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May 20th Oklahoma Tornado Donation & Assistance Guide


May 20th Oklahoma Tornado Forever Changed Me. Oklahoma and Moore Tornado Assistance Guide. OKLAHOMA CITY: . Supporting Oklahoma.

7 Killer Examples of Twitter Recruiting & Job Cards


This is part of an ongoing series on Social Recruiting 101 and Twitter. Click here to read about Twitter social recruiting best practices. .

10 Reasons You Won’t Be Followed On Twitter

Tim's Strategy

If you had a list of things you could fix to so that people would more likely follow you on Twitter, would that make you feel better? Need help? 

ResumeBear Picks The 20 Most Legendary College Bars

Resume Bear

This Oklahoma State University bar, located quite literally in the shadow of the stadium, is proud to be “Stillwater’s Jumpin’ Little Juke Joint.”

7 Recruiting Competencies to Guide the 21st Century Recruiter


I used to think that recruiters were just the same as human resources professionals. I was wrong. I was in fact very wrong. What is a Competency?

11 Reasons You Are Fat (And Will Continue To Be)

Personal Excellence Blog

” (But somehow you still have time for Facebook , Youtube and Twitter.). When you are offered food. Salad bars are common place.

2012 43

HeartLine Auctions Hermes Birkin Bag at FOH Gala | Blogging4Jobs


848-2273 (CARE)serves Central Oklahoma. Home ToolBox HR About Advertising Consulting Services Speaking Press Webshow Tweet This! Thanks, Sherri!)

8 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Enjoy #SHRM13


speak from experience as I live in Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. Let’s get started so you can too. Photo Credit.

New Focus on HR Vendor & Content Services


And by social media I don’t mean just your average Twitter and Facebook account.  Life of the spouse of a road warrior.  White Papers. Webinars.

“Recording Conversations with Your Boss or HR” What You Need to Know

Sklover Working Wisdom

What Alexandra did not understand, and what Alexandra thought was eminently unfair, if not illegal, was the how much severance she was offered in relation to the severance that was offered to other Management Team members of her hospital. . David Brin  . Alexandra was a designated member of the Hospital’s eight-member Management Team.

Workplace news you cannot use | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

link] Posted by Michelle on January 26, 2010 at 8:44 am | permalink | Reply I would argue that item #1 isn't an example of law firms becoming more flexible, but moreso an example of law firms realizing that with the GLUT of graduating lawyers they can afford to offer jobs that pay far less despite only requiring marginally fewer hours.

How to make yourself more likable | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

could offer that only because I knew he wouldn’t want me to. could offer that only because I knew he wouldn’t want me to. Is this your first time here? Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook I am back with the farmer. But there are exacerbating factors, and basically, the way I got him back was to be more likable. love her blog.

Martin Luther King Day Special: Racism is alive and kicking.

Penelope Trunk

Finally, since it’s Martin Luther King Day, and since Psychology Today just published a study that says people feel better if they do an act of activism, I have a proposal: We should each twitter today: @McDonalds Racism is not okay and neither is hate. Is this your first time here? asked the farmer if rodeos are bad for the animals. tweeted.

Turning point | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk

jenxjen in oklahoma – where there are many farms. Is this your first time here? " My son went to the hen house to collect eggs.