent World's Most Undervalued Asset Old People?

HR Capitalist

No, too competitive and the price gets driven up quickly. It derives its name from a Michael Lewis book of the same name. Ivy League grads?

Interview: Udders – Artisan Ice Cream Created with Care and Dedication

Personal Excellence Blog

We target just about anybody, as we keep our prices very affordable. The shop was funky in concept and design. So what if I failed?

How To Reduce Costs When Starting A Business

Career Realism

It is notable that refurbished equipment serves their purposes well and is offered at a discounted price. Make use of the latest technology.

2014 41

Taking the Mask of Your Excuses

Career Makeover Coach

– Arlen Price The definition of excuse is “to explain (a fault or an offense) in the hope of being forgiven or understood.&#

Do this for your career right now: Start a company and sell it for a dollar.

Penelope Trunk

But here’s a great article in the New York Times that explains why the best entrepreneurs are just a little bit off kilter. Most entrepreneurs want to quit their companies. Often the entrepreneur has given it his all and he is, simply put, sick of the company. That’s BS Silicon Valley speak for “the sale price sucked.”

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Why You Should Support Industry Soloprenuers


What is the Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship? The psychological price of entrepreneurship is real. I became self-employed.

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Getting Started With A Scalable Ecommerce Business

Career Realism

” The other option, and one that many entrepreneurs looking to sell online take, is to create your own ecommerce store. Sourcing Products.

How To Learn From Failure

Career Realism

Take The Risk And Pay the Price Nothing ventured, nothing gain. I won’t bore you with them here. You hear stories about failure.

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How to Start a Beauty Business

Ms. Career Girl

In order to turn a profit but still offer reasonable pricing to your customers, you will have to purchase wholesale. Career Girl. Lawyer Up.

The Absolute Worst Times to Leave Your Job to Start a Business

Career Makeover Coach

While it may be tempting to jump now, your transition to entrepreneur will have more bumps than necessary if your starting position is off.

Your approach to mistakes defines your success

Penelope Trunk

He told me, “I’m an entrepreneur.” Each entrepreneur finds one that works for them. ” I was hooked. ”).

2013 58

Why Now Might Be The Perfect Time To Quit Your Job

Career Realism

Michael Price is the author of What Next? QUIZ: Should You Quit Your Job? Can you blame them? The time is now. Are you ready? Related Posts.

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Millennial Unemployment Rate is 12.7 Percent in July

Resume Bear

percent (NSA). Additional notes: the youth unemployment rate for 18-29-year-old African Americans for July 2012 is 22.3 percent (NSA). million.

2012 82

Your Boss Wants To Fire You – Here’s Why

Career Realism

Michael Price is the author of What Next? There’s no secret that job longevity is a lot less than it used to be. It’s how we trim the fat.’.

2014 35

What Happens When Your HR or Recruiting Business Changes?


My question to you is did you keep track of the one thing that takes most entrepreneurs out at their knees? Click here. What happened?


20 Big Ways the Recession is Changing Young Adults

Resume Bear

Driven out of the job market, young adults are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs. Young people are spending less, saving more. being married.

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3 Steps To Handle Stress As A Business Owner

Career Realism

A conscientious quit gets you closer to your purpose as an entrepreneur.”. might be one of the first things that creeps into your mind.

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Your biggest barrier to starting your own business

Penelope Trunk

Everyone’s an entrepreneur in my family, and my son’s first thought was that this would be a good way to expand his egg business.

Why It’s Absolutely Necessary To Discover Your Passion

Career Realism

There’s more things which define talent beyond being a gifted athlete, musician, actor, or entrepreneur. Who do you want to be? Not anymore.

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Starting A Business? 4 Ways To Capitalize On Economic Trends

Career Realism

As any successful entrepreneur will tell you the best businesses are ones that anticipate the next great economic trend. Consult the experts.

I’m Giving Away a Year of Free Leadership Training

Ms. Career Girl

Hello to Ms. Career Girl readers everywhere! It has been quite a while since I’ve written a post on my very own blog. Time for an update! Nicole.

3 Popular Professions In Today’s Job Market

Career Realism

He/she conducts the market research, plans the range and volume of production, determines the prices, and stimulates sales. Many entrepreneurs believe that a good logistician can only be a player by nature, endowed with a talent to move goods and articles like figures on a chessboard. Related: Top 10 Job Search Trends Of 2014.

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5 Biggest Mistakes Side-Giggers Make

Water Cooler Wisdom

In her new book, The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life , financial columnist and successful sidepreneur Kimberly Palmer urges aspiring and newbie side-giggers to avoid these five common pitfalls: 1. Waiting until you’re “ready” to launch. Letting the first failure stop your progress.

Workaholics: Why You Should Only Do Just Enough To Get By

Career Realism

In addition, you should be building your career the way an entrepreneur builds their business. Michael Price is the author of What Next?

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Career Goals: Are You Willing To Change?

Career Realism

To possibly even receive ridicule, humiliation or rejection as part of the price to win? To go where you have to? To do what you have to do?

Goals 19

Solve For Z: The New Problem Generation


Don’t assume that new generation Z age workers are all entrepreneurs-in-the-making, or that the only way to reach them is through Snapchat.

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5 Ways Teachers Can Earn Some Extra Cash

Career Realism

Here are five suggestions on how to think like an entrepreneur and earn some extra cash: 1. Become a private tutor. Sell lesson plans online.

Stop watching the news

Career Key

And grocery shopping makes me personally depressed - apple prices have risen to $2.39/lb from $1.99/lb 6 months ago, here in Washington state no less. Entrepreneur Self-employment School Counseling Career Decision Barriers Career Indecision College Counseling Politics Career Change career explorationLittle economic news seems good.

Start your own company! A week-long seminar with Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk

After that, the seminar will appear on other blogs and the price will go up to $195. Here are the topics we’ll cover: How to Get an Idea.

Why I Quit My Good Job At A Fortune 10 Telecom

Career Realism

I was an entrepreneur and always had been. July 7 th , 2014. That was the day I quit my good job at a Fortune 10 Telecom. Marketing Consultant.

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The e-NV200 WORKSPACe Could Put the “Mobile” In Your Office


A company could own a fleet of these vehicles or they could lease them from some enterprising entrepreneur and avoid the equipment costs.

Deputy Attorney Fired For Comments Made on His Twitter Account: Why Your Reputation On-Line Is More Important Than Your Net Worth

Resume Bear

Are you paying a huge price for being so direct that you are seen as difficult to know or work with? Your reputation is very fragile however.

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Price : $22.99 This means an unbeatable price of $16.09 Hi everyone! Read till the end for a limited-time-only 30% discount coupon!).

interview with a budget and money coach

Ask A Manager

In a nutshell, I’m a budget and money coach who’s passionate about working with women entrepreneurs. For a lot of female entrepreneurs in particular, I help them to stop “playing small” and charge what they’re worth, admit they need help, things like that. Can I ask you my own entrepreneur/money question?