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“If I am offered my dream job, but my teaching contract says I can’t leave, how do I handle it?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Nashua, New Hampshire. Although I am not licensed to practice law in New Hampshire, the law in almost all states provides that, generally speaking, if neither party to a contract has begun to perform its obligations, either of the parties can back out of the deal. Question : Alan, I am a teacher. It is a dream job for me.

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7 Clues You’re Ready To Build Your Own Business

Career Realism

Are you in a dead-end job that is stifling your creativity? Have you had it with your boss or are you just fed-up with working for someone else?

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The Future of Leadership


Here are some examples: Students in a Concord, New Hampshire high school thought that the school recycling program was very poor.

5 Dream Office Must-Haves For CAREEREALISM Media

Career Realism

A new studio. CAREEREALISM’s new home has enough nooks (and turrets) that we’re still discovering places to brainstorm a month after moving day.

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Brian Williams and Others Who Damage Their Careers by Lying

Career Solvers

Zarrella claimed he had a master’s in business administration from New York University. Chief Executive of RadioShack, Dave Edmondson.

manager sent former employee a litany of complaints about her work, how to stop “reply all,” and more

Ask A Manager

Should I risk bumping into my colleagues to avoid inconveniencing my potential new boss? I work for a small company in New Hampshire. The size of your company is too small to give you protection under federal laws against harassment and hostile work place, but New Hampshire’s kick in at six employees. Here we go….

Moving? 3 Helpful Tips For Your Relocation Job Search

Career Realism

Finding work in a new town, city, or state can be the ideal solution to a lack of fulfillment. Don’t Procrastinate. Be Ready To Network.

Should You Move for a Job?

Career Alley

Eight out of ten companies reimbursed or paid some relocation costs for transferees or new hires according to Atlas Van Lines. cities.

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New Résumé Strategies for Success

Careers Done Write

TH, New Hampshire. It is important to present your credentials in a polished way. Choose a headline. Highlight your strengths.

How Recent Grads Can Become Seasoned Competitors

Career Realism

But even after all that, there is still no guarantee they will land their top choice job upon graduation. Seems like a rough hand, right grads?

my former manager is trash-talking my new manager, knowing everyone’s salary, and more

Ask A Manager

My former manager is trash-talking my new manager. We’re in New Hampshire but the employer is in Michigan (owned by an international German company). This is governed by the laws of the state where you’re working, so New Hampshire laws apply. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. How should I behave?

Follow the Clean Tech Money: DOE Awards Millions to Solar Projects, Wind Farms, Geothermal, Transphorm Secures $25 Million, SolarBridge Receives $19 Million

Green Career Central

million for a wind farm in New Hampshire and $11 million to advance innovative geothermal energy technologies. million.

What is “The Perfect Fit”?

The Undercover Recruiter

Learning a new CAD software, given my background, would be a snap, so off went my resume to what I would call a solid 90%+ fit. IQ above 130.

2014 38

updates: I dread meetings with a snotty coworker, my company lies to clients about our us, and more

Ask A Manager

I still attend the meetings for now, however a new junior member of staff will hopefully be transitioning into the role within the next 6 months as my role has now changed following a promotion. I also just got a new boss who is really interested in the personal development of the department, and is willing to give me further training.

6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services

Career Realism

Meet Northwestern Mutual’s Northern New England Team. 6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services. Work It Daily. Like cookies.

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6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services

Career Realism

Meet Northwestern Mutual’s Northern New England Team. 6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services. CAREEREALISM. Like cookies.

“What if my employment contract and employee handbook conflict?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Manchester, New Hampshire. Question : I recently read your Newsletter entitled “ In Employment Agreements and Offer Letters – Beware of ‘Incorporated by Reference.’ ” Great stuff. However, on the other hand, my Employment Agreement says “The employer must give the employee 30 days notice before termination?&# Which controls?

Friday Five: Welcome Back, Internet


Yesterday a massive DDOS attack on Dyn, a New Hampshire based DNS service that many of our favourite sites use, from Twitter to Spotify to Vox Media.

Networking Solutions for Young Professionals and Students

Career Realism

Do you dread networking events ? Hate the idea of making “small talk” with strangers? Feel like you have nothing to contribute? Time: 4:30 PM ET.

How to Choose a Trade School

Careers Done Write

I live in New Hampshire, but am open to anything in the region. Thanks! Maddie. Conduct research beyond online “top ten” lists.

“Can vague words in an offer letter create a repayment promise?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Manchester, New Hampshire. The same is probably the case for the “expenses” sentence: it is likely meant to be for relocation, temporary housing and similar expenses commonly “paid or reimbursed” to new hires, but not to you. Question: Hi, Alan. This offer does not have any relocation package or sign on bonus. Answer: Dear J.M.:

“Can’t take further abuse, and can’t complain or leave. Any ideas?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Queens, New York. If you would like to open a Bed-and-Breakfast in New Hampshire, plan weekend trips to New England to start your thinking. Question: I’ve been working for an officer of a very large corporation for many, many years. It’s almost like a marriage, with good days and bad days. This to me is abusive behavior.

The Hidden Job Report

Resume Bear

The hiring started on January 1 and will take place in New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, California, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. 100 USA Jobs. C) 2011.

“Good Guidance for New Graduates”

Sklover Working Wisdom

ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: It seems that every year about this time I hear or read an especially interesting speech or written piece giving advice to new graduates. The comments below appeared in The New York Times last week while I was in Madison, Wisconsin celebrating my son Sam’s college graduation. . Four Very Wise Thoughts. “It’s

“On FMLA. Don’t want to return, but want unvested stock. What can I do?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Nashua, New Hampshire. Question: I am currently out on Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) to help my mother who is sick. I do not want to return to work after my leave time is over. However, I have a significant amount of stock that vests on December 31st and I don’t want to sacrifice this significant payout. Thank you! 2014, Alan L.

“Can an employee be fired for giving notice (of resignation)?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Is that legal? Rebecca Portsmouth, New Hampshire Question: Rebecca, unfortunately, and sadly, the answer to your question is “Yes.”

“Afraid to Take Vacation? Here’s Seven Ideas”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Hanover, New Hampshire . Question: Hi, Alan. I have been employed with a company for almost 12 years. I have accrued more than 400 hours of paid time off, which included vacation and sick time. If I leave tomorrow, (or they fire me) I can only be paid for 240 hours of the more than 400 I’ve accrued. . Christy. Answer: Hi, Christy.

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Unless you are applying for a new job, or you will lose a job you love, or you are being paid a lot of money, you should NEVER sign one. Diana.

“How can I protect a ‘value proposition’ when interviewing in the advertising industry?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Hanover, New Hampshire. I can get you a new Mercedes Benz for $10” is a good example. Question: I have worked in the entertainment industry as a writer producer and for a variety of reasons I am returning to the advertising world as a consultant or contract employee. These are two entirely different working cultures. Christine.

“I am being urged to invest in my employer by new Private Equity owners; any concerns?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

I own options and am being asked to “invest” 50% of the cash proceeds I will receive when the sale takes place into the new company. Windham, New Hampshire. Question: My company (small, privately held) is in the process of being purchased by a “private equity” firm. Brian. Why do I say “this may turn out to be a kind of fraud?”

“Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know

Sklover Working Wisdom

In alphabetical order, they are: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington (state). . “When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”. David Brin . Ouch! .