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Relocation Repayment and FMLA (another throw to the readers!)

Evil HR Lady

That said, in this last year, I have taken a 14-week maternity leave, which was partly paid, vacation, and partially unpaid.

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how to adjust to a new job with extreme flexibility

Ask A Manager

Everything can be done online, so often people just leave early and work from home or sometimes just don’t come in at all. A lot of days, I find myself done with my work pretty early and would love to beat the traffic, but I wait around until the last person leaves or until a little after 5 p.m. You can read it here. every day?

Dealing with a Jealous Co-worker

Careers Done Write

It is very tempting to tell all of your work friends what a jerk the jealous person is. This issue is between you and the jealous person.

Organizational Turnover Paranoia: What David Ogilvy Would Do?

HR Capitalist

Now - I''m on the record as HATING long, one-say email missives that someone is leaving the organization. Gold. We should do more of this.

6 Tips For Responding To “Do You Have Any Questions For Me?”

Career Realism

You shouldn’t ask questions about salary, benefits, parking, social clubs, or sick leave. Why did the last person leave this role? Seven words that strike fear into the hearts of many job seekers! Related: 5 Things Every Employer Wants To Hear In An Interview. How you respond can seal your fate, so preparation is a must!

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New Job for Career Growth?

Careers Done Write

How will I feel if this person leaves? Dear Deb, Since you revised my résumé, I have been at the same job for 3 ½ years.

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Can It Wait?


After the person leaves, you find yourself thinking ‘now where was I?’, He was humming and singing and having a grand time.

When “Being Nosy” Can Be a Powerful Technique

Career Realism

Message: Stay aware of this natural compulsion and begin to make the conscious shift to focusing more on the other person. Be that person!

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Do I Stand a Good Chance of Getting a Job in This Economy?

Resume Bear

Use it to highlight all the reasons you are the right person for the job you are applying for. Any more risks losing your prospective employer’s attention; * Don’t be too personalleave out your marital status, date of birth, and that snazzy headshot. But what are job prospects really like in the U.S. just now?

When Important People Leave: Circle the Wagons and Fire Up the "Us vs. Them" Machine.

HR Capitalist

If you''re like most companies, you have people leave all the time. Are you messaging that you expect key people to leave? Key People.

Retaining the Hourly Employee


Provide personal leave options for people to pursue other interests. That’s a lot of work…and money and resources.

how to fire an I.T. director who has passwords to everything

Ask A Manager

Unfortunately, people aren’t always dealing with best case scenarios, and far too often you only have one person with the keys to the kingdom. In that case, have someone else on hand who knows how to change passwords and get them before the person leaves. Director? That office has the keys to everything. ” firing

salaried employees and missed days: when do they have to be paid?

Ask A Manager

You can also apply the employee’s sick leave/PTO time if they have any. Deductions for such full-day absences also may be made before the employee has qualified under the plan, policy or practice, and after the employee has exhausted the leave allowance thereunder. by Donna Ballman. What about “sick days&# ? I’ll explain below.

Showing Your Employees You Care, On The Cheap


Pictured: Stocked Kitchen full of snacks and treats at Google’s Corporate offices. . Stock the company kitchen with goodies. Flex-time.

manager blocked internal move, salary when moving to part-time, and more

Ask A Manager

I recently made a request at my job to move from a full-time schedule to a part-time one, due to some personal and medical issues that need more of my attention. My employer (a large company) advertised a post (to internal and external candidates) for a secondment to cover someone’s maternity leave. It’s four answers to four questions.

“If I am terminated for cause, can accumulated leave time and comp time be denied me?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Over the course of my employment I have accumulated significant “leave time” and “comp time” that, under normal circumstances, and according to the Leave Manual would be given to me in a lump sum upon separation. However, there is a fundamental difference between “comp time” and “leave time” when that rule is applied. .

The Day I Got Married ?, Part 2: Solemnization and Marriage

Personal Excellence Blog

It has taken me many years of inner work and pursuing my personal “path” for me to realize that soulmates do exist and my soulmate is Ken.

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HR Capitalist

The thing about organ donors is that they rarely result in one person leaving the donor. Organ [???r??n] n] Donor [?do?n?r] Words matter.

when can you use someone’s first name, when to disclose salary, and more

Ask A Manager

you can start out with the person’s first name. I think a key indicator of a toxic workplace is when people leave frequently. In future job interviews I want to somehow ask “Why did the last person leave?” ” Or even better, “Why are people leaving the company?” Here we go….

Performance Review a Problem? 16 Steps to a Robust Rebuttal

Sklover Working Wisdom

“The only perfect person. None of these can be proven, or disproven, and all are potentially either (a) made up (that is, falsified), (b) mental impressions without basis in reality, or (c) entirely capable of being based in personal animosity, discrimination or other improper motive. That’s quite personal to you. Here’s how.

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Maybe You Should Just Offer Reasonable Bereavement

Evil HR Lady

John Hyman has an interesting post on Bereavement Leave and FMLA. 8/26/10), an employee sought and received FMLA leave to care for her hospitalized husband. When he died a week later, she took three days’ bereavement leave. Hyman writes: That is, it is not required by the FMLA unless you promise otherwise. In Murphy v.

why should employers care about my long commute?

Ask A Manager

The reason for that is that they’re concerned that you’ll quickly burn out on doing such a long commute and end up leaving over it much sooner than you would otherwise. A reader writes: I was wondering if you could give me some insight into a situation I’m having with a company I’ve been interviewing with.

you suck at firing people

Ask A Manager

Instead of addressing the problem, they put it off, or send coded messages rather than being clear, or just hope the person leaves on their own. In fact, even if you do every other part of management right (setting clear goals, delegating effectively, giving useful feedback, etc.), You can read it here. firing

a bomb scare made me late to an interview, agenda for meeting with a new boss, and more

Ask A Manager

I don’t want these people to think that I’m a chronically late person and I’ve been out of work for a while. Should I just leave well enough alone? The HR person encouraged me to apply anew to this position, which I did. Do I need to be paid for my whole resignation period even if they have me leave early?

Are You a Tool?

The Job Quest

How To Choose a Picture for Your Personal Brand Melissa Cooley Twitter: TheJobQuest August 31st, 2010 @ 11:23 am You are too funny, Jorgen!

Time off for Exempt Employees

Evil HR Lady

As an exempt employee with an administrative definition, is sick leave deducted on 1/2 day basis, e.g., going home sick mid-day. It seems it would be standard policy to charge that time against sick leave. Is that standard? If there's isn;t any benefit days left, what then? There are two issues going on here. Now, the policy point.

deli meats and working lunches, internal candidates need not apply, and more

Ask A Manager

I have told my direct supervisor, who is very supportive, and we have a great parental leave policy. It’s pretty reasonable to ask the person in charge of ordering food to order something that you can eat. Although I have searched, I cannot find any articles addressing this when a person is applying to another company.

sharing resumes with coworkers, should I have to plan a going-away party for my cubicle mate, and more

Ask A Manager

Without a pre-designated person who organizes these things, who is responsible in an office to organize a good bye for our coworker? I was rudely “told” by another coworker that it was my responsibility since I sit next to the person in a 2-to-a-cubicle situation, and that I was this person’s friend.

my coworkers keep pressuring me to take vacation — but I need to save up time for a chronic illness

Ask A Manager

Unlike at my previous jobs, sick leave and vacation don’t accrue separately here – there’s just one bank of paid personal leave. If you trust her to be a reasonable person who doesn’t freak out at the mention of illness, I’d say this: “I really appreciate that you’ve encouraged me to take time off.


Resume Help Blog

Personal income tax rates will rise. GET READY FOR STICKER SHOCK! I did make these facts up but have documented my sources. Guess again!

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“Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a non-compete agreement I signed the first time I was hired?”

my boss fired me but will probably change his mind, fringe hobbies on resumes, and more

Ask A Manager

This is happening to me and I am prepared to leave, but I have a feeling he may “allow me to stay” at last minute. I was as vague as possible about my hospitalization when I alerted my supervisor that I would be taking some leave time, and I only used leave time that I had earned. Here we go… 1. Maybe.

answering questions from your old employer after you've moved on

Ask A Manager

I mentored my replacement, and I feel like I have a personal and professional investment in her success. What if my peers call me? YIKES!)

How UnMarketing Can Help You Find A Job

Tim's Strategy

And you can also work to become a person of influence. A great example of him engaging his audience until the last person leaves.

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I’m not my boyfriend’s keeper, employee is openly job searching from work, and more

Ask A Manager

I am the team lead of a two-person admin team for a sales department. I am the supervisor of the second person, but not her manager; however, most critiques are expected to flow through me first unless there is a serious problem. Should I approach this with my second person, take it to my manager, or leave it be?

Maybe You Should Just Offer Reasonable Bereavement

Evil HR Lady

Tuesday, November 09, 2010 Maybe You Should Just Offer Reasonable Bereavement John Hyman has an interesting post on Bereavement Leave and FMLA.

HR Manager: “I Would Much Rather Hire Someone Who is Currently.

The Job Quest

It’s wonderful to hear that, as a hiring manager, you focus on the quality that a person can bring to your business. Grrrr! We can hope!)

I lied to quit my job, how many microwaves should an office kitchen have, and more

Ask A Manager

I couldn’t come up with a solid reason to quit, so I lied and said that I was leaving town to follow my boyfriend. Do I write them off as a reference because I lied about leaving town and obviously the new jobs I am applying for are in the same town? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I lied to quit my old job.

company only approves new hires once a year, “use it or lose it” vacation policies, and more

Ask A Manager

California prohibits “use it or lose it policies”; all vacation days must roll over and be paid out when an employee leaves, although employers can put a cap on the total amount of vacation time you can have accrued at any given time. It’s five short answers to five short questions. Here we go…. We have separate sick days.

wee answer Wednesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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Everything can be done online, so often people just leave early and work from home or sometimes just don’t come in at all. A lot of days, I find myself done with my work pretty early and would love to beat the traffic, but I wait around until the last person leaves or until a little after 5 p.m. Here we go… 1.