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Balancing Business Travel with Family Life

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We have more, or at least different, responsibilities, both in financial terms and in terms of our families. As we get older our priorities change. This affects the way we work. At Work Issues Inspiration Mid Career

Secrets Of the Expert Business Traveler

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The post Secrets Of the Expert Business Traveler appeared first on Ms. You’ve seen her – the Expert Traveler. Pre-travel.

13 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Travel Into Your Wedding

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The post 13 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Travel Into Your Wedding appeared first on Ms. Travel-themed garter. Sign off to Travel.

Balancing Family & Work: 5 Mini Vacation Ideas

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It can be easy to fall into the same old weekend routine with your family, especially if you have a high-stress career. Go fishing. Go camping.

Is Your International Travel Destroying Your Moral Compass?

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My son was a baby when our family moved to Switzerland. To keep reading, click here: Is Your International Travel Destroying Your Moral Compass? The post Is Your International Travel Destroying Your Moral Compass? If you have any s tereotypes of the Swiss in your head , it’s probably that they are clean and orderly.

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How To Deal With Foreign Cultures As A Female Traveler

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The post How To Deal With Foreign Cultures As A Female Traveler appeared first on Ms. 8 ways to deal with local customs as a female traveler.

should I consider a job that requires 75% travel?

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A reader writes: Should I even consider a job with 75% travel required? This job is a promising lead, but I’m worried about the 75% travel required. It’s for a state court system, so I’m not even sure why I would be traveling. I enjoy seeing my family often. I’ve traveled for work before.

Balancing Family And Work: 5 Mini Vacation Ideas

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Balancing your family and work is very important. In 2010, the travel agency Expedia conducted a survey on vacation time.

Best Travel Apps to Try This Year

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Luckily, when it comes to travel, you’re not likely to find yourself searching for a helpful option for long. Featured Travel travel apps

Chicks on a Plane – Top 10 Tips for Business Travel

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This one is for all you ladies out there for travel for business. Here are my Top 10 Business Travel Recommendations: Pack it In. Buy it.

Travel-Sustaining Jobs For Those Who Love Traveling

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The post Travel-Sustaining Jobs For Those Who Love Traveling appeared first on Ms. Now the question is, where are you travelling next?

4 Things Happy People Do (& You Should Too)

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3) Travel. If you think you can’t afford it full-stop, then research the many ways that you can travel to exotic locations for next to nothing.

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I’m Scared to Fly: How to Tell the Boss You Won’t Travel


Ideally, the best time to bring up the fact that you won’t travel is during the interview. Pre-hire.

my low-travel job wants me to travel more — but boarding my dogs would be expensive

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My position doesn’t require travel on a regular basis (though I expect any professional position to require travel occasionally – perhaps a few days a year – whether it’s attending conferences or visiting with clients). * But 10-15 days travel in a single month is a lot in a job that doesn’t normally require travel.

Gift Ideas For The Traveler On Your List

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The post Gift Ideas For The Traveler On Your List appeared first on Ms. For the person who travels a lot, efficient packing is a must.

Don’t Get Caught Making These 3 Dining Etiquette Mistakes

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Travel & Leisure Dining Etiquette MistakesThe post Don’t Get Caught Making These 3 Dining Etiquette Mistakes appeared first on Ms. Bread.

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10 Must Have Travel & Productivity Apps for #SHRM16


I’m a traveler who loves to work from the road, in part thanks to my constant travel companion, my iPhone. 10 BEST APPS FOR MANAGING TRAVEL & PRODUCTIVITY AT #SHRM16. Here are the ten apps I’ll be using as I travel with me, my luggage and my 7 year old daughter, Ryleigh in tow. Uber. IOS | Google Play .

How To Find A Career That Lets You Travel The World

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More people than ever want to quit their jobs and start travelling the world. Travelling the world shouldn’t be pure escapism.

our non-traveling employees are upset about the travel “perks” that others get

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My boss instructed me that if someone wanted to extend work travel by a few days, I should go ahead and do that for them, so long as they picked up any additional expenses. We’re evenhanded with this policy across all employees who travel. They’d seriously p**s off traveling employees and demoralize people for no reason.

Labor Day Faves, Trends, And More

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And for most Americans, it means gathering friends and family for one last Summer bargecue. Career Girl. Labor Day. Here are the results.

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How to make business travel manageable | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to make business travel manageable Posted to: Productivity | Self-management November 11th, 2009 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook Last year I traveled almost every week. Some weeks I traveled to three different cities.

company wants to have tea with my family as part of an international interview

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A reader writes: I’m going on a final interview in another country next week, and they’re flying out my whole family so we can decide together if we want to expatriate. I got an email today asking me and my family (my partner and our two children) to meet for tea in the late afternoon. ” Do I warn the interviewer?

5 Ways to Make Conference Travel Easy Breezy


My family and I are on the road nearly every single week. It seems as though my family knows a thing or two about traveling.

3 Amazing Thailand Resort Experiences

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Top that off with the availability of very reasonably priced five star resorts, and it’s travelers nirvana. Career Girl. Impressive.

10 Ways To Make Moving Organized and Meaningful

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In my family we have the Hoarders and the Anti-Hoarders. The post 10 Ways To Make Moving Organized and Meaningful appeared first on Ms.

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Traveling in Turkey as a Woman?

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Travel in Turkey for women can be rewarding and educational, but it pays to travel safely through unfamiliar landscapes. Staring.

Working Abroad: 5 Steps To A Stress-Free Relocation

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Visas for your family. Travel insurance. Change expat relocation traveling working abroad Make A List & Talk To Expats.

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OMG, The Blogging4Jobs #SHRM14 Orlando Guide is Amazing!


Get the skinny on shopping, food and travel tips for Orlando. My family is also making the pilgrimage with me. Click here. .

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how to reject an internal candidate, I can’t afford interview travel, and more

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I can’t afford to travel for interviews. I’m familiar with the area, I know of some good apartment complexes, and if I can’t find a place right away, I can stay with family temporarily until I get that sorted out. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. How to reject an internal candidate.

Travel in Thailand – Hill Tribe Family

Boomers Next Step

Adventures Featured Thailand travel Getting off the beaten track has always been my husband, David’s, idea of a good holiday. It’s something I enjoy too, especially when it means that you meet the local people rather than other tourists.

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my job is making me travel and I hate it

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There are only four engineers in my group and most of them travel as much or more than me. Here is my problem: I hate to travel. I absolutely dread traveling and almost have a panic attack every time I have to get on that plane, can’t sleep for a week leading up to the trip, etc., Talk to her and explain you can’t travel.

book review, other people's families, and mango sticky - — Ask a.

Ask A Manager

ridiculously helpful resource for managers when traveling to an interview, how fast should you be expected to get there? How awesome is that?

my boss seems irritated when I ask questions, new job wants me to travel for a month at a time, and more

Ask A Manager

My new job wants me to travel for a month at a time. My job description says my job would include some travel in the areas surrounding my city. I was also told I may have to travel to events in my state. Now my boss is asking me to travel to another state for four weeks to work on a project. Here we go…. Any advice?

choosing between a high school job and a family vacation

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Do you think it’s worth being fired/let go from a job I originally hoped I would be able to work for the rest of the school year and during the summer next year, or to go on this vacation with my family? But you’re in high school, the stakes are lower, it’s a family trip, and an opportunity to go to Europe. students

I can’t get added to the email list for work parties, avoiding work travel during IVF, and more

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For what it’s worth, I was also dealing with some major family issues the semester after leaving and then spent the last fall studying abroad. Avoiding work travel during IVF. I don’t travel regularly for my job but I do occasionally, often on not much notice. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

A Northern California Journey of Renewal

Ms. Career Girl

She and I had traveled a lot, and I didn’t want to go anywhere there were memories to add to the already crazy mix of those swirling in my head.

Step, Half, Full: Siblings without rivalry

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Today, it’s not just the two of us anymore and I am lucky to have a great big modern family. When I was born, I had an older sister. Win-win.

5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better

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GPS, short for global positioning system, has for the most part made maps obsolete for everyday travel. Career Girl. Roadside Assistance.

Work-Life Balance: Your Guide to Achieving that Elusive Balance Between Work and Life

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This may mean time spent with your family, time dedicated to grow spiritually or get into a better physical shape, to pursue a hobby and so on.

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My History with Anger and How I Finally Decided To Let Go of My Anger, Part 1: Growing Up in a Household of Anger

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Holland Travel Series: The Dutch Culture, Part 2. Anger. What a self-destructive emotion. Past Anger in My Life. This was what happened for me.

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