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Jul, 2010 3 Comments 10 Worst Cities For Job Seekers to Find a Job St. Your post really helped! Kelly Reply 21. Oct, 2010 VIDEO – Need a Job?

Hiring Nerds? Better Prep Your Managers. (Just ask the Miami Dolphins)

HR Capitalist

When it comes to everything that''s going on with the Miami Dolphins, you can talk about harassment, hazing, discrimination, etc. think it''s a cautionary tale of what can happen when you hire "nerds".  To find out more about what nerds have to do with the Miami Dolphins, check out my post that''s up over at

Email a Professor Today

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us! Whatever the case I’m really glad I sent that email. Like this post?

The Importance of the Inclusion Discussion to Free Everyone

Competitive Resumes

For one spring break, they invited me to stay a few days at each of their parents house in Miami. It’s similar to speaking in tongues.

Tampa 33

4 Fast Tips For Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Common sense that need to be more common. Listen more. Accentuate the postive. Keep it real. Employee Engagement

Miami 10

The Best Cities for Young Professionals to Move to For Jobs

Career Alley

It not only make professional and financial sense, people just love it! 4) Miami, Florida. The city is crawling with ambitious types. Who knows?

How To Train Yourself To Become More Confident

Career Realism

“I learned something about talking that morning in Miami Beach, whether you’re on the air or off: Be honest. Work It Daily. Be you.

2017 37

The Beauty of Challenge: Is Progress Necessary?


Because it means we will be challenged. . The Beauty of Challenge. What is wrong with being uncomfortable, what is wrong with challenge? The Movement.

2014 43

Monday Must-Reads: Live in the Moment, Live a Happier Life

Ms. Career Girl

Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us! This week’s theme is to be happy and live in the moment. Like this post?

What It’s Like to Be a Judge on a Reality Show Like Top Recruiter


This was a black tie affair, and I wanted to look my best on camera and in Miami. Top Recruiter is in its third season.

Miami 27

Best and Worst Cities for Job Seekers

Resume Bear

Jul, 2010 3 Comments 10 Worst Cities For Job Seekers to Find a Job St. Your post really helped! Kelly Reply 21. Oct, 2010 VIDEO – Need a Job?

Why A Miami Business Administration Degree Can Advance Your Career

Career Realism

With unemployment rates in the Miami area at 8.7% The economy is on an upswing, but the job market is still a tough nut to crack.

5 Ways to Use Twitter in Your Job Search


Syracuse, NYU, San Diego State, SUNY Stony Brook and Miami are schools that share job leads, resume tips and career-related articles on Twitter.

my company held a retreat in a Zika zone — and is charging people who didn’t go for their plane tickets

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: My company recently had their retreat in Miami, Florida. She says: Here’s the problem I see with all this: CDC advised pregnant women not to travel to Miami, not all women. The only thing the CDC has said about women in general who travel to Miami is to wait at least 8 weeks before becoming pregnant.

HEY BIG COMPANY: Are Your Management Trainees Bristling At Being Salaried Employees?

HR Capitalist

Burger King is headquartered in Miami.". Ah yes. The time honored tradition of the management trainee position. You know it, you love it.

2015 41

Should You Jump Through Hoops for Your Customers?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Three business owners—Patrick Barnhill, founder of SpecialistID in Miami, Florida; Tim Maliyil, CEO of AlertBoot in Las Vegas, Nevada; and Mona Patel, CEO of  Motivate Design in New York City—sound off on how they’ve handled unreasonable or impossible customer service situations. Customers are always right—or are they?

2017 12

Alternate Unconventional Careers for Those Different from the Rest…Are You a Dedicated Niche Person?

Career Alley

well known artist charges nothing less than quite a few thousand dollars for a permanent Miami ink impression of any part of the body.

Social media transforms the job search, recruitment landscape

Resume Bear

By Pedram Tabibi. Recently I read an interesting article about whether Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can really help people find a job.

How to Inject Creativity into Your Personal Brand [Top 7 Tips]

The Undercover Recruiter

By: Home security Concepts ADT Miami. RELATED:   How to Optimise Your Pinterest Page [INFOGRAPHIC]. 3) Wordle.

Miami 28

ABOUT KEVIN LOVE: When You Recruit A Star, It Makes Sense to Maximize Their Chances For Success.

HR Capitalist

Cleveland tried to turn Love into what Miami turned Chris Bosh into when LeBron spent four seasons with the Heat. You had a key role available.

How to Create Sustainable Employee Engagement: A Lesson from Costco

David Zinger

Don’t run out of engagement. If you want to understand a bit more of how Costco creates employee engagement, click on this Business Week article.

Miami 29

2013 HR and Recruiting Conference Preview


February 11 – 12, 2013 in Miami, FL. >> Agenda built around case studies. >> Get more info at Click here.

2013 30

4 Keys to The Future of Human Resources Technologies & #HRTech


She falls in love with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, also a dancer <HR technology startup> who lives in an eclectic Miami community.

50 Great Marketing Twitter Feeds

Resume Bear

Miami Heat: The Heat’s feed is one of the most retweeted by a brand on Twitter. Marketing is everywhere. Best corporate presences. School help.

How LeBron James Showed Us the Future of the Workplace

Career Realism

There was something about that whole episode and subsequent donning of the Miami Heat jersey that bothered me more and more. was in his hands.

Why Your Network Isn’t Going To Help You

Career Realism

QUIZ: What Kind Of Networker Are You? So, you go about building a network of friends, colleagues, old professors, or high school teachers.

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Best and Worst US Cities for Finding Employment-Should We Care?

Career Solvers

Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 Best and Worst U.S. Maybe not. Whats This?

Global Millennials Are Optimistic and Entrepreneurial 


Miami. The Citi Foundation has released a new report on global millennials and the the news is mixed. Accelerating Pathways reveals that by and large, millennials are optimistic about their futures and dream of working for themselves. The downloadable survey package includes a global survey, an interactive database, and a strategy index.

BLOG.COMPETITIVERESUMES.NET: Job Seekers Can Learn Resilience From.

Competitive Resumes

99 1/2 did not get you hired Dirks team, the Dallas Mavericks, lost to the Miami Heat in 2006 in the Finals. Feed List Posts RSS 2.0 Skype me!

3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Social Media for a Job Interview

Career Alley

Brittney Sheffield is a freelance writer for Incepture , a Florida-based staffing agency serving Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville.

Deputy Attorney Fired For Comments Made on His Twitter Account: Why Your Reputation On-Line Is More Important Than Your Net Worth

Resume Bear

from the February 24th, 2011 USA Today article “ Ind. Your reputation is very fragile however.  Once it gets tarnished, it is so difficult to repair. 

A Résumé for Every Generation: Part 1 of 3

Careers Done Write

Imagine walking into an interview with pushed-up jacket sleeves á la Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice. Fashions, music, and technology change dramatically over the decades. Your résumé and your attitude should evolve over the years if you wish to stay relevant and in-demand in the workforce. ” (Billy Joel, 1980). Dates.

Where Are You Going And Who Are You Taking With You?

Ms. Career Girl

Last semester when I was in school, I wrote a couple of posts on my personal blog about my creativity/entrepreneurship class at Miami University.

Miami 21

Spills & Stains - Share Your Work Story and Win - BLOG.


While on the set of CSI-Miami, I was cast as a pedestrian at the harbor. Beauty Uniforms Salon uniforms don’t have to look like lab coats.

2011 72

5 Degrees that are Worth the Effort

Career Copilot

Whether it is Miami graphic design schools or traditional colleges, a few degrees stand out as worth the time and effort. In an economic market that is growing pessimistic about the usefulness of college degrees, it is important to differentiate between degrees that are worth the effort and expense and those that are not. Your Career

How to Create the Ideal Social Media Resume

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s no secret that your tweets and Facebook profile can come back to haunt you during your job hunt. Start with what’s on your resume.

Likeable Employees - How Long Do You Hang On To Them Without Performance To Back It Up?

HR Capitalist

Obama''s similar to a really likeable employee. Probably more likeable for a lot of America that most Presidents. Likeable. But wait!

Miami 15

My Career Journey Continues: A New Chapter Begins!

Ms. Career Girl

Four short months later, I started my new  life as an accidental entrepreneur  after I unexpectedly got laid off from that same start-up. was born.

Miami 28

BULLY IN THE WORKPLACE: Is HR Getting It Wrong Most of the Time?

HR Capitalist

There''s an old saying from the playground playbook: "The bully will never go away until you stand up to him.". Maybe we should.

Miami 22

Culture Shock—Without Ever Leaving Your Home Country

Career Realism

His company uses its Self-Assessment for Global Endeavors for international assignments, but many of the topics covered would be equally applicable to domestic moves, considering the degree of difference between cities like New York and Los Angeles or Milwaukee and Miami. Related: How To Overcome The ‘Unemployment Stigma’ When Relocating.