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Philadelphia Joins Massachusetts in Making Salary History Questions Illegal

Evil HR Lady

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed a bill on Monday that prohibits employers from asking candidates about their salary history. To keep reading, click here:  Philadelphia Joins Massachusetts in Making Salary History Questions Illegal. Businesses should be looking at market data.

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Philadelphia Meet-Up?

Personal Excellence Blog

So this time round, I’m not sure if the same is going to happen for the Philly meet-up if I were to arrange for one.

AGING 2.0 Hosts #30in30in30 in Philadelphia

Ms. Career Girl

Hosts #30in30in30 in Philadelphia appeared first on Ms. Hosts #30in30in30 in Philadelphia appeared first on Ms. The post AGING 2.0

Shark Tank in Philadelphia with Miller Lite Tap the Future

Ms. Career Girl

Additional photos from the Philadelphia event appear below. Daymond John explains the concept behind Miller Lite Tap the Future. The Winner?

Does Your LinkedIn Network Make You Feel Limitless? Mine Does

Corn on the Job

Social Media Bradley Cooper Limitless Linkedin Network Connections PhiladelphiaI love LinkedIn. But I also love putting work into LinkedIn.

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Paid Sick Days Bill Gains Momentum


Steam is picking up for paid sick days in Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver and Georgia. The U.S. Is your hometown next?

You have no idea what you are doing…and that’s good.

Blue Sky Resumes

Author Neil Gaiman’ s brilliant commencement speech at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. This is great. You do not.

6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success

Career Realism

That’s how I got an opportunity to intern with the Philadelphia Flyers – I was hired by a Villanova alumnus! 3. Newsweek recently noted that 2.8

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Top 10 Cities For New Grads

Resume Bear

Philadelphia, PA – Though closest to NYC, the cost of living is a little lower ($895 per month). Midwest Cities. West Coast Cities. Article by.

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3 Art Exhibits Perfect For a Fall or Winter Getaway

Ms. Career Girl

Philadelphia:  Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism. Where:  Philadelphia Museum of Art, Dorrance Special Exhibition Galleries.

Spit That Out: Going Green and Staying Sane

Ms. Career Girl

She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, two children, and American Hairless Terrier. Career Girl. Her bio follows. Organic Foods.

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That Time You Needed to Fire Someone - But Just Hired a Boss For Them Instead.

HR Capitalist

Performance issue? You can do three things: Deal with it. Ignore it. Why, yes they do. Got a high profile one for you today. But Hinkie remains.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of We want to start your week off right! Read more. Read more. Read more.

Free ebook: Interview Tips and Stories From Top Career Experts

Corn on the Job

Marty McDonald, a great friend, business partner , and recruiter from Philadelphia, reached out about an ebook idea he wanted to toss together.

Who are the 10 Most Connected People on LinkedIn?

Resume Bear

Greater Philadelphia Area. In honor of LinkedIn passing the 100 Million member mark this week, I thought I’d introduce you to the 10 most connected people on LinkedIn.  Each of these members has at least 30,000 first-level connections.  Ron’s got the most with more than 43K! 1. Ron Bates. San Francisco Bay Area. Member #141450. 2.

American Jobs: An Oxymoron

Resume Bear

In looking at, I was struck by the anachronism “American Jobs.” We live in a labor market that is both local and global. AvidCareerist.

Leadership Lessons From Limp Bizkit.

HR Capitalist

Last week found me rolling through airports in Baton Rouge and Philadelphia.  As I was running through the Philadelphia airport to catch a plane, I spotted a bunch of old school autographed photos on the edge of a depressing little airport bar and grill. One of them was Fred Durst, front man for 90''s rap/rock band Limp Bizkit.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


AmerisourceBergen creating 185 jobs in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area : Global pharmaceutical services company opening new facility.

Many Colleges and Universities have jumped on Pinterest

Resume Bear

So we are not at all surprised to find out that colleges and college students are joining in on the fun, too. Adorable bulldogs. Future Aggies.

Job Seeker Uses “Hire Me” Campaign to Land Dream Job at Krispy Kreme Donuts

Corn on the Job

Braden Young is a super fan of Krispy Kreme donuts. Want to know how deep this passion runs? Trust me, your life will never be be the same. Genius!

5 Easy Steps Toward a More Creative Workplace


Here at we reside in an old hat factory that is also home to a recording studio and a group of Philadelphia Mummers.

4 Underutilized IT Staffing Tips

Career Alley

Byline: Kane Partners is a Philadelphia based staffing firm concentrating on technology clients, especially in IT, engineering and manufacturing.

6 Ways to Rock Your Fall Campus Recruiting


Recently, I traveled to the University of Pennsylvania (the “social Ivy” as I was told)  in Philadelphia to represent my firm.

Can "Horrible Bosses" Be the Next "Office Space"?

HR Capitalist

What I like: -Jason Bateman , Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Jason Sudeikis as the likable losers. You watch the trailer and tell me, Sparky. Email Subscribers click through for video). Jennifer Aniston as the harassing, man-eating boss who harasses Day. Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell as the additional terrible bosses.

How To Dress For Business Casual

Professional Resume Services

Cowboy boots in Fort Worth, Texas are part of a formal outfit, but not in Philadelphia. Really!). Don’t forget good shoes!

Social media transforms the job search, recruitment landscape

Resume Bear

By Pedram Tabibi. Recently I read an interesting article about whether Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can really help people find a job.

6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success

Career Realism

That’s how I got an opportunity to intern with the Philadelphia Flyers – I was hired by a Villanova alumnus! 3. Work It Daily.

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5 Awesome Steps To Track, Measure, and Optimize Your Job Search Efforts

Corn on the Job

Well, here it is… …and damn, I’m extremely proud of this step by step guide I’ve created. Submittal date. Industry.

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5 Steps to Make Lasting Connections With Recruiters on Twitter

Corn on the Job

When it comes to making connections with recruiters through social media channels, the line between annoying and impressing is very thin.

The Flyers, my birthday, and where I'm going on vacation next week

Corn on the Job

When I was 2 or 3 years old, my father, a long time season ticket holder, started bringing me to games with him, and my passion for the sport began.

2013 HR and Recruiting Conference Preview


January 31 – February 1, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA. >> Google will be there, so will I. >> Register at

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Elizabeth Warren Called Out the Gig Economy at the DNC


One third of Americans now rely on freelance employment for all or some of their income. Full-time freelancers don’t have benefits.

Could Giving Your Employees WeWork Memberships Help Your Recruiting Efforts?

HR Capitalist

All of us have recruiting challenges, often times centered around technology.  . Giving office workers a place to go to mix it up. Stay with me.

ResumeBear Teams With The Chelsea Krost Show to Provide Job Tips for Millennials

Resume Bear

WMCN Philadelphia has teamed up with nationally-renowned production company Studio City, in the production and marketing of the show. Weekly Video with ResumeBear tip helps millennials successfully prepare for interviews. Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2013. One of the most relevant topics is jobs. There are 1.7 between 2010 and 2013. link].

What neurologists tell us about goal setting

Penelope Trunk

It says, “My husband and I moved to the country from Philadelphia. You should set goals because striving to meet a goal makes you happier.

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10 Ways to Use Facebook To Get a Job

Corn on the Job

The average person spends somewhere around 15 hours per month on Facebook. Become part of the community and engage. Connect With Recruiters.

The Original Social Network was Usenet

Resume Bear

Philadelphia, PA ( Once upon a time, before the days of Facebook, was a series of computer network systems called USENET.

5 Things Every HR Pro Can Learn From Riley Cooper and the Eagles.

HR Capitalist

His career is likely over in a industry that features 68% black teammates. Nasty stuff. One bad moment captured by someone can cause a lot of damage.

The 5 Professional Development Pillars of Real-Life Career Girls

Ms. Career Girl

The post The 5 Professional Development Pillars of Real-Life Career Girls appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. His bio follows. Know Your Priorities.

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How to Lift Office Morale After the Holidays

Resume Bear

They walk into work, it’s like walking in after a party,” Rubin said. The decorations are still up; their e-mail box is full. People get slammed.