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How to Hire for the Retail Industry


The lovely world of retail. How do you find those retail stars, you ask? Retail HR. Are you in retail HR? Easy-Peasy.

Employment References in Retail


We were so close to making the job offer to a candidate who blatantly lied and thought nothing of it. Good Story! Seems like a slam dunk.

What to Include on a Resume for Retail

Careers Done Write

Dear Deb: Is it necessary to bring a resume for a job at a retail shop in the mall? What would it say? What’s your advice? Ask Deb resum

3 Ways to Boost your Retail Recruiting Efforts in 2014 #recruittrends


Unemployment is steadily declining and the retail sector has seen an increase in jobs. 3 ways to boost your retail recruiting efforts in 2014.

What Would an "HR Store" Based on the Apple Retail Concept Look Like? (w/August Webinar Offer)

HR Capitalist

How to Raise Your Social Recruiting Game By Acting Less Like ACME and More Like Apple on Wednesday, August 22nd. Register here! ). I'm serious.

Wrong Job Or Job Offer? Do Not Settle.

Tim's Strategy

It was: “Don’t settle for the wrong job or job offer&#. accept the wrong job or job offer) to cover the needs of your family.

Urban Outfitters Will Keep Asking Employees to Work for Free


Many hourly employees also offered to pitch in – an offer which we appreciated, but declined in order to ensure full compliance with all applicable labor laws and regulations. Offering volunteer weekend work to salaried employees isn’t illegal or discouraged. Moreover, these are common practices in retail.

Nearly Half of Employers Plan to Offer Grads Signing Bonuses in 2014

Resume Bear

Nearly half of the respondents to the Job Outlook 2014 survey have plans to offer signing bonuses to Class of 2014 college graduates. percent.

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resume review offer ends at midnight tonight

Ask A Manager

update: boss expects slippers offered to her new employee feels awkward and left out when should internships come off your resume? Thank you!

1/4 of Companies Offer Workplace Sabbaticals. Why You Should Too


Sabbaticals are nothing new, though the industries in which we are seeing them offered are growing. Does your company offer paid sabbaticals?

Glassdoor’s Top 20 Employee Perks

Evil HR Lady

IKEA offers up to four months of paid parental leave to both part-time and full-time employees with at least one year of experience at the company, regardless of whether they work at a retail store or the corporate headquarters. Happy to see part-time and retail employees getting a great perk. Crossfit is unique.

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Who's Hiring in Retail Vol 3

Career Alley

CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Don’t Run with Sissors Four Ways To Re-Personalize Your Job Search And Get Noticed » Who’s Hiring in Retail Vol 3 “ There is only one boss. The customer. Good luck in your search.

Top 5 Shameful Office Sins to Stay Clear of

The Undercover Recruiter

There’s always one person in the office who never offers to make the teas or coffees, yet are the first to put their order in.

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Theft at Interviews: Seven Prudent Precautions

Sklover Working Wisdom

At the end of her three-hour initial interview, Amanda was asked to come back the next week for a “final interview” with the website’s principal investor, who would make the final decision about the terms of a job offer. While resumes and portfolios show your potential value, don’t offer more than you feel is appropriate. 2011, Alan L.

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my parents say I should offer to work for free for a week to prove myself to employers

Ask A Manager

I am actively looking for a job, but most of my actual experience is in retail and I’m trying to get more into clerical work (or really just out of the service industry in general). I’m being “advised” by my parents that “five times as many candidates as job openings be damned!” Some of my concerns are: 1.

“Stranded and abandoned on overseas assignment. What to do?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

The severance package offered is one year. Last week I reviewed the policies of a European retailer; they had no written policies on the subject. Agreements and Contracts Offer/"Welcome" Aboard Letters Q & AQuestion: Hi, Alan. I moved my family to Asia in June, 2010 at the company’s expense. Marty. Answer: Dear Marty: .

“Employers Seek Job Candidates with Empathy – A Critical, Yet Scarce, Attribute”

Sklover Working Wisdom

I need great product designers, and IT people aren’t always great at aesthetics,” says the CIO of one of Europe’s largest retailers at a conference in Berlin recently, describing his hiring challenges. Infor, he says, offers “beautiful business software for your business processes.” Meryl Streep. By Jeff Colvin. Really? Excuse me?

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Do You Use Food To Comfort Yourself? Introducing: The One-Stop Emotional Eating Program! (Special 10% Launch Offer PLUS Bonus Q&A Session with Me, This Sunday!)

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Limited Time Launch Offer! Are you a binge eater? Do you overeat at times? Do you sometimes use food to comfort yourself? Read on! Very severe.

*Grab it now* – half price on The Science of Successful Job Hunting!

Mildred Talabi

The book retails at £19.99 The Science of Successful Job Hunting book promo special offer Ready to get your copy…?

Formatting Your Resume Specifically for Recruiters | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

For instance, this would work for a retail sales manager who started out managing a 7-11, but who now oversees a multimillion-dollar Wal-Mart Supercenter. She creates high-impact, best-in-class resumes and cover letters that transform job searches into interviews and ultimately job offers. today!

I was asked to interview again after getting an offer, sticking it at out at a bad new job, and more

Ask A Manager

I thought I had an offer but now they want me to do another interview. The first person had more related job experience, but she turned down their offer. The manager provided me with an offer and said he just need to get it signed off from another supervisor. Well, there wasn’t ever really an offer to begin with.

OFFER A Money Back Guarantee

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Don’t do this in the retail or food service industryaround the holidays because you likely will not be kept on. Follow me on my Profile.

Life After TGIF: Getting a New Balance

Ms. Career Girl

The post Life After TGIF: Getting a New Balance appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Ok, you’ve made the leap. Sure, you miss the old routines.

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15 Links to the Best Places to Work

Career Alley

There are related articles at the bottom of the page as well as tabs at the top of the page related to Retail. Best U.S.

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answering questions from your old employer after you've moved on

Ask A Manager

So, whenever she needs help with a tough situation (and she has), I’m happy to offer. obligated to accept internal offer? YIKES!)

Industries That Benefit the Most from Social Media

Resume Bear

Retail. But traditional retailers and outlets are getting in the game as well. Entertainment. But the Oscars spanked Jersey Shore with 3.8

Translating Skills For A Career Transition

Career Realism

I’ll use a basic retail sales position here – something everyone can identify: Traditional Job Ad/Post: Help Wanted. Retail Sales Position.

short answer Saturday: another job search edition — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

Should I offer to work for free so a company can try me out? Should I offer to work for free so a company can try me out? 25,000-35,000?

How to Source, Hire, & Recruit Candidates on Instagram


Instragram. It’s just for snapping, sharing and “love”-ing pictures, right? e-Recruiting the Photo Sharing Way. Photo Credit. .

Tips To Dressing For Success For Women In Business

Ms. Career Girl

For women in high retail sales, wearing the brand being sold might seem like the right move. Career Girl. Resist the urge to show off. Success.

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Valentine's Day round-up

Ask A Manager

how can I convince my husband I can’t accept a job offer on his behalf? can I back out of my new job if I get a better offer?

Just Ask and Keep a Straight Face - You'll be Glad You Did.

HR Capitalist

Retail, as they say, is for suckers. Too many HR people respect the retail sticker price. When is the last time you tried to shock someone with your first offer in a negotiation? Too good from a reader not to share. Got a quote from a vendor for expanded services. Replied back asking for a 70% discount. TOTALLY INSANE. Right.

Can I Please Quit without Notice?

Evil HR Lady

You should wait until you receive a formal offer from Company B and then tell company B that you can start in two weeks because you need to give your current employer two weeks notice. Yes, I understand that lots of people quit on the spot in fast food and retail. So, wait until you get the offer. I work at Company A. Good luc

21 Best Niche Job Boards for Recruiters


They offer a quick and easy way to showcase your specific job posting to the audience of niche job seekers who are interested in hearing about your opportunity. Having spent many years working to recruit hourly and retail workers, SnagaJob offers a community forum, blog and job postings designed to reach the hourly worker.

5 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Search

Career Realism

Stronger impression = higher initial salary offer. 5 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Search. CAREEREALISM. Job search taking way too long?

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Top 5 Industries Hiring for Contract Workers


In retail, I hired seasonal workers during the busy holiday shopping season. Click here to register. . Not all of them work by the hour.

14% of Zappos Employees Quit Rather Than Work in System Without Managers.

HR Capitalist

The company said it was offering the option to eligible employees in order to expedite the new system's adoption. Now that the deadline has passed, it turns out that 210 employees , or about 14 percent of the online retailer's 1,500 workers, have taken Hsieh up on it. What's next at Zappos? Commune? Nude Commune? Drink up.

Hiring & Retention in a High Turnover Workplace


Industries like retail and food service are known for high turnover rates, which leads to a constant cycle of hiring and training new employees. Offer computer training or classes for other skills necessary for higher level jobs in your company. When management training is offered, give non-managers a chance to sign up.

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Seasonal Jobs are Available Year-Round – Here are Some Examples

Career Alley

Retail stores, restaurants, hotels, rental car agencies, and airlines all see higher volume during the months of November and December. Pssst!

Job Seekers: Why You Want An Opportunity – Not A Job

Career Realism

If you’re a 16 year old, your job experiences offer opportunities to discover your strengths and can influence your educational pursuits.

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