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“What happens to my employee equity if the company is sold or IPO’d?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question : I was fascinated about your bright explanation of equity plans in your newsletter entitled “ Long Term Incentive Compensation: 10 Basic Concepts.” First, carefully review your Equity Plan, or have someone do so for you. Usually what happens upon a sale of the company is covered in an Equity Plan, but not always.

Breaking Down the Gender Equity Pay Adjustments at Salesforce.

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Salesforce just made a move to provide pay equity increases across its workforce to eliminate any and all gender pay issues, job by job.

“How can I negotiate more equity in a start-up venture?”

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It will be his perception of your ability to help, or hurt, his commercial development of the new product that’s key to your request for further equity. This may be the basis for a request for additional equity: you’ve been advised that 10% means little, if anything, and may even constitute a step backward from being an employee.

Dorsey Gives Back Stock: Equity As Employee Morale at Twitter


This week we’re talking about Dorsey giving back 1%, valued at roughly $200 million, of his stock in the company to the employee equity pool. Instead of debating Dorsey’s sincerity, we should focus on a deeper question: Is equity an effective way to recognize employees? Business HR employee morale equity work perks

Why The Hell Should I Get Involved in Equity Crowdfunding?

Ms. Career Girl

The post Why The Hell Should I Get Involved in Equity Crowdfunding? What is equity? So what is equity crowdfunding? Career Girl.

How Transparency and Employee Stories Can Create a Great Employer Brand

The Undercover Recruiter

Employer Podcast brand equity employee advocacy employee stories employer brand Glassdoor transparencyView Article.

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Long Term Incentive Compensation: 10 Basic Concepts

Sklover Working Wisdom

Equity ” – “Equity” is a rather broad concept. Equity may take many different forms, and have many different names. Equity can also be “certain” or “conditional” in nature. Some say equity grants to employees are meant primarily to encourage employees to “think and act more as owners, and less as employees.”.

“How to request ‘ownership interests’ from Private Equity employers.”

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The company owners are what is called “Private Equity,” and as almost all “Private Equity” owners, they are looking to grow revenue by 30% in 3 years, and sell the company in 3 to 5 years. Private Equity owners of companies engage in their efforts with one major goal in mind: selling the company in 3 to 5 years, at a large profit.

PREACH IT: A Home Without Equity is Just a Rental With Debt.

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How about this: "A home without equity is just a rental with debt". Michael Lewis is a great writer. Word to your mother. But read the book.

Employment History – Let’s Take a Look in the Mirror


HR Job Search Chris Ponder employment equity employment history history longevity looking in the mirror record of employment take a look in the mirro

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“Private Equity Buying Your Employer? Resist These 11 Employment Negotiation Tactics”

Sklover Working Wisdom

ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: For many years I have counseled and negotiated on behalf of employees when their employers (a) are being purchased by Private Equity investors, (b) are owned by Private Equity investors, and (c) are being sold by Private Equity investors. Author Unknown. It should not be surprising at all. Documents.

“How do I ask a new employer for an equity stake?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

I am wondering if it is acceptable to ask for an equity stake, and if so, how to do so? Answer: Dear John: It is not very common for a prospective employee to ask a prospective employer for an equity stake right off the bat – without either “side” knowing the other all that well. Regards. West Palm Beach, Florida. Best, Al Sklover .

“I am being urged to invest in my employer by new Private Equity owners; any concerns?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: My company (small, privately held) is in the process of being purchased by a “private equity” firm. Answer: Dear Brian: For three decades now I’ve seen many employees in your circumstances invest along with Private Equity purchasers of their employers. Trust me, the Private Equity owners will not tell you of these plans.

“How do I negotiate an equity position in a new company that will be meaningful and secure?”

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I have been sent a pro forma from my CEO to send to the other business owner, and would like to negotiate an equity position for myself going forward. Should I ask for performance based incentives until we reach a certain mark where I could become an equity partner, or ask for a small position, say 1 – 10 %? Krissy. Louis. 2011 Alan L.

Dusty Resumes and Deadines

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Quality resume results are at odds with speed (and your desperate situation). Moral of the story. Keep your career story current. NOT […].

Carried Interest – Key Words & Phrases

Sklover Working Wisdom

It is a variant of stock, stock options and other forms of “equity” awarded by traditional investment firms. 2016 Alan L. Sklover.

Another Chain Broken:

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Non-Solicitation in the Petrochemical Industry. He decided to attempt to leave, and had several offers in no time. Just [ click here.] negotiate.

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Friday Five: Tech, HR Tech and a Good Night’s Sleep


HR diversity diversity in tech employment equity facebook online advertising Social Media startupsTGIF, friends! Time to make plans for the weekend, to kick back and relax, and to catch up on the week’s best reads. Here are your Friday Five: Facebook Revenue Soars on Ad Growth. billion to 5.2 billion. The Fire Inside Rev.

“What is a change of control for vesting purposes?”

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Employees with unclear ownership of equity have much more negotiating leverage for this reason but, sadly, often don’t realize it or take advantage of it. . Agreements and Contracts Q & A Specific Terms and Provisions Stock, Stock Options, "Equity Robert. Tampa, Florida. Here are my thoughts: . 2012 Alan L.

How To Be The Brand Manager Of YOU

Career Realism

A brand manager is someone who consistently works to generate awareness, influence, and affinity all in an effort to continually build brand equity.

The #1 Thing Your Personal Brand Needs To Convey

Career Realism

A brand manager is someone who consistently works to generate awareness, influence, and affinity all in an effort to continually build brand equity.

Offered a Position and Shares in a Start-Up? – 10 Traps in the Legal Papers, and Your Ways Out

Sklover Working Wisdom

It is not easy because lawyers for business founders or owners – particularly “Private Equity” owners, almost always make it difficult, and intentionally so. Intellectual Property You Create: I have seen clients hired into companies with promises of equity that vest over time, provided they take a very low salary for a while. No job.

“Forming or Joining a Start-Up? – 16 Questions that Need to Be Answered”

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Want to Ask for Equity from Private Equity or other Private Owners? Use our “Model Letter for Requesting Management Equity from Private Equity or Other Private Owners.” “Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”. – Henry Winkler. ACTUAL “CASE HISTORY” : Jessica, 36, was more than excited. Vision. Sales?

The #1 Thing Your Personal Brand Needs To Convey

Career Realism

A brand manager is someone who consistently works to generate awareness, influence, and affinity all in an effort to continually build brand equity.

Personal Brand Management: The Secret to Career Mobility


Developing personal brand equity is a key element to establishing and maintaining your career mobility. Increasing manager equity is the quickest method for improving and selling your brand throughout the organization. Developing a […] The post Personal Brand Management: The Secret to Career Mobility appeared first on WorkArrow.

Massachusetts Loses Mind: Passes Law Outlawing Employers Asking For Salary History.

HR Capitalist

Before you slay me for being anti-pay equity, stop. California and New York have laws that address pay equity on the books, which I support.

How to Get Job Referrals With a Small Network

Competitive Resumes

Trust equity is associated with the person who refers you. Trust equity is associated with the person who refers you. Build context!

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The Best Indicator of Startup Success: The CEO's Salary.

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It aligns his interest with the equity holders. Equity is the best way to find people who are aligned with these interests of early stage companies. Here's the quote from Peter Thiel from TechCrunch in 2008 : The lower the CEO salary, the more likely it is to succeed. The CEO’s salary sets a cap for everyone else.

TODAY'S JOB MARKET: Peak Economic Cycle Edition

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If you have compensation issues, now's the time to be aggressive to do equity increases in key roles that are under-comped vs the market.

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3 Juicy Insider LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

Executive Career Brand

Build Personal Brand Equity by Surprising Someone With a LinkedIn Recommendation. In fact, most of my clients find me through LinkedIn. Courses.

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Good Leaver – Key Words & Phrases

Sklover Working Wisdom

It is most often used in relation to incentive compensation, equity compensation and deferred compensation Plans. What does that mean? Sklover.

Where Should You Distribute Your Executive Resume?

Professional Resume Services

Private Equity Firms – Private equity firms are always hiring. So who are the right people? Try or

Cashless Exercise – Key Words & Phrases

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For more information, insight and inspiration regarding Stock, Stock Options and Equity at work, just [ click here.] . 2013 Alan L. Sklover.

“On FMLA. Don’t want to return, but want unvested stock. What can I do?”

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Before you do anything, you MUST carefully review your employer’s stock, stock option or equity plan to determine when you are scheduled to vest, and how you might possibly forfeit your unvested shares. FMLA FMLA, COBRA and Pregnancy How and When to Resign Losing Q & A Resigning from Your Job Stock, Stock Options, "Equity

FMLA – Great Tool to E-x-t-e-n-d Employment

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Basics Before Negotiating Before Resigning FMLA FMLA, COBRA and Pregnancy Monthly Newsletter Library Resigning from Your Job Severance Packages Stock, Stock Options, "Equity “ The cure for anger is delay.”. – Seneca. Losing his job would entail Aquilino and his family having to depart the U.S. almost immediately. Act Wisely! click here.]

“Employer Ask You to Sign an Agreement? Ask Your Employer to Pay Your Legal Cost”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Rumor had it that a private equity firm might be interested in buying Charlene’s employer, and it was for this reason that a new, revised Confidentiality and Inventions Agreement was being required.). “I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.”. – Steven Wright. All was good. Who knows?

Brief History of HR Tech Trends & Technology Acquisitions for #HRTechConf


iCims receives $35 Million in funding from Susquehanna Growth Equity. Bullhorn Software acquired by Vista Equity. January . February .

Kick These 5 ‘Resume Killers’ To The Curb!

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Kick These 5 ‘Resume Killers’ To The Curb! CAREEREALISM. I don’t have enough experience in the field. Guess what? Good luck!

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“Can a severance agreement require that my husband give up vested stock and stock options?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

As is more fully explained below, your husband’s employer cannot “force” him to give up, or take, anything – even vested stock or stock options (often referred to as “equity”) – so the law is somewhat irrelevant in this respect. in equity, it’s not such a bad offer. He had a large amount, some of it already vested. Tamara. 2013 Alan L.

U2's Bono to Steve Jobs: On Poaching Employees From a Competitor.

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After hearing Jobs complain about the talent poaching, Bono sent Jobs the following note back (page 460): "You should chill out about this. Classic.

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