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Recruiting & Hiring on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn by Country


Their researched look at social recruiting trends by platform for the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Photo Credit. .  .

I was fired because of Facebook | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

Its actually quite rampant on Facebook as well. Oct, 2010 at 4:15 pm I never do that on Twitter or on Facebook. What do you think?

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4 Tips on How to Use Facebook at Work and Not Get Fired


Ways to Avoid Getting Fired for Facebook Use. Don’t Lose Your Job Over Facebook Use. Tips on How to Use Facebook and Not Lose your Job.

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Will Gen Y Have Professional Regret for Embedding Facebook?

HR Capitalist

When we think background checks and Facebook, we're usually thinking about beer bong pictures and other sophmoric behavior designed to tell us that the candidate has basic judgment issues, right? trade disputes between Korea and the United States caught everyone’s interest at. In her Facebook. Tina’s research on. pauses.

Speaking at Wharton

Personal Excellence Blog

Hence, I want to stay here as long as I can before I continue on with my travels to the states. Hi everyone! So what does it mean for you guys??

I did not hire you because of your online reputation | Resumebear.

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Oct, 2010 7 Comments I’ve written before about online reputation and how people say stupid things on Twitter and Facebook. Sure it is!

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Social Media Tip – Profile Pic Consistency

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They are able to easily recognize me and connect, link up, say hi, follow, retweet, friend me, invest, etc. Stacy Donovan Zapar. Pay it forward!

The LinkedIn Job Seeker Connection Dilemma: Quantity or Quality?

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Kevin holds a BS in History and Spanish from Georgia State University and also served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army.

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How Job Hunters are using Facebook to Target Employers: PART 1

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Grant Turck takes time out to talk to me about how he launched a targeted Facebook campaign at the Public relations firms he wanted to work at. David Perry: How do I find you on Facebook, because that is what we’re here to talk about today? Tell me, why did you use Facebook, how did this come about, what have the results been?

Oh No They Didn’t! LinkedIn Avatars Gone Wrong

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But these shots are really best left for Facebook or your personal Twitter account, not your LinkedIn profile. 8.  Too Many People. Too Sexy.

COMIC – Its a Facebook World | Resumebear Online Resume

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Responses to “COMIC – Its a Facebook World&# Bud Angel Reply 23. This comic is food for thought. Watch this video! Jimmy Reply 24.

ResumeBear Picks The 20 Most Legendary College Bars

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This Oklahoma State University bar, located quite literally in the shadow of the stadium, is proud to be “Stillwater’s Jumpin’ Little Juke Joint.”

Training Within Industry

Learning Voyager

Here We Are. Now What? Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Thinking Inside The Blog!] Save Your Money.

11 Employee & Candidate Review Sites Employers Need to Know About


This international review site has its roots in Germany and has recently launched in the United States. Facebook Page Reviews. 

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Seasonal Jobs are Available Year-Round – Here are Some Examples

Career Alley

The ski season in most states runs from November through May, but some workers are hired as early as October and some remain employed as late as June.

Warning: Shrinking Economies Shrink Job Opportunities

Career Alley

One industry to avoid is the United States Postal Service (USPS). Visit me on Facebook. million jobs by 2020.

10 Things Every Jobseeker Should Be Doing to Find their Next Position

Resume Bear

Leverage Social Media.  In addition to LinkedIn, be sure to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, etc. Check ‘em out!

In Demand: STEM-Educated Employees

Career Alley

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have always been critical to the prosperity and success of the United States.

In Demand: STEM-Educated Employees

Career Alley

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have always been critical to the prosperity and success of the United States.

Why Can’t the Candidate Experience Be More Like This?


If you are female, under 40, live in the United States, you have probably seen advertising or been targeted by the shoe company, Tieks. Tieks

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How to Recruit Internationally


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not the dominant social media sites in every country. For companies with U.S.-based Do your homework.

How to Attract Top Talent in a Competitive Market

Corn on the Job

In the United States, one start-up founder is competing with the likes of Google and Facebook to attract top talent to his business.

Are You Doing Enough To Promote Your Brand?

Career Realism

Your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts have a higher priority than most results in a Google search. Related Posts.

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VIDEO – What every jobseeker should do right now | Resumebear.

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Also, Google is building a social network (or something similar) to compete with Facebook. What is that? Setting up a profile on Google.

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Need a Job? Coding for GOOD – Learn. Submit. Get Hired.

Career Alley

Though over 12 million Americans are out of work, nearly 49% of United States companies say. Visit me on Facebook. Pssst!

Bilingual Ladies Are Highly Employable

Ms. Career Girl

The United States houses the fourth largest Spanish-speaking population in the world. Share this on Facebook. Salvage. Tweet This!

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Students and Grads Top 10 Companies

Resume Bear

Top 10 Companies for Students and Graduates. Tech-savvy’ means something completely different today than it did 10 years ago. by Christina Allen.

Hot Jobs: 5 Careers That Work With Fire

Career Alley

Currently, the average in the United States is about $42,000 per year. Visit me on Facebook. Firefighter. Fire Marshal. Welder.

Career Guidelines For Doctors Are A Must Look Up For A Secure Future

Career Alley

M.D is the professional degree for physicians, offered by the medical school in countries like Canada, United States etc. However, D.O

Oops! What NOT to Do While Networking on LinkedIn

Resume Bear

Let’s link up and will you friend me on Facebook? Here are 10 of the most common LinkedIn networking mistakes that I see: 1.  Great! 

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Get Showcased On ‘The Job Shop’

Career Realism

Get Showcased On ‘The Job Shop’ CAREEREALISM. Complete the following application to have your company considered for feature on ‘The Job Shop.’ ’ Fieldset Instructions Please try to complete as much of this form as you can. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for our team to evaluate you.

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US Social Media by the Numbers – May 2012


These are the most recent numbers I can find when it comes to social media usage in the United States. link included in the graphic.

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UPDATED – Top 10 jobs that do not require a College Degree

Resume Bear

Oct, 2010 1 Comment How many 6-figure jobs do you know that do not require a college degree? You may be surprised when you read the list I found.

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A First Look At Our Pokemon Go Recruiting Event in San Francisco


Users are choosing to spend more time on Pokemon Go at the expense of Facebook and Snapchat which I admit I am doing myself.

In Defense Of Gen Y In The Workplace

Ms. Career Girl

Share this on Facebook. Generation Y gets a lot of heat from prior generations with regard to how we work. Tweet This! Pin this to Pinterest.

How to Easily “Unfriend” Someone on LinkedIn

Resume Bear

While it’s not always pleasant or something we do every day, the need to remove a social media contact does come up from time to time.  What?? 

VIDEO – How to use Google to find a job | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

Using Facebook As A Class Tool Glen Reply 20. Yes, I know it may seem weird, but from time to time recruiters need jobsearch advice as well.

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Do you hate your job? Don't tell Twitter! | Resumebear Online Resume

Resume Bear

Join Our Facebook Group! Don’t tell Twitter! shook my head in amazement when I read 30 Ways to Lose a Job on Twitter. What do you think?

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Are You Doing Enough To Promote Your Brand?

Career Realism

Your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts have a higher priority than most results in a Google search. Work It Daily.

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5 Ways To Attract (And Keep!) The Best Employees

Career Realism

Currently, nearly 70% of employers use Facebook to garner information about their prospective candidates, according to