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2015 SHRM VIP Party Guide. You just have to fill out the form below to gain VIP access to the list of happenings related to SHRM.  . Name *. First.

“Can a wife resign her husband out of his job?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Is that possible?           Shirley           Irwin, Idaho Answer: Shirley, I must admit that this is a question I have never been asked before.

Conquering That Horrible Commute

Ms. Career Girl

The post Conquering That Horrible Commute appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. I am one of the 151.3 million Americans who commute to work. Relocate.

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Get the VIP Treatment at #HRTechConf & #IAEWSLasVegas


GET THE INSIDE SCOOP AT THE 2015 HR TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE IN LAS VEGAS! I can’t believe are less than 2 weeks away from the 2015 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. We’re knee deep in pre-conference content strategy for #HRTechConf where we’ll bring you the best insights into what you can expect at three different events in Vegas in one week.

Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


IdahoIdaho Industrial Commission. Workers Compensation Definition. List of Bureau of Workers Compensation Resources by State.

Learn Everything You Need to Know about Las Vegas & #SHRM15


SHRM15 is literally within a week and if you’ve never been you’re in for a treat! This year we’ve put together another one of our ultimate guides to the conference and Las Vegas. glorious days in Las Vegas. What comes in the guide? Some of you might want to know what comes in this guide before downloading. Name *. First. Email *.

ResumeBear Picks The 20 Most Legendary College Bars

Resume Bear

The Corner Club in Moscow, Idaho, a small chapel in its former life, is famous for its stories of amazing feats performed at the bar. Valhalla.

Start like an Immigrant: Ways to Get a Job Even If Your Diploma Is Fresh Off the Press

Resume Bear

Maureen Francisco is an executive producer of NW Productions, LLC, a media and production company that produces the Miss WA USA, Miss WA Teen USA, Miss Idaho USA, Miss Idaho Teen USA, Miss Montana USA and Miss Montana Teen USA pageants. Fiscal cliff. Debt ceiling. They mean retirement may come later rather than sooner. Here’s how: 1.

Slay Your Life Like The Warrior Queen You Are: Tips and Tricks to Win at Life

Ms. Career Girl

The post Slay Your Life Like The Warrior Queen You Are: Tips and Tricks to Win at Life appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Go Out And Get What You Want.

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ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About

Resume Bear

Start with the following and branch out from there for a broad view of everything currently at stake. For obvious reasons, of course! Understandable!

Can a Layoff Be a Blessing in Disguise?

Career Realism

Judy Madden, a laid off employee from Micron, was interviewed by the Idaho Statesman newspaper recently. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

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Lesson #1: Never Give Up


My Yellow Brick Road:  Recruiting. Everyone thinks their service is the best, everyone thinks their method is tops.   Old School Recruiting. Hard work. 

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Jobseekers: How are you making connections?

Write Solution

My name is John Doe and I am looking for a Sales Manager/Director position in “Some” County, Idaho. John Doe. 555-555-5555.

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Over the past few weeks we’ve had numerous Facebook messages, emails, and texts into our secret club asking when we’d be launching our annual guide for the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition happening next month. You’ll learn tips and tricks to balancing both the conference and the city. No ticket to SHRM Annual? Name *.

The Great Job Search: Three Key Tips to Get an Advantage

Ms. Career Girl

technical writing major graduated from the University of Idaho. Career Girl. December 2012. That technical writer was me. Don’t worry. No Rest!

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Building a Bionic Female Role Model


“Ladies, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic female role model. He had his run.

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Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Sun Valley, Idaho. It reads, “I will not, nor will any member of my family, make any statements about Company Management that is disparaging.”

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Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Ms. Career Girl

The post Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Nineteen other states have a version of the RFRA on the books.

10 middle-class jobs that are rapidly vanishing


» Jury Awards $888,000 in Discrimination Lawsuit TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) - A federal jury has awarded nearly $888,000 in damages to a man who said his Idaho employer discriminated against him because he is Hispanic. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise.

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What the Wisconsin protests mean for your career

Cube Rules

Others in Indiana, Ohio — even Idaho — have done the same against bills in their own states. photo credit: BlueRobot. Will you?

YOU MAKE THE CALL: Are You Responsible For Knowing That This Executive Hire Was About to File Bankruptcy?

HR Capitalist

He has just $300 in cash on hand and $500 in his checking account, the bankruptcy documents show. __ estimates the only real property he owns as worth $2,000 from a "1/4 interest in deceased parents real estate — 8 acres in Iona, Idaho worth $8,000.00 (total). Are you responsible for knowing the hire you made was in financial trouble?

Where is your Suggestion Box?

Ms. Career Girl

By, Gabriela Vega. Upon our return to the company’s headquarters I found myself ill prepared to return to my street clothing.  Suggestion Box.

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Top 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Job Seekers and Recruiters


California Washington Nevada Utah Arizona Idaho Montana Wyoming Colorado New Mexico Oregon Alaska Hawaii Job Career HR human resources corporate recruiters executives managers management consultants headhunter staffing employers employment alumni education U.S. More popular spots where job seekers and recruiters are meeting up on LinkedIn.

“If my employer aborts my relocation, do I still have to reimburse it if I leave?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

moved to New York and was there for several weeks, living in a hotel, which cost almost $15,000, when the bank decided that it would rather have me relocate to Idaho. So, in November, 2011 for the move from New York to Idaho I was required to sign a second Relocation Expense Reimbursement Agreement, this one lasting to November, 2013.

How to Troubleshoot a Lateral Move

Water Cooler Wisdom

  — Amelia, Idaho    Here was my answer: It sounds as if you are doing all of the right things to jostle your way into a new role that interests you. I recently contributed to the wonderful site, How can I get taken seriously? Are going back to school and/or finding a new job my only options? 

“Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know

Sklover Working Wisdom

“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”. David Brin  . ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was many years ago. Alexandra was a designated member of the Hospital’s eight-member Management Team. Ouch! . 38 of the 50 U.S.

am I not getting hired because I'm gay?

Ask A Manager

Then he says that if you are not gay in Idaho, you have no clue how he feels. Help me out with this please. Frustratingly common as well.

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The Hidden Job Report

Resume Bear

The pilot program will launch today in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Georgia. The Hidden Job Report. Total jobs in the report: 12,729 Jobs revealed ( 7,740 Jobs in U.S.A. 4,989 International Jobs ). 7,740 HIDDEN AMERICAN JOBS.

How to write about your life | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to write about your life Posted to: How to blog | My book February 11th, 2010 But whatever; I have never stood on ceremony over qualifications. Maybe the problem is that my life story needs a redemptive moment.

Do you overemphasize happiness? | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Do you overemphasize happiness? Posted to: Fulfillment | Knowing yourself January 14th, 2010 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook I think I’m over the happiness thing. think I want an interesting life. Maybe.

Martin Luther King Day Special: Racism is alive and kicking.

Penelope Trunk

Is this your first time here? About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Martin Luther King Day Special: Racism is alive and kicking. Hello, McDonald's) Posted to: Diversity | Leadership January 18th, 2010 asked the farmer if rodeos are bad for the animals. We watched the rodeo. Get it?