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Career Lessons from 2016’s Most Inspiring Women

Ms. Career Girl

The post Career Lessons from 2016’s Most Inspiring Women appeared first on Ms. Let’s be honest, 2016 hasn’t been the best year for women.

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Summer Fashion to Boost Your Personal Brand

Competitive Resumes

It’s summer, and once again Aaja Corinne is back to share her summer fashion and brand advice. For women, grooming is as important as clothes.

Fall Fashion Advice and the Usefulness of Path Source’s Job Search App

Competitive Resumes

For segment one, I bring back Aaja Corrine, the show’s fashion expert and brand strategist. Black boots for women is chic and has versatility.

Office Fashion: Is It Time To Update Your Look?

Career Realism

Fashion Challenge:  Older professionals who don’t realize when it’s definitely time to update their look and have a major style makeover.

Lace Wigs: Understated Fashion for the Young Professional Woman

Ms. Career Girl

The post Lace Wigs: Understated Fashion for the Young Professional Woman appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. And sometimes, it’s essential.

Marissa Mayer becomes CEO of Yahoo, and proves women cannot have it all

Penelope Trunk

It scares the women who don’t have kids. Why does Mayer fight for all women? So why do we celebrate women who are aberrations ?

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Avoid a Fashion Faux Pas: Use the Psychology of Color to Dress for an Interview

Career Alley

Green is another favorite of men and women and is most often associated with money and nature. It’s a cue for assertion, energy, and excitement.

Men’s Fashion: Tips on Staying Cool in the Workplace

Career Realism

Men’s fashion workplace image from Bigstock. Fashion & Style men's fashionBut fear not! Wear Light Colors.

Top Hobbies for Women Professionals

Ms. Career Girl

The post Top Hobbies for Women Professionals appeared first on Ms. Stamp Collecting Think stamp collecting is impossibly old-fashioned?

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4 Career Fashion Tips for Women During the Summer

Career Realism

Make a fashion statement! Where do you get your career fashion tips? Fashion & Style career Fashion summer tip women

Fashion Friday: “Style Your Life”

Ms. Career Girl

Happy Friday everyone! hope you had a fulfilling and productive week and that you have a fun weekend ahead! Career Girl. Soho Wristlet. Sloane Bangle.

‘Career Rehab’ Countdown: Fashion Rehab

Career Realism

Women: don’t be afraid of going with a vibrant green, blue, red or coral blouse and adding a great necklace, strand of pearls or belt!

New York Fashion Week 2013: Cheat Sheet for Fall 2013 Office Wear

Ms. Career Girl

While the masses are preparing their wardrobe for Spring and Summer, a trend-setter must stay three to four seasons ahead. Silhouettes. Over-Sized.

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Business, the Old-Fashioned Way


Twenty-two years ago, I played slow-pitch softball for a women’s league back in corn-fed Northwest Indiana.  Pickle.  .

Office Fashion: What’s Too Casual For Casual Fridays?

Career Realism

Fashion Challenge:  Professionals who go too far on Casual Fridays, and just don’t know what’s appropriate. Don’t make an office fashion flub this Friday. Again, take your cue from the higher-ups to see if this is a fashion that works at your office. Want to learn more about office fashion? Join

How To Dig Out Of Credit Card Debt

Ms. Career Girl

The post How To Dig Out Of Credit Card Debt appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Here’s how. Was it a sleek black crossbody?!]. Everyone else: [groans].

Finding a Good Fit: Ann Inc.’s Principle in Fashion and Careers

Ms. Career Girl

’s Principle in Fashion and Careers appeared first on Ms. If you are interested in the fashion business, one which I particularly recommend is  ANN INC. , the corporate head of products such as Ann Taylor, Loft, and Lou&Grey retailers. apart is their principle in both fashion and careers: “FIT” IS MORE THAN WHAT LOOKS GOOD.

Empowering Women in Business: Intercollegiate Business Convention Year 10

Ms. Career Girl

The post Empowering Women in Business: Intercollegiate Business Convention Year 10 appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. For more about the IBC.x

Style Like You DON’T Work in a Cubicle

Ms. Career Girl

I’ve been waiting until this sweet day where I can speak about my second favorite passion aside from business and that is FASHION.

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Get the Job! Dress to Impress This Summer

Competitive Resumes

Once again, I invited Aaja Corinne ( @aajacorinne ), a fashion signature expert, to give us some short but useful advice that can make a difference.

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5 Ways To Wear Jeans At Work

Career Realism

Did you know that almost half of women feel that wearing heels makes them feel more confident ? Basic). So, what’s acceptable? Classic.

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3 Reasons Why You MUST Update Your Work Wardrobe

Career Realism

According to a study,  over half of the women surveyed admitted that they judge their female colleagues based on what they wear to work. Yikes.

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Beauty Trends: Changed Yet Still the Same

Ms. Career Girl

What’s Different: The ideal women back in these days were big, blonde and beautiful. Career Girl. The Renaissance. The Victorian Era. The ‘50s.

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Keep it fashionable, keep it timeless

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re a keen follower of fashion, you’ll understand that trends move quicker than even computer upgrades. An indispensable fashion tip!

Choosing a Necktie That Fits YOU - BLOG - Career.


With work suits for men and women, as well as work shirts , knitwear, and work ties and scarves , we’ve got corporate clothing covered.

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Pretty and Professional: Summer 2010 Women's Business Fashion

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Pretty and Professional: Summer 2010 Women’s Business Fashion by Ms. While business fashions have a more relaxed look, the old rules still apply: keep it simple, classy, and tasteful. Home About Archives Write for Us! Add a few skirts for variety.

How to Dress Right for Casual Fridays at Work

Career Realism

Fashion & Style Casual FridayWorkplaces aren’t what they used to be — and that’s a good thing! DO wear jeans. Fit is important too.

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How To Dress For A Business Professional Interview

Career Realism

You may not agree about the importance of your unique fashion choice and how it will be perceived by a prospective employer, but remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression so proceed with caution and dress for success. Fashion & Style interview How To Dress For A Business Professional Interview.

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How Weekend Productivity Can Lead to Success

Ms. Career Girl

Career Confessions Work career advice career women free time self success thoughts twentysomethings weekends work/life balance PostGradProblems.

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Bird Cage Veils Are Soo Last Season-Get This Season’s Bridal Fashion Trends

Ms. Career Girl

Just like fashion trends come and go with our day to day wardrobes, the wedding season also has trends that come and go. 

The Perfect Career Girl Handbag

Ms. Career Girl

like my fashion accessories to hold their value, and Robert Matthew does not disappoint. Career Girl. The perfect handbag. It’s stylish.

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Bringing Sexy (and Smart!) Back with Four Eyes

Ms. Career Girl

Many women feel that they get more respect at work when they wear their  eyeglasses. Below are some of my favorites! Taylor Black Amber.

Dress for Success: Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

Ms. Career Girl

They can dress up or change any simple outfit to make it trendy! Q: ARE THERE ENOUGH PLUS SIZE CLOTHING LINES OUT THERE FOR WOMEN? HOURGLASS.

Office Attire and Fashion: A Career Girl’s Wardrobe

Ms. Career Girl

The post Office Attire and Fashion: A Career Girl’s Wardrobe appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Are stiletto heels too high? Clean? Polished?

5 Bad Fashion Habits To Break In 2014

Career Realism

Let’s look at some of the bad fashion habits that hold us back. Professional and fashionable are by no means mutually exclusive.

Office Dress Code: How To Be Comfortable AND Professional

Career Realism

Men’s Fashion: Tips For Staying Cool In The Office. Fashion & Style code dress fashion interview office The Bread And Butter.

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Why men should give women flowers | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Why men should give women flowers Posted to: Learn to take advice | Office Politics October 28th, 2009 Women like receiving flowers. The women they know are the exception to the rule. women? Is this your first time here?

Beauty Tips: Professional Interview Makeup

Career Realism

Therefore, I asked New York makeup artist Ewelina Krupinska what she advises women to wear – makeup-wise – on an interview. But back to Ms.

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Finding Meaning Through Work

Ms. Career Girl

career career women generation Y goals personal branding personal development thoughtsAnd that thing is self actualization.

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Where to Buy That Job Interview Outfit

Career Realism

You can select from contemporary, trendy or relaxed outfits for both men and women to fit the look that’s right for you. H&M. Forever 21.